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Tom of Finland Vodka adds flavour to the UK

Finnish Tom of Finland Vodka has been launched in the UK market, and it’ll soon be spreading to other European countries, too.

Tom of Finland hits new screens

The distribution rights of Tom of Finland have been sold to Kino Lorber in North America and Peccadillo Pictures in the UK.

Five for Friday: Tom of Finland merch

Today is the day the Tom of Finland movie will debut on cinema screens in Finland. True fandom won’t stick to just the films – here are five ways in which you can decorate your life with the art by Tom of Finland, formally known as Touko Laaksonen.

Critics award Tom of Finland with coveted prize

The film about Finnish artist Touko Laaksonen was handed the FIPRESCI award by the International Federation of Film Critics on Saturday.

Tom of Finland to open Göteborg Film Festival

As the festival’s opening film, Tom of Finland will be shown at 40 locations in honour of the event’s 40th anniversary.

Jalo Helsinki kills fire with style and Tom of Finland

Safe doesn’t need to mean boring, thought the folks of Jalo Helsinki in 2010. Now, five years later, smoke alarms designed by Finnish artists are for sale in different corners of the world. In April Jalo Helsinki will release a series of designer fire blankets, one of which features the much talked-about Tom of Finland.

Rufskin launches Tom of Finland collection

San Diego-based clothes designer Rufskin has launched a 15-piece collection featuring artwork by Finnish artist Tom of Finland whose real name was Touko Laaksonen.

Automated driving gathers speed in Finland

The world’s first national report on automated driving has found Finland at the forefront.

Instant food production trialled in Finland

The VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has created a mini cupcake factory prototype to demonstrate hyper-personalised and instant food production.

Oatlaws: the gutsy way to treat your stomach

This Finnish company’s oat-based snack and breakfast products are making a splash in the growing market for sustainable and animal-free foods.

Finland is a first responder in the global critical comms industry

Public safety authorities make daily life-or-death decisions in emergency situations and other incidents. How do you ensure efficient co-operation between the police, fire brigade and emergency medical team in an environment where time is of the very essence? The Finnish critical comms ecosystem has been ranked a top performer in the field and has an end-to-end proposal and some time-tested references to show for it.

Finland among the best countries for children

Save the Children’s annual report has ranked Finland as the third-best country in the world for children, signalling a rise of two spots from the previous year.

Finland is the happiest country in the world, again

The Global Happiness Report has ranked Finland in first place for the second year in a row.

Finnish expertise helps detect stomach cancer

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has collaborated with eight organisations to develop a prototype of the SniffPhone, a small sensory device that can detect stomach cancer in a person’s exhaled breath. 

Pizzeria Luca finds flavours in Finland and beyond

Renowned pizza guru Luca Platania brought the tastes of his homeland to Finland a decade ago and now plans to expand his chain of pizzerias to Denmark.

Finland leads in educating for the future

The Worldwide Educating for the Future Index (WEFFI) has placed Finland on top of its 2018 ranking, which measures how countries equip their youth with future-oriented skills and prepare them for tomorrow’s working life.

Customer service takes Pilvia international

We live in a world without borders, and the Finnish family-run company Pilvia is a testament to that. It has found customers for its WordPress hosting platform from as far afield as Latin America without spending a penny on marketing.

Liferay sets up shop in Finland

American software company Liferay has opened a business unit in Finland in preparation of expansion to other Nordic countries.

Five for Friday: New airline routes to Finland

The tourism business is booming in Finland, with this quintet on board and set to take off.

Slush day two: Finland opens its doors to the future

Diversity of tech industry ideas and those working with them is widely seen as a strength at Slush.

Equinix to build new data centre in Finland

US-based global interconnection and data centre company Equinix has announced a new International Business Exchange (IBX) data centre in the Helsinki metropolitan area.

10 Questions: Alina Tomnikov

How do you start your days? I always stand up straight away when my alarm goes off. I open the wardrobe and get dressed based on how I feel...

Finland’s game and software industry needs more talent

The Finnish game and software industry has had a major lack of talent for years now. The game industry could do with around 300 additional professionals, while the software...

MUJI makes itself at home in Finland

Japanese lifestyle brand MUJI is establishing a subsidiary in Finland, with its first permanent store set to open in Helsinki in November next year.

Murata invests in new factory in Finland

Japanese electronic components manufacturer Murata is building a new factory in Vantaa, Finland, to increase its MEMS sensor production capacity.

Finland’s Parma to take over TMB Group

Parma, the Finnish subsidiary of the leading supplier of pre-cast concrete solutions in Europe, Consolis, has entered into an agreement to acquire the Estonia-based TMB Group.

Finland shows its resistance to illicit trade

Finland has topped the Global Illicit Trade Environment Index produced by the Economist Intelligence Unit on behalf of the Transnational Alliance to Combat Illicit Trade (TRACIT).

Plugit Finland wants to power cars worldwide

The Finnish company aims to be at the forefront of the rapidly expanding industry of electric transport.

Finland is a country that boosts growth – literally

In a land where ice and snow cover the ground almost six months a year, it has been crucial to find innovative ways to grow food throughout the year....

Finland’s executive education globally competitive

Two Finnish universities have made it onto the Financial Times’ executive education ranking of the world’s top leadership development programmes.

Finland teaches a fresh approach to travel

Interest in the Finnish education system is growing year by year. Our education system is well-known and highly regarded around the world for its considerable success in PISA studies...

San Fransisco is golden for Ron and Tom

Tom of Finland Organic Vodka and Ron de Jeremy Rum continue their international spree of recognition with gold medals at the San Francisco World Spirit Competition.

Taika Company accelerates SolunoBC into Finland

Finnish cloud-based communications startup Taika Company has been acquired by SolunoBC, as the Swedish company aims to hit the ground running in Finland.

Finland’s innovative approach to optimised living

As the fourth industrial revolution moves into our homes, access to data and control of energy use become keys to environmentally friendly and comfortable living. Based on this, everything from maintenance to washing laundry and charging vehicles can be optimised.

Finland and Spain come together with MoiMoi

MoiMoi mixes Finnish functionalism and Spanish leather crafting skills to create bags that only get better with time.

10 Questions: Tommy Myllymäki

What is your culinary superpower? I think I have a good sense of taste… Do you have any ingredients you would never cook with? Yes, ravioli that you can...

Finland is in

We have only good news to share: Finland is trending right now. One hundred years of independence, booming tourism, a celebrated vibrant tech hub as the capital and Danish...

Axon employs imaging A-Team in Finland

Axon, a leader in connected law enforcement technology, has brought in a team of imaging experts to work at company’s new R&D site in Tampere.

Puzzel on call in Finland

The cloud-based contact centre solution Puzzel has expanded to Finland with a new subsidiary, and now covers the whole Nordic region with sales and support operations.

Ginolis tops in automation business magazine

Finnish automation and dispensing solutions supplier Ginolis has been recognised as one of the top 10 innovative automation providers for 2017 by business magazine Insight Success.

Global index: Finland is a very Good Country

Finland has risen in the Good Country Index this year, landing in the fourth spot worldwide.

Finland and Indonesia fight fires together

Peatland and forest fires are a constant threat in Indonesia. Now, the problem will be tackled with the help of Finnish expertise.

Basware wins new customers across pond

E-invoicing and purchase-to-pay solutions provider Basware has signed two major customer deals in the United States.

Finland among best for next generation education

In the first Worldwide Educating for the Future Index, Finland comes out on top in every category.

Snapshots of tomorrow’s home

The design euphoria of Habitare, Finland’s biggest interior decoration, design and furniture event, is here once again for all to enjoy.

Tomorrow’s home is a way of life

I could live here. This was what I first thought when I recently visited Löyly, a sauna and restaurant complex that was opened a year ago in Hernesaari, Helsinki....

Sweet success for Finland’s little chocolate factory

For Finnish chocolate maker Peter Westerlund the key to great chocolate is no additives except time and creativity.

Finland and Russia develop intelligent transport

​VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and ITS Russia have inked a partnership agreement concerning the development of intelligent transport systems (ITS).

Two Finns lift spirits with Ron and Tom

One Eyed Spirits and Spirit of Tom are two companies run by the same two people, whose idea is to add that little something to spice up a drink’s brand.

Nordic conditions drive automated vehicles to the Finnish line

Snow, ice and long winters are typically associated with Finland, and the country likes to play them to its advantage. Now they are being combined with 5G mobile technology to put autonomous vehicles to the test in Arctic conditions.

Supermarket and airport go solar in Finland

The world’s most energy-saving supermarket is being piloted in Finland, while Finavia is speeding up its ambitious climate program and is about to open the largest airport solar power plant in the Nordics at Helsinki Airport.

Opti Automation heats up domestically and abroad

Opti Automation has landed a four-million-euro financial package that includes investments from Taaleri Kiertotalous and Butterfly Ventures.

Finland again the least fragile state

Finland is again found at the very bottom place in the Fragile State Index, based on a conflict assessment framework by The Fund for Peace (FFP).

Five for Friday: Alipay in Finland

The number of Chinese tourists coming to Finland is growing in unprecedented numbers, and they spend more money than any other tourist group per person. A way of tapping into the market is Alipay, China’s largest online and mobile payment and lifestyle platform.

More Mercedes-Benz cars to come from Finland

Valmet Automotive will begin to manufacture the next generation Mercedes-Benz compact cars at its plant in Uusikaupunki, Finland, where some Mercedes-Benz models are already coming off the production line.

A mint deal for Finland and Colombia

The Central Bank of Colombia has placed an order for millions of coins from the Mint of Finland.

Valmet Automotive expands its operations

Valmet Automotive is to acquire the German automotive engineering operations of Semcon, an international technology company.

Klinik Finland takes care of medical efficiency

This Finnish online solution has been straightening care paths and reducing futile work for healthcare provision since it was founded in 2013.

Finland’s enthusiasm for MMA cannot be caged

The sport that pits two fighters with mixed martial arts experience against one another is taking the world by storm. Now the European Fighting Challenge from Finland is setting out to conquer Europe by bringing it together under the one banner.

Finland breaks new ground with eco-friendly icebreaker

With 1 100 kilometres of coastline and winter temperatures which can plummet below -30, it is not surprising Finland is known for its icebreaker expertise. This knowhow is now showcased in Polaris, the world’s most environmentally friendly icebreaker.

Gemic goes the extra mile in customers’ shoes

It’s not business, money and profit that determine where society is headed – it’s people. This Finnish consulting company refuses to focus on the best practices of today; instead, it looks at what will work best tomorrow.

Confidence begins from the bottom for The Other Danish Guy

A burning sensation in your buttocks doesn’t generally tend to lead to pleasant things. For The Other Danish Guy, it did – but only after a good recovery.

Seamless exchange for Equinix and Finland

Global interconnection and data centre company Equinix is bringing the Equinix Internet Exchange to Helsinki, launching in early 2017.

Karma Automotive drives ahead with Rightware

California-based Karma Automotive has launched a new high-end, luxury plug-in hybrid car, which boasts a significant contribution from Finnish company Rightware.

Finnish startup democratises wealth management with automation

How do you feel about receiving financial advice from a machine? Finns are about to find out as Helsinki-based startup Evervest will launch the country’s first fully automated wealth management service.

Finnish project shapes schools of tomorrow

Schools are a fundamental building block in our society, but they can struggle to keep up with the fast changing world around them. A new project in Finland, a country that is renowned for its education system, has set out to find out how schools can stay relevant and exciting for the next 100 years.

Finnair and Alitrip attract Chinese tourists to Finland

Finnish airline Finnair has announced a long-term strategic partnership with Chinese online travel platform Alitrip, which is owned by the Alibaba Group.

Robot buses hit the road in Finland

The Finnish Transport Safety Agency Trafi has granted permission for safe automatic transportation trials in Finland.

Finnish Customs ranked among world’s best

The World Bank’s Logistics Performance Index (LPI) has deemed the operations of Finnish Customs to be the fourth-best in the globe.

Dutch software company Unit4 expands into Finland

Dutch-based software company Unit4 opens an office in Vantaa, Finland. Presence in Finland entrenches its position in the Northern Europe with direct sales and support covering all Nordic countries.

Finland’s higher education system near top of the class worldwide

The annual Universitas 21 ranking has placed Finland in sixth position in its global study of higher education systems.

