Good News from Wed, 09 May, 2012:

Oilon gas burners to Beijing

The Lahti-based family company Oilon is set to deliver 83 large-scale gas burners to China’s capital, Beijing. The contract is valued at more than EUR 5 million. The news was reported by Kauppalehti.

The end user in the project is the Beijing District Heating Company. Oilon will carry out the project in co-operation with two Chinese boiler plants, Nantong Wanda Boiler Works and the Taishan Group.

The burners will be manufactured at Oilon’s plant in Lahti. The company’s Wuxi unit in China will produce the gas control and adjustment valve centres and some of the automation.

Established in 1961, Oilon manufactures oil, gas and dual fuel burners, for example, for power plants, hazardous waste incineration, district heating plants and ships.