Fri, 27 Feb, 2015:

Fingersoft conquers the Chinese gaming market

The Finnish mobile game studio Fingersoft has launched a version of its Hill Climb Racing game tailored for the Chinese market in co-operation with the Finnish-Chinese My Gamez publisher. The Hill Climb Racing: China Edition was unveiled this... Read more

Flow Festival to debut in Slovenia

Finland’s Flow Festival is spreading its wings abroad, with the inaugural Flow Festival Ljubljana set to be staged in the Slovenian capital from 26-28 June. The festival is being arranged in collaboration with Slovenian organisers.  The annual... Read more

Finland among the top patent filing countries in 2014

Patent filings at the European Patent Office (EPO) reached an all-time high in 2014 with over 274 000 new patents. Finland was the second most innovative country in terms of patent applications per million inhabitants. Overall Finland ranked... Read more

Thu, 26 Feb, 2015:

7 Fells Hostel brings eco-tourism to Lapland

It’s two hundred kilometres past the Arctic Circle, and you can see your breath in the -40-Celsius-degree weather. The weather on the fells is quite unpredictable, but the luckiest of visitors might get to witness the celestial fireworks show... Read more

Finland 4th most digital EU country

A new Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI) released by the European Commission has ranked Finland fourth out of the 28 EU Member States . The index outlines relevant indicators related to Europe’s digital performance and charts the evolution... Read more

Wed, 25 Feb, 2015:

Finnish construction know-how helps to build India

Two Finnish construction specialists Elematic and Betonimestarit have recently made headway in the Indian market by opening up offices, establishing manufacturing bases and signing up new clients. India is growing exponentially and the country’s... Read more

Finland ranked first in annual global mining survey

Finland is the world’s most attractive region for mining investment according to an annual global survey of mining executives. The ranking was based on the responses of 485 mineral exploration and development company executives from around the... Read more

Sauna reduces cardiac mortality

According to a Finnish medical study, frequent sauna use has positive impacts on cardiac health. The risk of sudden cardiac death is up to 60 per cent lower for those who engage in frequent sauna use than for less-active sauna bathers. The study... Read more

Finnish designers selected for Designs of the Year exhibition

Finnish illustrator Toni Halonen and fashion designer Satu Maaranen have been selected to the Designs of the Year 2015 exhibition at the Design Museum in London. Designs of the Year celebrates design that promotes or delivers change, enables... Read more

Tue, 24 Feb, 2015:

New worldwide drinking trend comes from Finnish forests

Last year British media predicted birch sap, or birch water, to be the coconut water of 2015: a worldwide drinking trend. Finnish company Nordic Koivu was onto it before others; they’ve been exporting birch sap for over a decade. When Arto and... Read more

Digital Foodie and GS1 Finland sign partnering agreement

After signing a partnering agreement, Digital Foodie is providing a data verification service for GS1 Finland’s grocery product data. A subsidiary of the Finnish Central Chamber of Commerce, GS1 Finland is responsible for maintaining and... Read more

Finnish researchers develop new solutions for storing electric energy

The scarce and expensive platinum has traditionally been used as the electrocatalyst in electrolysers that store electric energy in the form of a chemical compound. Now researchers at Aalto University have succeeded in creating a cost-effective... Read more

Kone acquires its German competitor Janzhoff Aufzüge

Finnish Kone Corporation, a global leader in the elevator and escalator industry, has acquired Janzhoff Aufzüge GmbH, a German company providing elevators as well as maintenance and modernization services. Founded in 1945, the company currently... Read more

Mon, 23 Feb, 2015:

’Wikipedia’ for programming skills uses Finland as a gateway to Europe

Online programming lessons aren’t a novelty, but the Russian-Kazakhstan born Hexlet has brought a unique real-world element to it. Now the company is using Finland as a springboard to international markets. Hexlet is an open platform for... Read more

Finnish schoolchildren develop coding for curriculum

Coding will be part of the core curriculum for students at Finnish comprehensive schools in 2016. In light of this, YLE reports that dozens of computer programming courses are being held around the country that seek to develop next year’s... Read more