Feedbackly changes the game for customer feedback

The best products and services fill a real need. In the case of Finnish tech startup Feedbackly this has meant creating an all-in-one software tool for measuring and analysing customer feedback.

Finland makes the IoT connection

The Internet of Things is driving a number of Finnish companies and startups to create exceptional experiences in the field of connectivity.

Why Finland?

Earlier this month I found myself chatting with a Finn who had recently returned from holidaying in Sydney. “It’s paradise down there,” he exclaimed. “What the *expletive* are you...

Chinese IT manufacturer acquires Finnish Jot Automation

Chinese Wuxi Lead Intelligent Equipment acquires Finland-based production automation and testing solutions company Jot Automation.

Finland attracts more and more foreign-owned companies

The number of new foreign-owned companies in Finland increased to 265 last year. Nearly 200 companies chose Helsinki area as their location.

Indian automobile giant acquires a chunk of Sampo-Rosenlew

India-based Mahindra & Mahindra acquires 35 per cent equity stake in Finnish harvester company Sampo-Rosenlew.

Finland paves the way for robotic vehicles

The perfect test environment for Amazon’s delivery drones and Google’s self-driving cars may soon be found in Finland. Especially when challenging Arctic conditions enter the picture.

Biohit’s Indian distribution deal easy to stomach

Finnish biotechnology company Biohit and Onsite Diagnostic Labs India (ODL) have signed a distributor agreement for Biohit’s diagnostic portfolio in India.

Finland provides new solar energy development for Denmark

Finnish company Savo-Solar will be delivering a solar collector field to a heating plant based in the town of Søllested in Denmark.

Pervacio opens regional hub in Finland

An American mobile device automation solutions specialist Pervacio opens a regional development, engineering and management hub in Turku in southwestern Finland.

World’s first mobility operator born in Finland

Finnish company MaaS Finland wants to revolutionise the global transportation market.

Forbes: Finland among 2016’s best places to visit

Finland has been named one of the “Best Places To Go In 2016” by American magazine Forbes.

Culinar brings restaurants and customers together

Increasingly, restaurant customers reserve tables and order their takeaway food online. Culinar, a startup from Tampere, wants to develop a comprehensive digital channel between restaurants and customers and, at the same time, offer restaurants valuable data on their customers.

Large power plant investment to Finland

Neste, Veolia and Borealis will build a new combined heat and power plant in Porvoo, Finland. The total investment is expected to be around 400 million euros.

Digitalbooker expands its customer base with a new owner

Norwegian business solution provider Visma acquires Digitalbooker Finland. The acquisition enables Digitalbooker to grow its customer base.

Mercedes-Benz’s SUV manufacturing to Finland

Finnish company Valmet Automotive will start manufacturing Mercedes-Benz GLC SUVs in Uusikaupunki, Finland.

Finland shows its global competitiveness

The World Economic Forum has once again ranked Finland in the top 10 of its annual Global Competitiveness Report.

Swedish property software specialist Incit expands to Finland

Swedish real estate software developer Incit AB is strengthening its Nordic reach with a new office in Finnish capital Helsinki.

Could Finland become the Silicon Valley of Industrial Internet?

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is often used as a much hype term, but it offers great opportunities to businesses and societies alike. In Finland alone, it is predicted to bring billions of euros in investments and tens of thousands of jobs and the country is already putting its tech savviness into work.

Finland’s young designers of the future

The Habitare fair currently ongoing in Helsinki showcases current design and interior decoration trends. Good News from Finland spoke to some young designers at the fair – these are the names to follow in the future.

Finland’s one of a kind electric hyper car

From the quiet slow Finnish countryside has come something really loud and fast that will change the hyper car world forever.

ABB Finland wins record order from United Arab Emirates

ABB Finland has been awarded an order of close to 30 million euros from Abu Dhabi. The order represents the largest transformer contract ever received by ABB’s transformer factory in Vaasa, Finland.

Local buses – local customs

On holiday, one has the time to travel even long distances by bus. The journey is an opportunity to gain first-hand experience of local ways of life. However, bus...

Finland receives EUR 100 million data centre investment

Finnish-Israeli startup company Aiber Networks has signed an agreement with the city of Tampere in Finland on building a new high security data centre to Tampere.

Icare Finland impresses demanding markets

As the population ages, age-related diseases will also become more prevalent. One such disease is glaucoma, caused by high eye pressure. The disease can slowly sneak up on a person, which makes early diagnosis important in terms of treatment. Icare Finland has taken on this challenge and revolutionised with its technology the measurement of intra-ocular pressure (IOP) – on a global scale.

Rapid identification of infectious diseases developed in Finland

The Turku company Abacus Diagnostica has developed a DNA-based laboratory test for the rapid identification of infectious diseases.

Finland still the world’s least fragile country

Finland has once again been ranked in the lowest position in the annual Fragile States Index. This marks the fifth year in a row Finland has been recognised as the least fragile country in the globe by the index, which is produced by non-profit Fund for Peace.

Finland near the top in the eyes of the law

Finland has been ranked fourth of 102 countries in the World Justice Project’s Rule of Law Index 2015. The annual report measures how the rule of law is experienced by ordinary citizens.

German company considers establishing data centre in Finland

The German company Hetzner Online has announced that it is considering locating its new data centre in Finland. The company will collaborate with the Finnish company Cinia Group. 

Finland opens new visa application centres in Beijing and in Shanghai

Finland responds to the growing demand from the Chinese visitors to visit Finland by opening visa application centres in Beijing and in Shanghai. The centres will enable faster and more comprehensive services for the Chinese tourists, business travelers and others whose main destination is Finland.

Finland rises to no. 1 gold producer in EU

According to the magazine Tekniikka ja Talous, Finland has overtaken Sweden to become the largest producer of gold in the EU. Europe’s largest gold mine, which is located in...

Finland’s Testdroid takes mobile app testing to the Cloud

How do developers make sure their applications will work on diverse devices? Staring at the sky may have given Bitbar inspiration to solve this problem: do testing in the Cloud.

Russian shoppers returning to Finland

A stronger exchange rate for the rouble is attracting Russian customers back to shops across the border in south-eastern Finland.

Chinese company transfers production to Finland

Chinese excavator manufacturer Sunward is transferring part of its production to Finland. A portion of the manufacturing of the company’s machinery intended for the European market will be transferred to Walpella, a Finnish contract manufacturer. 

ABB Finland wins USD 60 million propulsion system order

ABB, a global leader in power and automation technology, has been awarded a contract worth more than 60 million US dollars to deliver fuel-saving Azipod propulsion systems to two Norwegian Cruise Line vessels. The cruise vessels will be constructed at the Meyer Werft shipyard in Germany.

International holiday house network expands to Finland

Interest in Finland as a holiday destination is continuing to grow.

Digital Foodie and GS1 Finland sign partnering agreement

After signing a partnering agreement, Digital Foodie is providing a data verification service for GS1 Finland’s grocery product data.

’Wikipedia’ for programming skills uses Finland as a gateway to Europe

Online programming lessons aren’t a novelty, but the Russian-Kazakhstan born Hexlet has brought a unique real-world element to it. Now the company is using Finland as a springboard to international markets.

XXL brings online store operations to Finland

XXL, the Norwegian sports equipment retailer, intends to concentrate the main operations of its online store in Finland.

ABB Finland to reinforce transmission grid in Kenya

ABB has won an order worth around 24 million dollars from Kenya Power, the national electric utility and the country’s largest power transmission and distribution company. The order includes upgrading an existing substation in Nairobi. 

Luxurious adventure holidays in Finland

The Finnish company Luxury Action provides bespoke adventures for travellers to the Nordic region – and even makes movies out of the experience.

New sensor centre finds home in Finland

US microelectromechanical (MEMS) manufacturer, Kionix, has announced the opening of a new software development centre in Oulu to reinforce its sensor software and development resources.

British company Talent Q expands into Finland

Talent Q, the global business management consultancy company, is expanding into Finland and Norway through strategic co-operation with Finnish companies Studentwork and Sharper.

Finland taps potential of 3D printing

Finland is forging ahead with 3D printing technology in the medical, dental and manufacturing fields.

Finland at the top of the education efficiency index

According to a new international study of educational efficiency across OECD countries, the Finnish education system ranks first. 

Fintech startup Alech turns to Finland for tech talent

Hong Kong based trade advisory platform developer Alech has expanded to Finland in search of new talents.

Finland is the world’s least fragile country

Finland has placed last in The Fragile States Index, which rates nations based on their brittleness through factors of risk. The indicators used by the list compiled by the Fund for Peace include demographic pressures, human flight, economic decline, and public services, among others.

Italian Celly Spa opens its Nordic HQ in Finland

Italian mobile accessory company Celly Spa aims to expand its market share in Northern Europe through new Nordic headquarters in Helsinki.

Air transport could increase Finland’s competitiveness – but whose is the responsibility?

According to a survey carried out by Oxford Economics in 2011, 82 per cent of companies do not invest in countries or areas with poor air connectivity. Air transport...

Norwegian ABAX sets up office in Finland

ABAX, a Norwegian company specialising in vehicle tracking and fleet management, has opened an office in Finland in March. The company plans to hire 18 people in the Vantaa office by August and 30–35 employees in the next couple of years.

Finland one of the world’s happiest countries

Finland was ranked eighth in OECD’s Better Life Index, climbing up four places from last year. The Index compares wellbeing across countries, based on 11 topics the OECD has identified as essential, in the areas of material living conditions and quality of life. 

Finland once again ranked best place to be a mother

Finland has been ranked as the world’s best place to be a mother, according to the Save the Children’s 15th annual State of the World’s Mothers report. Finland topped the ranking also in 2013.

Finland gained 213 new foreign-owned companies last year

Foreign direct investments in Finland are increasing. Finland gained 213 new foreign-owned companies in 2013, compared to 153 during the previous year.

Software development company Telrock expands to Finland

Telrock Technologies, an international software development company specialising in mobile-centric customer service, is setting foot in Helsinki and Oulu. The company will focus the development of its cloud-based platform in Finland and plans to employ 50 people already at an early stage.

Live crowdfunding tested out in Finland

There is a buzz of excitement at Helsinki City Hall. Large numbers of startup entrepreneurs and investors have assembled at PitchHelsinki, held this year for the seventh time. The event is making history: for the first time, live crowdfunding is possible from around the world.

Chinese tourists offer new prospects for Finland

Foreign travel among the Chinese has changed dramatically since 2008. This year, China has surpassed Germany and the United States in terms of number of overseas travellers, making it...

Health-care technology offers Finland new growth engine

One of the most significant challenges our era faces is the growing and ageing population. For the health-care sector, this will present major challenges. How can we provide comprehensive...

Renewable diesel from Finland, part 1: Neste Oil’s record number of raw materials

Biofuels produced from renewable resources are making traffic greener. The energy company Neste Oil is the only producer of renewable diesel in the world that utilises more than 10 different raw materials. The use of waste and residue materials has increased significantly in recent years.

Traffic is a problem for megacities, an opportunity for Finland

Traffic is one of the world’s biggest businesses. While telecommunications in western countries realises an average revenue per user of around 30 euros, the corresponding figure in the traffic...

Composites resonate with customers

In recent years, natural fibre composite has found its way into musical instruments. The Finnish guitar manufacturer Flaxwood is already making a name for itself globally. The resonant material also corresponds with the demands of sustainable development.

Save yourself, save Finland!

“Remember, my son, to make so good products that they sell themselves.” This is a piece of advice my friend got from his father last year when he was...

The daily brief: 20 August 2019

All the daily Finnish business news that works: Habita, Proxion and the Finnish film Dog’s Don’t Wear Pants make headlines.

Finnish spirit flavours awarded in London

A number of Finnish distilleries have been awarded at the International Wine & Spirit Competition (IWSC 2019) organised in the UK.

Happy Hour Skateboards is a wheely lifestyle

A group of Finnish lads embrace the freedom of skateboarding – and live it to the max with their own skateboard brand, Happy Hour Skateboards.

Plenty of Finnish film on show at Berlinale

Six Finnish films have made it to this year’s Berlin International Film Festival, where projectors will commence rolling today, on 7 February.

Finnish film to have a good showing in Singapore

A Finnish film festival featuring 13 full-length Finnish films will be held in Singapore’s The Projector cinema between 11 and 21 October.

