Good News from Wed, 15 August, 2012:

Web of Trust and Group intensify co-operation

WOT’s traffic lights indicate how much web users trust a website. WOT’s traffic lights indicate how much web users trust a website.

The Finnish-based Web of Trust (WOT), which provides ratings on the trustworthiness of websites, and Group, Russia’s leading internet company, are intensifying the co-operation they launched a year ago. The WOT add-on will be included in Group’s internet browser, which is expected to increase the number of new Russian users of the WOT service by millions.’s email service has an estimated 300 million users. With the new co-operation model, WOT will be included as part of Group’s latest browser version and will be installed along with an automatic update. The first phase of the browser update is expected to bring WOT up to 3 million new users in Russia. 

 The WOT service is based on a free add-on which allows internet users to rate the web pages they visit. Using those ratings and other reliable sources, WOT warns users of threats that may remain undetected by anti-virus software. Some examples are phishing, scams, unreliable online shops and content unsuitable for children.

 WOT has been downloaded nearly 40 million times worldwide and its user community has rated 38 million websites. In addition to, Facebook also uses the WOT service to protect its users.

 — Our users highly value the peace of mind that WOT brings, and for that reason we have decided to expand our co-operation to include our “Internet” browser. It is our responsibility to protect our users as they surf the net and also to promote the trustworthiness of the Web, says Andrew Kononykhin, head of digital distribution at Group. Group’s “Internet” browser