Five for Friday: Film directors

Finnish cinema is reaching an ever-growing audience on screens around the world.

Finnish films screen in Mexico

The Finnish Film Week is shining a spotlight on eight feature-length films and nine short films.

Saana ja Olli lasts through seasons

Finnish designer couple Olli Sallinen and Saana Sipilä have created their own brand to reflect the values they wish to see take over the global textile industry.

Five for Friday: Alcoholic beverages

These Finnish producers are pioneering a push towards uncharted alcoholic waters.

Horror, stick horses and one furry space sidekick

Finland’s population of 5.5 million might not be the world’s largest, but recent record-breaking attendance figures proves there is quite a few cinephiles in this northern corner of the...

Finnish documentary to bow in Sweden

Finnish director Virpi Suutari’s new documentary, Entrepreneur (Yrittäjä), is to have its world premiere at the prestigious Göteborg Film Festival in February.

Finnish director to helm J.R.R. Tolkien biopic

Dome Karukoski is to make a film covering the formative years of iconic ‘The Lord of the Rings’ and ‘The Hobbit’ author J.R.R. Tolkien.

10 Questions: Dome Karukoski

What constitutes a perfect morning for you? Because of my work, I travel between 150 and 200 days a year. Waking up at home with your loved ones is...

The daily brief: 16 September 2019

All the daily Finnish business news that works YIT, Kamux, Lindström, and Finnish garden designers make headlines.

Five for Friday: Logistics

Finland has developed some innovative solutions to improve the efficiency of the logistics industry and is well on its way to becoming a game-changer in the field.

The daily brief: 12 September 2019

All the daily Finnish business news that works: Ginolis, Kide Science and Finnair make headlines.

Do I know you?

Things have come full circle for Ville Simola, the new CEO of Helsinki-based startup hub Maria 01.

The daily brief: 11 September 2019

All the daily Finnish business news that works: Basware, Metso and Google in Helsinki make headlines.

The daily brief: 10 September 2019

All the daily Finnish business news that works: Varjo, Revonte and Nokia make headlines.

Neuro Event Labs reduces guesswork in neurology

Tampere-based Neuro Event Labs has developed a one-of-a-kind, accurate and cost-effective way to monitor epileptic patients in and outside the hospital.

Five for Friday: Travelling

Grab your passport and get ready to take off with these Finnish innovations that are designed to get you moving.

The daily brief: 5 September 2019

All the daily Finnish business news that works: Maria 01, MaaS Global and Finnish films make headlines.

The daily brief: 4 September 2019

All the daily Finnish business news that works: Wärtsilä, Stora Enso and the University of Helsinki make headlines.

The daily brief: 3 September 2019

All the daily Finnish business news that works: Bittium, Genero and FLEXOUND make headlines.

Niimaar is all future and zero waste

Would you be more likely to recycle if your rubbish bin was a most beautiful thing? Finland’s Niimaar has changed the nature of the chore with a functional piece of sustainable design.

The daily brief: 2 September 2019

All the daily Finnish business news that works: Mind Your Rights, Iivari Mononen Group, Planeetta Internet and Stora Enso make headlines.

Five for Friday: Games, part 2

Big things have been achieved by big names in the Finnish games scene, but rest assured that there’s plenty of other great stuff going on as well.

The daily brief: 29 August 2019

All the daily Finnish business news that works: Reactive Technologies, Metsä Wood, Neste and Yonoton make headlines.

The daily brief: 28 August 2019

All the daily Finnish business news that works: UPM, Konecranes and Hatch make headlines.

Oodi chosen as best new public library of the year

A global competition has announced that Helsinki Central Library Oodi is the 2019 Public Library of the Year.

The daily brief: 26 August 2019

All the daily Finnish business news that works: EduCluster Finland, Luin Living, Konecranes and Nexstim make headlines.

Five for Friday: Active wear

Work up a sweat with these Finnish threads to help maximise your sporty pursuits.

The daily brief: 22 August 2019

All the daily Finnish business news that works: The Long Drink Company, Tosibox, Valmet and Konecranes make headlines.

The daily brief: 21 August 2019

All the daily Finnish business news that works: Hatch, DNA and Finnish short films make headlines.

Aarrekid makes treasures that last

Aarre means ‘treasure’ or ‘precious’ in Finnish, and that’s what this local fashion house wants to add to your wardrobe.

Five for Friday: Breathe easy with these innovations

Finland has some of the best air quality in the world but also some of the most state-of-the-art technologies to tackle impurities. These Finnish innovators will take your breath away with their life-changing solutions!

The daily brief: 13 August 2019

All the daily Finnish business news that works: Gold&Green Foods, Bio-Raiser, Proventia, sustainable Helsinki and Finnish education export make headlines.

Five for Friday: Stuff for kids, part 2

The Finnish birth rate may have stagnated, but the innovations keep popping up! Say hi to five ways local entrepreneurs are helping parents raise their offspring.

The daily brief: 8 August 2019

All the daily Finnish business news that works: Caverion, SSH Communications Security and Nokia make headlines.

Garmendo gets sweaty without sweatshops

Finland’s Garmendo knows what’s expected of a great piece of sportswear and what’s expected of the makers of them, as well.

The daily brief: 7 August 2019

All the daily Finnish business news that works: Netled, Rovio and Pemamek make headlines.

Unikie drives the future of software development

Taking Finnish engineering expertise overseas has always been a core element of the internationalisation strategy of Unikie, a software developer headquartered in Tampere.

Five for Friday: Nokia alumni

Nokia’s deep roots in Finland are the foundation for many local success stories. This week, we take a look at a handful of companies which emerged after their founders left the telecom giant.

Neuroflux hacks away at water management problems

Finland’s Neuroflux is utilising big data and machine learning to solve problems in wastewater networks and enable water utilities to reduce the waste of resources.

The daily brief: 25 July 2019

All the daily Finnish business news that works: Stora Enso, Wärtsilä and Wello make headlines.

Smilee is software, service and smiles in one package

Finnish company Smilee wants to help businesses convert website visitors into sales by being in the right place at the right time with the right answers.

Hong Kong has room for Finnish companies

Now is probably the right time to confess that I knew hardly anything about Hong Kong before 2015, when I began my internship at the Finnish Chamber of Commerce...

The daily brief: 23 July 2019

All the daily Finnish business news that works: AlphaSense, Elisa, and pilot of a wastewater sludge burning plant in Finnish Lapland make headlines.

Swappie brings phones back to life

Swappie was born out of an unfortunate incident. Now it’s a blooming business expanding the life cycle of increasingly expensive smartphones.

The daily brief: 1 July 2019

All the daily Finnish business news that works: Nixu, Wärtsilä, Valmet, Finnish film Aurora and education concept Me & MyCity make headlines.

The daily brief: 27 June 2019

All the daily Finnish business news that works: YIT, Valio, Konecranes and CollectiveCrunch make headlines.

The daily brief: 26 June 2019

All the daily Finnish business news that works: Nokia, Qt, Finnair and Finnish research make headlines.

Robot buses to hit the streets in Helsinki

The multinational Sohjoa Baltic project has established a bus route in Helsinki for its autonomous electrical buses in a trial that will last until September. 

The daily brief: 24 June 2019

All the daily Finnish business news that works: Silo.AI, Kalmar, Raute and KONE make headlines.

The daily brief: 19 June 2019

All the daily Finnish business news that works: Wolt, Finnair and Tampere make headlines.

The daily brief: 18 June 2019

All the daily Finnish business news that works: Tieto, Sympa, AAC Technologies and MUJI make headlines.

Safera cooks up a treat with smart kitchen sensor

No timer set, extractor hood off and no one is watching over the hot stove. These are common mishaps for many home cooks, but Finnish tech company Safera is coming to their rescue.

The daily brief: 17 June 2019

All the daily Finnish business news that works: Wärtsilä, Fortum, Kalmar, JokiLaakeri, OSG and Suomisen Maito make headlines.

Five for Friday: HIMSS Europe Conference

The best digital innovations in healthcare were presented this week in Helsinki by experts and fresh startups dedicated to developing the industry that keeps us healthy.

The daily brief: 11 June 2019

All the daily Finnish business news that works: the University of Oulu, Fazer and Elisa make headlines.

Nokia heritage boosts Treon’s wireless sensor devices

Internet of Things (IoT) startup Treon uses its Nokia roots to take industrial companies into the age of smart, connected devices.

The daily brief: 10 June 2019

All the daily Finnish business news that works: Ramirent, Metso, Cinia, Nightingale, Primehotels and Outotec make headlines.

Five for Friday: World Circular Economy Forum

The third annual World Circular Economy Forum took place in Helsinki this week. Check out these five companies that are closing the loop on sustainable solutions.

The daily brief: 6 June 2019

All the daily Finnish business news that works: Neste, Neverthink and Nokia make headlines.

The daily brief: 5 June 2019

All the daily Finnish business news that works: Iso Omena, Aalto University, FLEXOUND – The Augmented Audio Company, and industrial 5G AI-pilot in Finland make headlines.

The daily brief: 4 June 2019

All the daily Finnish business news that works: Salcomp, Futures Platform, Hatch, Konecranes and Kuori make headlines.

Kombucha is the Good Guy of soft drinks

All over the world, modern people are going nuts over kombucha, an age-old fermented tea drink. Finnish company Good Guys Kombucha wants to give folks even more reasons to do so.

The daily brief: 3 June 2019

All the daily Finnish business news that works: Taiga Concept, Aalto EE, Hanken, Finnish food and wine, and Sino-Finnish Winter Paralympics collaboration make headlines.

Five for Friday: Autonomous vehicles

The road is open ahead for Finnish innovations that are contributing to the development of unmanned cars here and abroad.

The daily brief: 28 May 2019

All the daily Finnish business news that works: Swappie, Pemamek, Nexstim and Teleste make headlines.

The daily brief: 27 May 2019

All the daily Finnish business news that works: Fortum, MacGregor and Google in Finland make headlines.

The daily brief: 24 May 2019

All the daily Finnish business news that works: Hatch, Nokia and Valmet make headlines.

Five for Friday: Video services

Check out these five different ways to put a fresh spin on moving images.

The daily brief: 23 May 2019

All the daily Finnish business news that works: ECOFER, Vertex, Huhtamaki and Equinix’s new data centre in Finland make headlines.

Cargo transport is a lot cooler thanks to Finnair

An 80 million-euro investment is ensuring that Finnish national carrier Finnair is at the forefront of logistics automation and technical expertise.

The daily brief: 22 May 2019

All the daily Finnish business news that works: DelSiTech, Solita and the City of Mikkeli make headlines.

The daily brief: 21 May 2019

All the daily Finnish business news that works: Neste, Pöyry, Finnair and Sámi music group Solju make headlines.

LokiTime to become new standard in key management

LokiTime, a cloud-based service developed by Finland’s Sowellus, could be the key for boosting efficiency for anyone responsible for issuing and managing keys, mechanical or electronic.

The daily brief: 20 May 2019

All the daily Finnish business news that works: KONE, Eficode, Verman, Airport College International and Finnish film The Woodcutter Story make headlines.

The daily brief: 17 May 2019

All the daily Finnish business news that works: Halton,, Nokia, Valmet and Kalmar make headlines.

Five for Friday: Bikes

Get rolling with these Finnish approaches to the velocipede.

The daily brief: 16 May 2019

All the daily Finnish business news that works: Finnair, Jospak, CADMATIC and EduCluster Finland make headlines.

The daily brief: 14 May 2019

All the daily Finnish business news that works: Wirepas, VideoVisit, new Helsinki café and Tehokuivaus’ acquisition make headlines.

KUDE is the cornerstone of a curvy wardrobe

Finnish company KUDE thinks clothes shouldn’t go out of fashion or style – they should be so classy and durable that they last beyond fads and seasons.

The daily brief: 10 May 2019

All the daily Finnish business news that works: VirtualTraveller, Basware, Hasan & Partners, and Uponor make headlines.

Five for Friday: Liquorice and chocolate

Sweet flavours from Finland are tantalising taste buds around the globe.

The daily brief: 9 May 2019

All the daily Finnish business news that works: Roadscanners, Kamux and 3 Friends make headlines.

The daily brief: 8 May 2019

All the daily Finnish business news that works: Nightingale, Valmet and Finnish foodstuffs in Germany make headlines.

The daily brief: 7 May 2019

All the daily Finnish business news that works: Finnish companies Medixine, Beneq, Treon, Neverthink and Belgian company Recticel’s factory opening in Finland are making headlines.

Megical brings black-box thinking to healthcare

Aviation is light-years ahead of healthcare in terms of using data to improve safety. Helsinki-based Megical has set out to bridge the gap by injecting a dose of black-box thinking to healthcare.

The daily brief: 6 May 2019

All the daily Finnish business news that works: Wello, Nuuka Solutions, Metso, Aiven and Nokia make headlines.

Tecnotree inks EUR 15.8 million deal

Finnish telecommunications company Tecnotree has signed an agreement worth 15.8 million euros with an undisclosed client in the Middle East.

Five for Friday: Dog-friendly solutions

These Finnish companies are bringing the best to man’s best friend.

Finn bags best actor award in Moscow

Finnish actor Tommi Korpela has been awarded the Silver George for Best Actor at Moscow International Film Festival.

iLOQ secures Kimi Räikkönen to accelerate global expansion

The global expansion of Finnish smart lock developer iLOQ is hitting top gear with a new collaboration from the fast lane.

Meru Health raises EUR 4.2 million in funding

Digital health company Meru Health has raised 4.2 million euros in a seed funding round led by Freestyle Capital and supported by Bonit Capital, Y Combinator, Lifeline Ventures and IT-Farm. 

Five for Friday: Invoicing solutions

These Finnish companies are leading the pack with their digital invoicing innovations.

Finns land substantial orders in Europe

Valmet has secured significant new technology orders and YIT several traffic infrastructure contracts.

Air0 brings a breath of fresh air to China

Air purifiers are a growing market but one plagued by uncertain quality. Finnish company Air0 believes there is a more efficient way to clean indoor air and has built the technology to prove it.

Finnish films to capture audiences in Moscow

Aleksi Salmenperä’s Void (Tyhjiö) and Selma Vilhunen’s Stupid Young Heart (Hölmö nuori sydän) will be screened at the Moscow International Film Festival taking place between 18 and 25 April.

Finnish energy firm in major deal

Finnish energy company Loiste has received a significant new minority owner in a consortium consisting of investment firms Infranode and Mirova.

CoPlays makes practice perfect

Technology? Rational. Sports? Passionate. So how do you combine the two? Finnish company CoPlays’ coaching platform could be the answer for both top professional clubs and grass-roots volunteers doing it just for the love of the sport.

Helsieni is a mushroom heaven for urbanites

There are numerous things to love about mushrooms, and now Finnish company Helsieni wants you to have some growing in your living room.

TactoTek partners on IMSE with BÖ-LA

TactoTek, a Finnish expert in injection-moulded structural electronics (IMSE) solutions, has started a sales and marketing partnership with BÖ-LA.

Five for Friday: Footwear

Finnish flair for footwear is being recognised around the world.

Arctic Security has a secure solution to cyber crime

This Finnish company is pioneering a new approach to online safety, one based on collecting and distributing critical cyber threat information, and adding a crucial element to the existing palette of cyber security measures.

Telenor to buy majority in DNA for EUR 1.5 billion

Norwegian telecommunications company Telenor has announced the 1.5 billion-euro purchase of a 54 per cent stake in Finnish telecom operator DNA.

Leadfeeder banks EUR 3.1 million in funding round

Finnish sales intelligence startup Leadfeeder has closed a Series A funding round of 3.1 million euros. The round was led by Endeit Capital and backed by both Superhero Capital and Vendep Capital.

Leadoo brings you the right kind of leads

Finnish company Leadoo came up with a way to activate passive online surfers and, simultaneously, happened to make collecting meaningful leads a breeze.

Finnish firms win orders, find friends globally

Finnish companies Ramirent, Caverion, Kalmar, Konecranes, Fortum, Wärtsilä and Valmet have reported new acquisitions, partnerships and orders worldwide.

Fidelix Group acquires EcoGuard

Finnish building automation systems supplier Fidelix has purchased Swedish company EcoGuard, a market leader in digital measurement services for real estate.

NewIcon raises EUR 4.9 million in funding

Health technology company NewIcon has closed a record-breaking funding round of 4.9 million euros.

Qt to power digital cockpits with Neusoft

Finnish software company Qt has partnered with Chinese IT company Neusoft Corporation to deliver immersive driving experiences in China.

Finnish-British co-op opens doors for AI research

The Alan Turing Institute and Finnish Centre for Artificial Intelligence (FCAI) have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to join forces in Turing’s data-centric engineering programme.

Jamix software caters to Yale University

Finnish restaurant management software provider Jamix has signed a deal with the world-renowned Yale University in the US.

Five for Friday: Plant-based innovations

Green walls, hydroponic plants, herbs, bottles and cholesterol-lowering foodstuffs – it has got to be plants from Finland.

Tampere Hall gains global recognition

Tampere Hall has won two categories at the international event industry gala Eventex, taking home the awards for best large venue award and best sustainable venue. 

SabriScan expands to Morocco

Finnish mould manufacturer SabriScan has signed a letter of intent that will enable it to access the automotive industry ecosystem in Morocco.

Culture comes first for Svart Records

Finland’s Svart Records is putting out music at a breathtaking pace in genres ranging from doom and death metal to free jazz and Americana.

Sniffie Software digs out the best price for everyone

Having a little computer in hand at all times enables consumers to compare prices without trekking from one store to another. Finnish company Sniffie Software ensures that companies know what their competitors are selling for.

Finnish firms charge ahead worldwide

Finnish companies Kalmar, Fortum, Nokia and Vaisala have landed new orders and are taking part in pioneering infrastructure projects.

Five for Friday: Finnish ICT going big in Japan

Time and space are famously at a premium in Japan. These Finnish companies are looking to tackle efficiency-related challenges in a variety of industries while building their presence in the country.

HUONE has designs on Copenhagen business

Finnish events hotel startup HUONE expands to Copenhagen to provide creative meeting spaces and building services to the Amager Strand business hub.

Espoo Library awarded as world’s best in London

The Espoo City Library in Finland has received The Library of the Year Award, presented as part of The London Book Fair’s International Excellence Awards.

Arilyn and CCL partnership becomes a reality

Finnish augmented and mixed reality service Arilyn has signed a partnership with the world’s largest labels and speciality packaging manufacturer, CCL.

Rent a Finn as your guide to happiness

Visit Finland’s new Rent a Finn initiative invites people from around the world to experience first-hand how to live in harmony with nature and self like a Finn.

Feedbackly teams up with CX training expert

Finnish tech startup Feedbackly has partnered with US-based Owen CX to supplement its offering with customer experience (CX) training programmes and a Net Promoter Score (NPS) masterclass.

ICEYE and Audacy join forces

Helsinki-based Earth observation company ICEYE has signed a memorandum of understanding with American space communications service provider Audacy to explore continuous satellite communications.

Planmeca and NST begin co-operation

Finnish health technology company Planmeca has signed a co-operation agreement with Navigate Surgical Technologies (NST) to explore ways to enhance precision in surgery and streamline digital workflows.

TAUKO wraps you in ideology

For Finnish fashion house TAUKO, it all started out from an ideological desire to have a positive impact on the textile industry. Its recycled designs have found an audience among socially aware and other fashionistas.

Finnish travel industry breaks records on all fronts

The Finnish travel industry has been growing rapidly in recent years, with visitor numbers breaking old records and travel exports rising by one billion euros in a single year.

Revieve and Samsung team for selfie-skin analysis

Finnish beauty-tech company Revieve has partnered with Samsung to bring personalised skincare advice to Samsung mobile device users.

Front AI gets tongues wagging with EUR 500K

Finnish startup Front AI has set its sights on the Nordics after receiving a seed funding boost for its chatbot service.

Helsinki Airport awarded for best service in Europe

Helsinki Airport, operated by Finavia, has been recognised by the Airport Service Quality Awards as having the best customer experience in its size class in Europe.

Kuuhubb and Reworks raise funds

Finnish game developer and publisher Kuuhubb has secured a one million-euro loan, while new Finnish game studio Reworks has raised around 1.3 million euros in pre-seed funding.

Verso Food to grow with Kavli

Finnish plant-based foods innovator Verso Food is set to accelerate its international growth after being acquired by Norway’s Kavli Group.

Finnish companies grow fast in Financial Times

Financial Times’ annual FT 1000 list has placed a total of 17 Finnish companies among the fastest growing European companies.

HipFire Games raises EUR 180K for new VR title

Finnish game developer Hipfire Games has raised additional funding of 180 000 euros towards its debut virtual reality (VR) and mobile cross-platform game, Fail Space.

Five for Friday: Our most-popular Fridays

Wondering which of our Five for Fridays have attracted the most readers over the years?

Finnish sustainable solutions awarded globally

Kotkamills and Colombier Group’s Finnish subsidiary have been recognised for their sustainable cup materials, while Isku has been awarded for its ecological Kivikko seat.

ThingLink claims UNESCO prize

Finnish virtual engagement tool ThingLink has won the UNESCO King Hamad Bin Isa Al-Khalifa Prize for the use of ICT in education.

Nokia gets serious with 5G

The Finnish telecommunications company has announced a string of deals all over the globe in a crucial year for 5G roll-out.

Mobidiag finds multiple international distributors

Finnish diagnostics company Mobidiag has inked several exclusive distribution agreements for its Amplidiag and Novodiag products in Europe and the Middle East.

Slush calls for action for a better future in Tokyo

Slush Tokyo brought together some 6 000 attendees, 600 startups, 250 investors and 300 members of the media at Tokyo Big Sight on 22-23 February 2019.

Hatch continues to expand 5G gaming

Finnish cloud gaming service Hatch has begun co-operation with the American communications services company Sprint to bring what it calls the “Netflix of gaming” to the US market.

Dyreparken goes digital with Yonoton

Finnish digital service provider Yonoton has signed a deal with Norway’s biggest theme park, Dyreparken, to become the park’s long-term digital partner. 

UROS expands its IoT solutions to education

Finnish telecom company UROS has signed an agreement with US-based OneScreen to offer smart education opportunities for the workforce of tomorrow.

Finnish firms have wind in sails worldwide

Finnish companies Halton, KONE, Metso and Fortum have all announced new dealings globally.

Yeply switches gears for bicycle servicing

Don’t have time to service your bicycle? A new Finnish mobile bike repair shop brings the service to your doorstep.

Ignore intellectual property at your peril

Intellectual property (IP) pops up every now and then in the news: Nokia licensing out valuable patents or McDonald’s losing its Big Mac trademark, for example. Yet, most of...

My career: From start to Finnish

Pravin Luthada, India
CEO of an automation company

Nordcloud secures EUR 20 million funding

Finnish public cloud services company Nordcloud has raised 20 million euros from Finnvera and OP Corporate Bank.

Finnish firms boost presence worldwide

Finnish companies Stora Enso, Nokia, Valmet, Kalmar, UPM Raflatac and Pöyry have strengthened operations and secured orders around the world.

Thirdpresence expands international presence

Helsinki-based video advertising company Thirdpresence has bought video platform Flowplayer, which has offices around the world in cities such as New York and London.

BCaster and ESPAT Media team up for e-sports

Finnish media platform builder BCaster has partnered with US-based ESPAT Media to provide real-time photo and video monetisation services in e-sports.

in4mo expands Solera’s Digital Home platform

Finnish property claims solution provider in4mo has been acquired by American company Solera.

VTT takes on problematic feed waste

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has prototyped a cylindrical extruder to turn problematic waste into pellets.

Molok establishes subsidiary in France

Finnish waste collection company Molok has established a French subsidiary called Molok France in order to provide solutions for the emerging needs of biowaste collection locally.

10 Questions: Jaakko Sorsa

What is your culinary superpower? Smoking! It’s my favourite cooking method. Actually, we don’t use smoke for preserving, but more like a seasoning, giving different ingredients a final touch!...

Finnish firms deploy services worldwide

Finnish companies Nokia, KONE, Metso, Valmet and Vaisala have secured orders from around the world.

GetJenny gets AI chatting with EUR 2 million

Finnish AI platform GetJenny has raised two million euros in seed funding for its “human-directed” AI chatbots.

SuperPark spreads the joy of movement worldwide

This Finnish company’s chain of indoor activity parks, designed for people of all ages, is now quickly expanding to new markets.

MySoda makes a fizz in Switzerland

Finnish company MySoda has signed a significant distribution deal for its carbon dioxide bottles for sparkling water makers with leading Swiss retail and wholesale chain COOP.

Toolfac’s machining expertise strengthens HANZA

Toolfac, a Finnish high-tech manufacturer focusing on machining, has been acquired by industrial manufacturer HANZA Holding.

720 Degrees raises funding from Pi Labs

Finnish climate analytics startup 720 Degrees has raised 2.9 million euros in funding. The capital injection consists of funding from the property technology-focused venture capital firm Pi Labs and grants from Business Finland and Horizon 2020.

My career: From start to Finnish

June Yeoh Karjalainen, Malaysia
China & Southeast Asia business consultant

Five for Friday: Education, part 4

Finns love to learn. Now they are teaching the world how they do it.

Alibaba is hungry for HKScan

Finnish meat product manufacturer HKScan has signed an agreement with Alibaba to bring omega-3 pork to the Chinese giant’s next-generation Hema supermarkets.

Big developments for Finns in Sweden

Finnish technology, strategy and design company Solita is expanding to Gothenburg, while Swedish company Humana is acquiring Finnish care provider Coronaria Hoiva.

FORCIOT raises EUR 4 million for stretchable electronics

Swedish vehicle giant Volvo and German material engineering corporation Heraeus have together invested four million euros in Tampere-based stretchable electronics startup FORCIOT.

Frameright focuses on the right angle

We’ve all seen failed automatic photo crops: heads left out, just legs, or simply bad composition. Finnish company Frameright was born out of the urge to give photos the shape they deserve.

Eero Milonoff bags acting award in Sweden

Finnish actor Eero Milonoff has won a Guldbaggen Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role in the fantasy drama Border (‘Gräns’ in Swedish).

MetGen receives EUR 500K in EU funding

Finnish biotech company MetGen has secured 500 000 euros in funding for its role in the EU-funded WoodZymes research project.

Finnish medtech lands on Silicon Republic’s list

Silicon Republic has listed 25 life science and medtech startups to watch in 2019 giving the nod to Finnish startups Etsimo, Aiforia and Oura.

Finnish companies expand their horizons

Finnish firm Fellow Finance is expanding its peer-to-peer lending platform to Denmark, while Finnish used car dealer Kamux is opening its fifth showroom in Germany.

Five for Friday: Award-winning foods

Finnish food and ingredients are leaving taste buds tingling around the world.

Innovation House goes Singapore

Finnish co-working space concept Innovation House Finland is bringing its unique working culture to Singapore.

ICEYE and Spire launch joint project

Microsatellite startup ICEYE and data analytics provider Spire have agreed to begin technology collaboration to detect illegal activity on the high seas.

Karate kicks Kone-Ketonen’s forestry business into high gear

Innovation may have disrupted the forest industry, but it is also how Kone-Ketonen has remained successful through its ups and downs over three decades in operation. Now the Finnish family-run business is expanding internationally with the world’s first hydraulic hybrid harvester head.

Gradient delivers sound that takes you places

Gradient, a Finnish designer and manufacturer of hi-fi loudspeakers, has been at the cutting edge of high-end speaker acoustics for decades.

Sino-Finnish energy projects announced in China

Four new pilot projects between Finland’s Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment and China’s National Energy Administration (NEA) have been announced in connection with President Sauli Niinistö’s state visit to China.

Leanheat smartens up building management

Good indoor climate meets minimal energy consumption at Finnish tech company Leanheat. The company wants to put an energy-efficient end to fluctuating indoor temperatures.

Qt partners for in-vehicle infotainment systems

Finnish software company Qt is collaborating with LG Electronics Vehicle Component Solutions to enhance its development of highly advanced in-car experiences.

Kaiku Health enters collaboration with Roche

Finnish health data science company Kaiku Health has partnered with Swiss health care company Roche to develop unique patient support in cancer immunotherapy.

Picosun solidifies ALD partnership with Nanexa

Finnish Picosun Group and Swedish nanotechnology company Nanexa are expanding their collaboration in pharmaceutical atomic layer deposition (ALD).

Fondia opens office in Lithuania

Finnish law firm Fondia will open a new office in Lithuania’s capital Vilnius in order to strengthen its position in the Baltic market and speed up its growth.

Virtual Traveller goes places in the blink of an eye

This Finnish company aims to become the global number one 360-degree travel video hotspot, as well as a win-win platform for content producers and users, travel agencies, and tourist boards.

Five for Friday: Our most popular articles in 2018

This quintet were the most-read articles on Good News from Finland during the past year, showcasing a range of innovations.

Diversity wins at the workplace

Last month, Supercell CEO Ilkka Paananen once again topped the list of Finland’s highest earners on what the New York Times referred to as National Jealousy Day. Aside from...

Qt to power Parrot’s upcoming digital cockpit

Finnish software company Qt has been selected by Parrot Faurecia Automotive to power its digital cockpit under development for connected and autonomous vehicles.

ICEYE’s Internet of Locations service gets a boost

Finnish Earth observation company ICEYE has received a 10 million-euro capital loan from Business Finland for the manufacturing of synthetic-aperture radar (SAR) satellites and launching its Internet of Locations ecosystem.

Canatu signs licensing deal with DENSO

Finnish high technology company Canatu has entered into a licensing agreement with DENSO, a global supplier of advanced technology for the automotive industry.

Luin Living caps off great year in the US

Finnish lifestyle brand Luin Living is wrapping up a great year of international growth with pop-up shops in a US department store.

Five for Friday: 2018’s biggest investment rounds

This quintet has made headlines this year for closing significant funding rounds.

Exomi’s mobile authentication fights data breaches

Major data leaks are in the headlines almost daily. Finnish technology company Exomi taps into our mobile devices to safeguard our identities and information online.

UROS Group and Tata Communications join forces

Finnish company UROS has teamed up with Tata Communications to accelerate deployment of IoT and smart city solutions globally.

Slush 2018 through a lens, day two

Day two didn’t disappoint. Slush brought the visual feast for another dose of tech talk.

Slush 2018 through a lens, day one

Finland-related innovations took centre stage at the first day of Slush. Take a look for yourself.

Day one of Slush 2018 is all inclusive

The opening day of one of the world’s leading tech and startup events delivered on its annual promise to be the hub of innovation.

Oura Health raises USD 5 million

Finnish sleep improvement platform Oura Health has raised five million US dollars from notable technology disruptors, athletes and creators.

Slush is almost here!

The biggest startup event in Europe starts tomorrow.

Matchmade steps up the game with fresh capital

Matchmade, a Finnish influencer marketing platform for games, has raised four million euros and announced a new US head office and expansion to Twitch.

Five for Friday: Finnish innovation at Slush

Standing tall amongst the abundance of buzz, Finnish knowhow is at the core of Europe’s biggest startup event.

10 Questions: Andreas Saari

What constitutes a perfect morning for you? In chronological order: waking up next to my girlfriend, reading, working out, meditating and having a magnificent breakfast. The sun would shine....

Audiodraft makes brands heard

This Helsinki-based audio branding agency has its sights, and ears, set on the next disruption in company branding.

GrainSense becomes available in Denmark

GrainSense, the Finnish agritech startup behind the world’s first handheld device for grain protein measurement, has found a local distributor in Denmark.

AIDA impact handcrafts better beginnings

Finnish company AIDA impact is aiming for a more inclusive society – in a literally hands-on way. Its accessories are made to last both in terms of quality and style.

Five for Friday: Bags

These five Finnish companies are making sure that customers are getting carried away with their different approach to making bags.

Serviceform raises USD 350K in pre-seed funding

Finnish startup Serviceform has received pre-seed funding for its new approach to taking bookings and automating offers.

Round Zero levels playing field for mobile games

This Finnish mobile game publisher has come up with a data-driven, revolutionary way not to let the personal preferences of its staff influence which games it decides to publish.

Hostaway raises USD 1.45 million

Finnish vacation rental management platform Hostaway has raised 1.45 million US dollars in funding. Its partners include, Airbnb and Expedia.

Finnish firms rise to challenges worldwide

Finnish companies Fortum, KONE, Wärtsilä and Valmet, as well as LUT University, are all involved in substantial projects worldwide.

Five for Friday: Wall decoration

Finnish design and innovation offers decorative options that are off the wall –­ yet are well and truly located firmly on it.

Leadfeeder links up with LinkedIn

Finnish startup Leadfeeder has started to collaborate with LinkedIn Sales Navigator to enhance its website visitor identification tool for B2B customers.

PayiQ and SkedGo join for one app to move them all

Finnish fintech company PayiQ is teaming up with Australian smart mobility software developer SkedGo to provide state-of-the-art cashless door-to-door urban travelling.

Maptionnaire wants everyone on board with urban planning

With its map-based online questionnaires, this Finnish company offers urban planners an easy and efficient way to collect views from local residents.

Mediconsult to enhance e-health in Sri Lanka

Finnish e-health solutions provider Mediconsult and its Sri Lankan subsidiary M C Medisoft will deliver data management solutions to hospitals in Sri Lanka.

Five for Friday: China International Import Expo

China is hosting its first International Import Expo (CIIE) this week in Shanghai. Finnish expertise has been on hand, making its presence known in the region.

Airport College International plants roots in Japan

Airport College International, a Finnish online training service for airlines, airport ground handling agents and logistics, has registered a subsidiary in Japan and opened a new office in Tokyo.

Enersize to acquire foothold in Europe

Finnish company Enersize is planning to acquire Leakage Management Systems Nordic’s (LMS) LEAQS business to gain immediate market access to Europe.

Nokia lands deals worth over EUR 2 billion in China

The Finnish telecommunications giant has signed three separate framework agreements in China worth more than two billion euros combined.

Prometec wins first international order

Finnish company Prometec Tools has received an order from Stockholm Exergi for an automated sampling robot and additional sampling equipment.

Kindergartens can focus on play with Kindiedays

After first setting out to make pens and papers redundant, this company now seeks to spread Finnish education expertise across the globe.

Robots aren’t coming to take your job!

Finland is the cradle of knowledge work. Our academia, educators, innovators and engineers shine bright at the top of global benchmarks, and our technology is used daily by nearly...

Saint Vacant’s shoes bring a smile to your face

This Helsinki, Finland-based boutique shoemaker is looking to bring together the best of two worlds: the comfort of bespoke shoes and the flair of street footwear.

Dispelix raises EUR 12 million

Finnish developer of next-generation augmented reality (AR) see-through displays, Dispelix, has raised 12 million euros in funding to ramp up mass production.

Finnair adds routes to Italy, France and Portugal

Finnish national carrier Finnair is opening three new routes to Bologna, Bordeaux and Porto for the peak summer season in 2019.

Finnish startups win in Denmark

Varjo, Vainu, Invesdor and Nightingale Health have all been recognised at the Nordic Startup Awards in Copenhagen, Denmark.

No No No gives thumbs-up to resolving complaints

This Finnish firm’s fair and transparent alternative to online rating services helps customers hold companies accountable.

Himmee lets there be light in style

Finnish light designer and manufacturer Himmee holds dear all things Nordic: its products are simple yet classy, contemporary yet ageless.

Five for Friday: Different realities

Whether it’s virtual, augmented or cross, these Finnish firms are all offering a fresh perspective on reality.

Nokia and KONE help drive development worldwide

Finnish industrial heavyweights Nokia and KONE are offering solutions in Europe, the US and China.

SOLVED on a roll with fresh funding

Finland-based green economy advisory and collaboration platform SOLVED has raised 500 000 euros in its latest funding round.

Neckpacker gives travellers a break

The journey of Finnish company Neckpacker has been long and winding – but that’s okay, since this is exactly what it wants to prepare its customers for, too.

Disrupting how people buy and manage their personal finances

People are familiar with comparing flights and other easy-to-understand products and services. We like making informed decisions regarding our purchases. However, with personal finances – which is normally the largest monthly...

Finnish films win awards in Poland

Finnish documentary Putting Lipstick on a Pig (Att sminka en gris) and Finnish comedy Heavy Trip (Hevi reissu) were awarded at the Warsaw International Film Festival.

Teleste wins big supply order in Austria

Finnish technology company Teleste will support the network upgrade of a major Austrian utility company with its intelligent, DOCSIS 3.1-capable amplifiers. provides visual support for healthcare

Finnish company offers a secure online channel for professionals to dispense medical advice.

Kamux speeds up Swedish expansion

Finnish used car dealer Kamux continues to expand in Sweden by opening its 15th showroom in the country, in Norrtälje, in the beginning of 2019.

Five for Friday: Electric vehicle solutions

These Finnish companies are going places with their electric approach to getting from point A to point B.

HoxHunt funded for EUR 2.5 million

HoxHunt, a Finnish startup behind a gamified cyber security platform, has received substantial funding to accelerate international growth.

Recair and Daikin agree on asset purchase deal

Finnish heating and air conditioning company Recair has agreed to sell its cooling business in Finland to its long-time associate Daikin Europe (Daikin).

Minifiddlers brings violin to wider audience

International Minifiddlers, a programme launched by Helsinki-based Caprice, could make violin teaching a reality in primary schools and after-school clubs.

Recticel eyes Baltic Sea region from Finnish office

Polyurethane solutions supplier and European market leader Recticel Insulation has announced plans to expand to Finland.

Hellon continues gold streak in Dublin

Finnish service design company Hellon has been awarded gold for its project with Irish retail company Musgrave.

Qt takes the driver’s seat in Peugeot’s new concept

Peugeot has selected Finnish software company Qt’s digital development platform for its new e-Legend concept car’s digital cockpit.

Five for Friday: Agricultural innovations

This Finnish quintet has developed different ways to ensure agriculture is at the forefront of technology advancements.

Noccela awarded at the Retail Risk Fraud Awards

Finnish company Noccela has taken home two awards from the international Retail Risk Fraud Awards organised in Leicester, the UK.

Stockholm and Warsaw make space for Technopolis

Finnish shared workspace provider Technopolis is entering a new market in Warsaw and opening a pair of UMA Workspaces in Stockholm.

ProtectPipe goes with the eco-friendly flow

This Finnish company offers a unique biological solution that removes organic waste in pipes, significantly increasing their lifespan.

Fortnite creator Epic Games acquires Kamu

Helsinki-based Kamu is now part of Epic, the games studio behind such hits as Fortnite, Unreal, Gears of War, Shadow Complex and the Infinity Blade series.

ConFoot gives container handling new legs

Handling a 30-tonne shipping container is typically a task for heavy-duty equipment. This Finnish transport innovation makes it a one-person job.

Varjo raises USD 31 million for VR/XR innovation

Finnish company Varjo has received a considerable financial boost to its plans to transform heavy industry with the world’s first human-eye resolution VR/XR product.

Valohai gets a leg-up from Microsoft

Finnish startup Valohai has joined Microsoft’s ScaleUp programme, designed to boost sales for enterprises investing in deep learning.

Five for Friday: Health consultation

Finnish firms are leading the way towards better patient consultation and assistance with ease.

10 Questions: Kari Voutilainen

What constitutes a perfect watch? A watch that is enjoyable to wear. One that brings a smile to your face when you look at it. Your artisanal timepieces are...

LIQ packs culinary expertise into a black bite of bold flavours

Driven by personal passion, LIQ is on a mission to feed fellow liquorice-lovers around the world with its top chef version of a classic sweet treat.

Basware closes significant deal in Oz

Finnish e-invoicing and purchase-to-pay solutions provider Basware has inked a sizeable deal with an established entertainment company in Australia.

CHAOS architects wants cities to be built for people

By bringing big data and citizen engagement into the picture, CHAOS architects aims to disrupt urban planning practices – for the people, by the people.

Finnish icebreaker tests novel oil spill equipment

Featuring the world’s first in-built oil recovery system, Finnish icebreaker IB Polaris has begun testing the equipment off the coast of Helsinki, Finland.

Five for Friday: Business systems

Looking to get down to business smoothly and effectively? This Finnish quintet is on hand.

Finnish brands win awards around Europe

It has been a good week for Finnish companies Virta, Fingrid and Canatu, with all three bagging awards at the CHARGE Awards or Automotive Brand Contest.

Significant order for Pemamek from Portugal

Finnish welding and production automation solutions provider Pemamek has secured a contract to supply offshore heavy tubular structure manufacturing lines for ASM Industries (ASMI).

10 Questions: Kirsi Seppänen

How did you become interested in wine? After junior high school, I applied to a restaurant school, where I first got the spark. I graduated in 2010, worked for...

Plywood Print makes memories lively and lasting

Although cameras and photographs are everywhere these days, fewer and fewer photographs end up being printed. Finnish company Plywood Print wants to make the ones that are extra special.

Solita expands to Germany

Finnish technology, strategy and design company Solita will continue its international expansion with a new office set to open in Munich later in the autumn.

Kidday captures entire childhoods

Traditional baby journals include photos and scribbled memories of a child’s growth, but they are difficult to share. Finnish company Muntius wants its service Kidday to become a digital home for childhood tales.

10 Questions: André Noël Chaker

What does a typical day in the life of André Noël Chaker look like? As an entrepreneur every single day is different, so I don’t really have a typical...

Finntech sprouting in the US

Finnish location technology provider Yepzon and Kotka-based Eagle Filters have both announced significant goings-on stateside.

Sky’s the limit indoors for Light Cognitive

Winter is coming and shorter, darker days (and moods) with it. But instead of giving up to the dark, Finnish company Light Cognitive has developed an indoor lighting system that closely mimics the natural day-night cycle.

Hellon funded for Finnish-speaking AI

Finnish service design company Hellon has been funded by Business Finland to teach its artificial intelligence, AINO, to understand Finnish and transform customer service globally.

Smartblock brings squares of peace to the buzz

Smartblock’s made-in-Finland mobile meeting pods squeeze calm and quiet places into the smallest of offices, saving expensive square metres and everyone’s nerves.

Goodio expands to the US

Finnish chocolate company Goodio has founded a subsidiary in the US, with the help of 1.5 million euros in fresh funding.

Digital Workforce bags EUR 3 million and expands

Intelligent automation company Digital Workforce has closed a three million-euro funding round from existing investors.

9Solutions sets up shop in Sweden

Healthcare security and communication systems company 9Solutions has established a Swedish subsidiary and opened an office in Helsingborg.

Finnish research cooks up ingredients for success

VTT Research Centre of Finland is co-operating on new innovations in the food industry and 3D printing, and compares very well in terms of funding from the world’s largest research funding programme.

NHP Hanse Distribution drinks to Paloma Nordic’s success

Global German airline distributor NHP Hanse Distribution has signed an agreement with Paloma Nordic to include the KEVEE rehydration drink in its retail product range.

Klever app puts paper bills into the past

No more lost bills or missed due dates. Finnish startup Klever wants to eradicate paper bills with its groundbreaking mobile application for easy bill payments and consumer financing.

MUJI has a taste for Finnish ice cream

Finnish ice cream brand Suomen Jäätelö has enjoyed unforeseen success this summer at world-renowned Japanese lifestyle company MUJI’s stores in Europe.

Five for Friday: Fintech, part 2

Finland’s financial tech sector is brimming with innovation.

Finnish companies make global impact

Caverion, Pöyry, Kone and Kalmar have landed deals from Norway, China, Saudi Arabia and Curaçao.

Screenful closes EUR 305K in funding

Finnish software-as-a-service (SaaS) company Screenful has raised 305 000 euros in seed funding from Gorilla Capital and the Arctic15 Funding Program.

10 Questions: Tero Mustonen

What constitutes a perfect morning for you? In winter, out seining on the ice at 6 am at -20ºC or, in the open-water season, an early morning out with...

Sessio aims to take video contracts mainstream

With its innovative video-based solution, this Finnish company hopes to transform how we contract renovation and construction works.

Finnish companies get neighbourly with Swedes

Profil-Bau Industrial has been acquired by Swedish industrial engineering and automation firm ÅF and Ramirent is to deliver to the West Link project in Gothenburg.

Huoleti picked among Europe’s leading govtech startups

Finnish company Huoleti has been chosen by UK-based Public Group International as one of the most exciting government technology (govtech) startups transforming Europe’s public services.

DevOps expert Eficode expands in Europe

Finnish technology and design company Eficode is expanding operations to the Benelux market, with a new office set to open in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, later in September.

Fast Display merges with Finnish PixMill

The Estonian digital printing house Fast Display has merged with the Finnish printing house PixMill, which specialises in large-format printing.

Ahlstrom-Munksjö continues to invest in Brazil

Finland-based Ahlstrom-Munksjö will invest 21 million euros in its Jacarei plant in Brazil with the aim of improving its product offering and strengthening its market position in South America.

Smartcart brings digital convenience to brick and mortar stores

Tired of thinking about what to cook tonight and not finding what you want in a grocery store? Digital shopping trolley Smartcart promises to put an end to these worries.

Nokia connects with EUR 500 million in funding

Nokia has signed a 500 million-euro loan agreement with the European Investment Bank to strengthen its 5G research and development amidst a global race for setting the next-generation telecommunication standards.

Sumpli is on the job for gig economy

Someone needs a spare pair of hands, and someone else’s hands are looking for things to do. This Finnish platform brings the two together.

Timma finds just the right time for pampering

When a hairdresser and a potential client happen to have the same two-hour slot vacant in their calendars, Finnish company Timma brings them together – saving time and money and boosting business. brings home EUR 1.7 million in funding

The Finnish i-buyer has completed a 1.7 million-euro funding round led by Speedinvest x and Schibsted and supported by to expand to new EU cities.

Five for Friday: Games

Finland is synonymous with its thriving games scene. Here are five more reasons why.

Cajo Technologies makes its mark on Norway’s oil industry

Finnish laser marking solutions provider Cajo Technologies has delivered innovative marking solutions to Norwegian technology company Aker Solutions.

Safety always comes first for Klippan

This small Finnish company is one of the global spearheads of safer car journeys for children. Its decades-long experience is acknowledged and appreciated in a growing number of countries.

Finnair headed to Los Angeles in 2019

Finnish national carrier Finnair is commencing a thrice-weekly service to LAX airport in March next year.

Nuuka inks additional agreement in Sweden

Following a deal struck between the two parties in January, Finnish building management solution provider Nuuka is to roll out its Connect and Create software to an additional 54 sites operated by ICA Real Estate in Sweden.

Five for Friday: Language services

These Finnish companies are all speaking the same language when it comes to providing ways to be understood.

Does size really matter in consumer business?

After a long period of stagnation, Finnish export industries are showing signs of growth. While the overall tone of the growth news is positive, it is, however, dimmed by...

X-akseli is just what the doctor ordered for anxious patients

Espoo-based X-akseli promises to deliver benefits to patients, hospitals and medical staff alike with its advanced customer flow management system, AKSELI.

One Click LCA helps build for a liveable future

One Click LCA automates the analysis of environmental impacts from existing design data while ensuring compliance with any certification scheme.

Bittium expands presence in Germany

Finnish telecommunications company Bittium has established a new branch office in the German city of Munich.

Five for Friday: HR and staff training

Finns are leading the way with innovative tools for staff recruitment and retention.

Easyjet to bring more Brits to Finnish Lapland

British low-cost airline easyJet will open a new direct route from London Gatwick Airport to the capital of Finnish Lapland, Rovaniemi, in time for the winter season.

Nixu lands EUR 15 million deal

Finland’s Nixu has received a significant order for cybersecurity services from a long-standing customer.

Bilot adds intelligence to ICT

“Life is what happens when you’re busy doing ICT,” says Finnish digital service company Bilot. The growing company digitalises businesses intelligently to leave more time for life.

Five for Friday: Health technologies

Finland is known worldwide for its leading tech solutions and its healthcare provision. Little wonder then that it is a forerunner in healthtech.

Change focus from reports to speaking up about sustainability!

All over the world, companies have been talking about sustainability for a number of years. Very few of them actually walk the talk. Most leading companies would like to...

PaaPii Design doesn’t want to be like the masses

When someone from Australia rings you up and tells you they want to sell your designs, you might want to consider scaling up production. PaaPii Design took note.

Five for Friday: Education, part 3

There are many reasons why Finland has earned its great reputation in education. Here are five more.

Sky is the limit for Finavia airports

Passenger numbers continue to soar at Finavia’s airports, as the Finnish airport operator is looking at another record-breaking year.

10 Questions: Tuomo Suntola

Where did your interest in science come from? I have to cite the first sentence of Aristotle’s Metaphysics, “All men by nature desire to know.” You were recently awarded...

Ahlstrom-Munksjö to acquire US-based Expera

Finland-based Ahlstrom-Munksjö will acquire US-based speciality paper producer Expera for 526 million euros.

Bjarmia takes pride in history and craftsmanship

Bjarmia, a Kuusamo-based manufacturer of hand-made ceramics, has struck a balance between its long history, deep-rooted relationship with nature and contemporary design sensibilities.

Wolt delivers design to the doorstep in Helsinki

Finnish food delivery service Wolt is bringing grassroots designers and artists into the spotlight during Helsinki Design Week, by delivering their art to doorsteps.

Five for Friday: Audio-related innovations

Listen up! These Finnish companies are worth hearing about.

Design for science

Collaboration between scientists and designers is not yet a very common practice. Visualisation is one of the tools materials researchers could easily adopt from design practices to explain complex...

Five for Friday: Feedback tools

What’s the word on giving feedback? Listen to these Finns.

Elisa launches world’s first commercial 5G

Finnish telecommunications company Elisa has become the first operator in the world to begin commercial use of a 5G network and to start offering 5G subscriptions.

Finnish firms partner up around the world

Finnish companies Nokia, Valmet, Neste and Wärtsilä have signed long-term partnership agreements and supplied technology and services worldwide.

Teqmine helps firms unleash innovative potential

This Finnish software-as-a-service provider is dedicated to helping people whose success depends on their ability to make the right decisions about technology.

Finavia’s #LIFEINHEL campaign wins Cannes Lion

Finnish airport operator Finavia’s campaign #LIFEINHEL has been awarded a Bronze Lion at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

Tulopos serves convenience to the table

When it comes to point of sale systems, the restaurant industry is underserved. Finnish company Tulopos promises nothing less than to solve all problems with a custom-made solution.

Critical Force raises more than EUR 5 million

Critical Force, the Finnish mobile game developer behind the very popular first-person shooter (FPS) mobile game Critical Ops, has raised 5.45 million euros from Business Finland.

Better coffee with Good Life

“We take care of the geeky stuff so that our customers have it easier,” says Samuli Ronkanen, the owner and master roaster of Good Life Coffee Roasters.

Five for Friday – Circular economy solutions

What goes around comes around, and this means big business opportunities in Finland.

10 Questions: Mikko Kosonen

What’s your unmissable breakfast item? Smoked salmon rye bread and scrambled eggs with mustard sauce and dill. You have recently opened a café: Mikko – Nordic Fine Food in...

TellAbout gathers memories together

Photos and videos are a great way to keep memories alive, but posting personal shots on social media can feel dodgy. Finnish company Path 4More created a service for sharing them privately.

Halla Halla turns plastic trash into bold beachwear

Finland’s first sustainable swimwear brand was born out of two friends’ quest to find bikinis that both looked and felt good.

Lumoa receives 650 000 euros in seed funding

Finnish startup Lumoa has secured 650 000 euros in seed funding from, entrepreneur Ali Omar and Business Finland.

VitalSignum connects your phone with your heart

Born from a personal need, the Finnish Beat2Phone electrocardiogram (ECG) device and app has brought heart monitoring to the next level.

Finnish firms make buys abroad

Finland’s Evac and Huhtamäki are making acquisitions to expand their product portfolios and open up new business opportunities.

Finnish design and innovation recognised globally

Finnish company duo Belightful Design and KONE have been granted major accolades for design and innovation in their respective fields. pays money for thought

Not all companies have taken note of the dormant capital lying in a well-made document – and not all companies know how to make one. is set to change that.

Finnish Design Shop ships pieces of happiness

Finnish design carries inherent Nordic values, such as equality, functionality and simplicity. Finnish Design Shop picks the best bits and spreads them across the globe.

Yetitablet is a screen for teams

Finnish company Kuori has created a device that brings people together, be it in kindergartens, at construction sites or in nursing homes.

Five for Friday: Social media management

This quintet of Finns has all found ways to handle the numerous demands of social media with ease.

Finnish diagnostics solutions scan new markets

Finnish biotechnology company Medicortex has signed an agreement with Canadian Pro-Lab Diagnostics, while Nexstim has agreed to deliver its first Navigated Brain Therapy system to a private practice in New York.

Noccela among best newcomers in Dallas

Noccela has been named ‘Highly Commended’ in the Best Newcomer category at the American Fraud Awards in Dallas. The event gathers professionals in charge of retail risk management solutions.

Linkker is on a road towards a greener future

These innovative people movers bring together energy efficiency and electrification, digitalisation, and automation, and are making tracks internationally.

SnapSkan makes tyre checks easy

Finnish company Nokian Tyres and its subsidiary Vianor have developed a digital service called SnapSkan that makes tyre condition checking and monitoring quick and convenient.

Five for Friday: Cleantech

Finland is renowned for being a leading tech hub and for having the freshest air in the world. It’s no surprise, then, that the country is also a leader in cleantech innovation.

Finnish startups win WWF’s Climate Solver Awards

Three Finnish cleantech startups, Norsepower, Fourdeg, and Parking Energy, have been awarded the annual Climate Solver Nordic Award by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF).

QuietOn says goodnight to snoring

Finnish company QuietOn has raised 560 000 US dollars in crowdfunding for its new, upgraded, noise-cancelling earplugs QuietOn Sleep.

Reddit puts Alvar Carto on the map

This Finnish startup launched a free phone wallpaper generator that blew up on Reddit and successfully boosted the profile of its raison d’être: customised map posters.

Finnish-French co-production takes Lapland global

Ailo’s Journey, a forthcoming feature from writer-director Guillaume Maidatchevsky, showcases what Finnish Lapland offers as a filming location.

Vainu takes the lead with award-winning sales platform

This AI-driven, cloud-based online sales prospecting platform allows companies working in B2B sales to narrow in on which leads to contact.

BC Platforms teams up with Sentieon

US company Sentieon will integrate its NGS data processing software into BC Platform’s genomics and clinical data solutions to enable precision clinical work on a population scale.

Five for Friday: Why Industrial Internet is the thing

Finland’s long history with high tech continues with contemporary applications such as the Industrial Internet.

Dagsmark Petfood lets your dog eat local

What we put on our plates reflects our values – and so does what’s on our pets’ plates. Dagmark Petfood has created a very Finnish alternative for quality-conscious dog owners.

INTENS sets sail with EUR 13 million funding

A consortium of 14 Finnish maritime companies and five research organisations has pledged 13 million euros to further digitalise the Finnish maritime ecosystem towards a smart and green future.

Spektikor signals a change for emergencies

Designed for mass casualty situations and hazardous environments, these disposable heart rate monitors provide real-time patient assessment.

Road leads to Seattle for Finnish film

Finnish film The Eternal Road (Ikitie) is continuing its international success with three screenings at the biggest film festival in the US.

Smarp scores EUR 4.2 million in capital

London-based VC Nauta Capital has invested 4.2 million euros in supporting Smarp’s expansion amidst growing market demand for the company’s employee communication solution.

Five for Friday: Wooden construction and design

Given the fact that 75 per cent of Finland’s land area is covered by forest, it is no wonder that its green gold has been exported around the world in various shapes and sizes.

Etteplan plants additional roots in China

Finnish engineering company Etteplan has established an office in Qingdao, its sixth in China.

I’m Blue bottles the most Finnish of flavours

Yo listen up, here’s the story about a little… drink from the forests of Finland. I’m Blue is just as catchy as its namesake hit song from 1999 – and likely to be much more than a one hit wonder.

Five for Friday: Maritime industry

The maritime industry continues to make a significant splash for Finland’s economy.

Service design offers opportunities internationally

Global resources are becoming increasingly scarce and at the same time technologies are emerging from the waves of digitalisation: IoT, blockchain, AI and robotics are upon us, enabling more...

Ahlstrom-Munksjö to acquire paper mill in Brazil

Finland-based company Ahlstrom-Munksjö has agreed to acquire MD Papéis’ Caieiras speciality paper mill in Brazil from Formitex Group.

Brella connects the dots in business

Be it love or professional life, we all know how difficult it can be to find The One. Finnish company Brella wants to make sure people leave business events with more than just a bag full of flyers.

Solita’s expansion boosted by the Apax Digital Fund

The controlling interest in Finnish digital transformation company Solita has changed hands from Vaaka Partners to the Apax Digital Fund. The investment will help Solita with its domestic and international expansion.

Finnish university breaks ground with 6G research

The University of Oulu’s proposal, ‘6G-Enabled Wireless Smart Society & Ecosystem’, has been chosen as one of the first two flagships in the Academy of Finland’s national research funding programme.

Cubicasa floors US market with 3D property mapping

An accurate digital floor plan can be time-consuming to create. But what if one could be derived automatically from a smartphone video? Finnish innovation is making this a reality.

Hesburger opens in Iran

Finnish fast food chain Hesburger has established a restaurant in Tehran.

Halipuu sees the trees for the forest

A forest isn’t a vertical storage for raw materials. Halipuu in Finnish Lapland wants people to connect with trees as they are: living things we share the world with.

Six Finnish companies make Financial Times 1000

Financial Times has published its annual 1 000 fastest-growing companies list in Europe, featuring six Finnish companies.

Arcusys partners with Liferay in UK and Ireland

Arcusys and Liferay have teamed up to provide digital learning solutions for the UK and Ireland to help companies adapt to the demands of modern working life.

Five for Friday: Education, part 2

Finnish education has truly become a global phenomenon, thanks to an innovative approach to learning that transcends the traditional.

Valossa becomes Avid Alliance Partner

Finnish video recognition and intelligence company Valossa has joined the partnership program of US-based technology and multimedia company Avid Technology.

Hartwall’s Original Long Drink lands in China

Leading Finnish beverage company Hartwall continues to expand the worldwide exports of its Original Long Drink alcoholic beverage, with sales kicking off in China.

Bocap boosts Eficode with EUR 6 million

Finnish DevOps company Eficode has received a six million-euro minority investment from private equity firm Bocap, which focuses on Finnish small and medium-sized strong-growth businesses.

Fortum gives Norway a high-power charge

Fortum Charge & Drive, in cooperation with Reitan Convenience, has opened the first high-powered charging station in Norway in a push to complete the first high-power charging corridor between Oslo, Stockholm and Helsinki by the end of 2018.

Ginolis strengthens operations in UK and Ireland

Finnish automation solutions provider Ginolis has signed a distributor agreement with IPT/APP for the UK and Ireland region.

Skincare with UX is child’s play for Alva Organics

How can a skin cream for babies be like a Swiss army knife? What does it mean for a cosmetics product to be future-proof? Finnish Alva Organics has the answers.

Pemamek partners with HGG

Finnish provider of welding and production automation solutions Pemamek has partnered with HGG, a Dutch company specialised in 3D-profiling machinery for precision cutting.

Myssyfarmi’s tale is a good yarn

A bunch of Swiss and Finnish grandmothers, a sheep called Bambi, the coolest beanie in the world and a career-ending injury have led to a new global fashion brand rising out of a Finnish village.

ColloidTek makes a splash with technology

This Tampere-based startup identifies the fingerprints of liquids, to ensure qualitative consistency and thus save customers time, money and energy.

Tampere takes the AV business seriously

Tampere, Finland is going to be a prominent European centre for audiovisual productions, known for its high quality, expertise and cost-efficiency. In the years to come, companies big and...

Pentisol is taking its food spray to kitchens abroad

This over 35-year-old company has revamped its product line, opening the door to international markets.

Smart ecosystem thinking is the way forward for the marine industry

Creating sustainable societies with smart technology is something that is in the DNA of many Finland-based companies, as the recent global listing of the 100 most sustainable corporations highlights....

Valohai gets cash injection of EUR 1.8 million

Turku-based platform-as-a-service company Valohai has landed funding that will be used to help international companies to accelerate machine learning development and scale their model deployment.

Videoly makes sales move

What do predators on the savannah and videos in online sales have in common? Finnish Videoly figured it out – and now measurably boosts webshops with its simple tool.

Taimer brings business management tools under one cloud

Invoicing, time tracking, project management. This is only the start of a long list of the business management systems used by companies. Now a Finnish cloud service promises to bring them all under one roof.

Five for Friday: Energy Week

One-third of Finland’s total energy technology exports come from the vibrant energy cluster located in Vaasa. This is a perfect setting for Energy Week, then.

Planmed given the OK in Canada

Finnish healthtech company Planmed has received Health Canada approval for its Planmed Clarity mammography system.

No Pizza’s concept is a no-brainer

Kotipizza Group, the company behind Finland’s most popular pizza chain, is now looking to international shores with a fresh fast casual concept that isn’t afraid to say no.

Five for Friday: Digital travel innovations

These five Finnish travel-related solutions will make your trip fly by with their digital approach to seeing the world – and beyond.

10 Questions: Petri Kalliola

What was your dream profession as a child? When I was in elementary school, I dreamt of being an aeroplane pilot. I had a lot of posters and pictures...

Valio butter named best in class in Wisconsin

The Finnish dairy giant has triumphed in the Unsalted Butter category at the 2018 World Championship Cheese Contest in Wisconsin, US.

​VTT partners with Hitachi

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and Japanese company Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation have signed a memorandum of understanding.

Items seized by airport security? Cotio can help

A miserable experience at airport security led to the creation of Cotio, a Finnish startup reuniting passengers with items seized by airport security.

Nordic Fit Mama puts mothers back in shape

Post-pregnancy issues in women’s bodies aren’t publicly discussed far and wide. Nordic Fit Mama wants to help mothers find accurate information before any harm is done.

Two seasoned online retailers announce merger

Finland’s Hobby Hall and Estonia’s Hansapost are merging in a bid to boost sales and create tangible benefits for customers.

Five for Friday: Lighting

This notable quintet is helping the world see the light with Finnish innovations.

Goodio expands collaboration with Whole Foods

Helsinki-based Goodio has revealed that its organic and vegan-friendly raw chocolate products will hit the shelves of 45 Whole Foods stores in Connecticut, Massachusetts and other states surrounding New York.

Gene By Gene goes for BC Platforms’ solution

Genomic data management and analytics company BC Platforms has been selected by US-based Gene By Gene to scale up its genomic data processing and storage capabilities.

ContractZen cuts contract chaos with the cloud

A new Finnish cloud service combines contract management, document sharing and e-signatures to ensure critical documents are never lost again.

Fortum Charge & Drive joins forces with Plugsurfing

Fortum Charge & Drive has acquired full ownership of Loudspring portfolio company Plugsurfing, Europe’s leading independent charging service for electric vehicles.

Finnish solutions elevated around the world

Pöyry, Valmet and KONE have been keeping busy globally with engineering, automation and connected escalators.

Soften cushions sound with Nordic style

Tackling echo and noise issues can be done with style (and Moomins). This is the mantra of Finnish acoustics specialist Soften. wins big in London

Finnish design collective has been awarded Surface of the Year 2017 at the World Interiors News Awards.

Varjo pushing the envelope with VR/XR headset

Helsinki-based Varjo has revealed that its revolutionary virtual and cross reality (VR/XR) headset will be powered by image signalling technology developed by Socionext, a Japanese specialist in dynamic technologies.

All is wellness at Happy Food Store

Why can’t all products be ‘fair’ to everyone – animals, humans and nature alike? Happy Food Store is set to make this happen, at least within its four walls.

Musopia makes FourChords easy with Yamaha

Finnish music software development studio Musopia has partnered with Yamaha Guitars to include its FourChords mobile app in Yamaha’s GigMaker beginners package.

MWC 2018: 5G takes centre stage

If you wonder what the future looks like, step into the shoes of the people who make digitalisation actually happen. You will find it will be smart, better than the past and, most importantly, full of 5G.

Finnish startup meets success with better bookings

In four years, the idea of a 22-year-old Finn has turned into a global business. He did it by shaking up how companies book offsite meeting rooms.

Horsehair is gold for Nanna Salmi

Finnish textile designer Nanna Salmi helps horse lovers carry a piece of their dearest animal partner with them everywhere, including the fanciest of occasions.

Sweet success for Hikiän in Dubai

Finnish premium raw honey producer Hikiän has been awarded at the world’s largest annual food trade show, Gulfood. The company was recognised in the Best Health and Wellness category.

Five for Friday: eCommerce innovations

The Finnish approach to online commerce is making a distant impression on buyers and sellers around the world.

Finnair launches direct flights to Minsk

Finnair is increasing the number of direct flights available from Helsinki to Minsk.

Cinia connects with Megaport

Finnish provider of intelligent connectivity solutions Cinia has partnered with Australian cloud and network service provider Megaport.

Altum finds sonic solution to global pollution

Fouled industrial equipment is a costly business. Not only does cleaning it require production stoppages, but the extra energy required to run it equals the emissions from over 200 million cars, or 2.5 per cent of global CO₂ emissions. Now a Finnish innovation could provide a sound solution.

VTT and Neonelektro develop flexible LED displays

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and Finnish tech company Neonelektro have developed a new type of flexible, lightweight and energy efficient LED display as part of a EU-funded project.

Hostaway bags new funding for rental software

Hostaway, a Helsinki-based developer and provider of a leading holiday rental management software, has secured 700 000 euros in new funding.

BCaster monetises your media with smart copyright protection

BCaster ticks all the right buzzwords: artificial intelligence (AI), copyright management, fake news and video. But the Finnish tech startup promises its new mobile platform for sharing and protecting our content online is more than just buzz.

Finnair to connect Helsinki and Malmö

Finnish state-owned flag carrier Finnair is expanding its co-operation with Braathens Regional Airlines (BRA), a regional airline headquartered in Stockholm, to fly to Sweden’s third-largest city.

Entrepreneurial marketing boosts performance

It’s great to see Finnish firms go abroad. However, the vast majority, well over 90 per cent, of Finnish companies are micro, small and medium-sized with fewer than 10...

Proventia expands to the Czech Republic

Proventia, a Finland-based manufacturer of emission control systems for heavy machinery, has opened a production plant in the Czech Republic, with operations slated to commence in 2018.

Oceans of opportunity for Norsepower’s cleantech

This clean technology and marine engineering company has patented a mechanical sail allowing vessels to harness wind power, cutting both costs and carbon footprint.

Ikitie scoops best Nordic film award in the US

The Eternal Road (Ikitie), the story of one man’s struggle for survival amid political tumult in 1930s Finland, has won the Valhalla Award at the 2018 Santa Barbara International Film Festival.

Zervant raises EUR 6 million in funds

Espoo-based e-invoicing software developer Zervant has received a capital boost from a group of investors led by Finnish Industry Investment (Tesi), Northzone, NFT Ventures and Conor Venture Partners.

Bankify takes the social leap for banking

This fresh fintech startup wants to bring change to the boring aftermaths of shared Friday dinners. Bankify’s idea sprang from the endless chats about ‘who bought what’ and ‘who owes whom’ and became a mission to make everyday finance fun.

Real estate disruptor Blok bags fresh funding

Finland’s first digital real estate company, Blok, has closed a 1.6 million-euro funding round. The company challenges traditional real estate agents with its automated broker service and low commission charge.

10 Questions: Jaakko Ojanen

As a child, what was your dream profession? I started skateboarding when I was seven. At that time, I really didn’t know what my dream profession would be. I...

Export with the right recipe

The current global food trends are strongly in Finland’s favour. Our food is – and it’s been proven, too – safe, pure, high quality, diverse and unique. There are...

Flashnode starts co-operation with Visma

Flashnode and Visma, the Norwegian developer of a web-based enterprise resource planning software called, have announced a partnership designed to help small and medium enterprises combat silo mentality.

HopLop’s fun exercise adventures leap abroad

Finnish family adventure park chain HopLop is growing rapidly and taking its first strides abroad with a new park opening in Germany.

Millennial Board finds new questions to old answers

As times change, even the most traditional businesses need to adopt their ways of existing to stay relevant. Millennial Board brings along the views of the most talked-about demographic.

Tieto and PopInWork partner up in Sweden

Tieto expects the collaboration to pave the way for a transition towards smarter and more empathetic workplaces in Sweden.

Acclaimed Finnish film picked up and Berlin-bound

The global sales of Antti-Jussi Annila’s critically acclaimed The Eternal Road have been acquired by Stockholm’s Eyewell, which is taking the film to the Berlin Film Festival.

Finnish innovation makes veggie growth greener

Air, light, nutrients and water are the typical ingredients for growing happy vegetables. Soon living moss could be part of the mix, thanks to a new sustainable and resource-saving growing media developed in Finland.

Finns enjoy greatest fundamental rights in world

The World Justice Project (WJP) has released its Rule of Law Index for 2017–2018, with Finland landing in third place overall worldwide.

Vilkas webshop is a plug and play solution

One-person businesses tend to be up to their eyes with work even without coding and hosting their own online store. Tampere-based Vilkas wants to give them a digital hand.

Crowd gathers for Papu’s global success

Nokia-based children’s clothing company Papu has raised just under 500 000 euros through a crowdfunding campaign.

Five for Friday: Travel industry

The Finnish travel industry continues to bloom, fuelled by strong actors offering high quality, efficient and innovative experiences to both business and leisure travellers.

Tales by Trees is rooted in net positivity

Often not buying anything is deemed the eco-friendliest consumer choice. Tales by Trees wants to create products that do good instead of nothing.

Click and learn with Oppia

In this day and age, lifelong learning isn’t just a fun hobby – it’s also a necessity for both people and corporations in order to stay up to date with what’s going on. Finnish website offers a source for better skills.

Robotic research bolstered by Finnish expertise

Researchers from Tampere University of Technology and Tieto are joining the US software giant CA Technologies on a collaborative robotics research project.

Five for Friday: Kidswear

Finland is known for being a good place to be a parent and a child. It might be because of this that Finnish designers know how to make classy stuff for kids to wear, too.

Vimma is fashion with zero secrets

What started out as a harmless hobby for a stay-at-home mother is now a global fashion brand with world-renowned designers on board.

HUONE makes room for collaboration

Helsinki-based events hotel startup HUONE is continuing to broaden its international scope, with a new collaboration model set to be piloted with one of the world’s leading asset management companies.

Buddy Healthcare helps with the road to recovery

This innovative care coordination and patient engagement platform enables patients to stay on track during their lead up to surgery and subsequent recovery.

Five for Friday: Emotions go digital

No matter how digital the world goes, human emotions are still inside us. This week, we look at how digital services and devices can tap into the market of feelings.

10 Questions: Anna Palmroth

What’s your morning routine? My mornings can be very different, always depending on the day’s programme. As long as I get a big cup of tea, everything is possible!...

Uponor’s joint venture Phyn controls the water flow

Phyn, the joint venture of Finnish Uponor and American company Belkin International, is set to launch an intelligent water monitoring solution on the US market.

NayaDaya makes digital emotions matter

A simple thumb pointed up or down doesn’t quite represent the vast variety of human emotions. NayaDaya wants to be a forerunner in digital emotional communications.

Immersal is mixed reality approved by Aisopos

Finnish Immersal is, in its own words, “yet another AR company with a whale”. However, its insanely scalable retail solution is much more than just that.

M-Files flies over to Australia

Finnish information management solution provider M-Files has set up an office in Sydney, Australia to serve its growing customer base Down Under.

Five for Friday: Our most popular articles in 2017

Just before we shut up shop for the year, let’s take a look back at the notable articles that caught your eyes. From superheroes to insoles, all the way to chocolate, music streaming and pet sitting, a diversity of industries was much appreciated en masse.

10 Questions: Bruce Oreck

What does a typical day in the life of Bruce Oreck look like? There’s no typical day – everyday is a surprise and that’s how I like it. There...

Finnish Hakaser acquired by Latour

Oulu-based Hakaser, specialising in the maintenance and repair of industrial valves for process-related industries, has been acquired by Swedish DENSIQ, part of the Latour Industries business area of Investment Latour.

KONE’s presence in Spain gets a lift

Finnish elevator and escalator giant KONE has acquired Ascensores R Casado in Madrid.

MyJemma reveals what we love most

Our loved ones are always in our hearts, of course – but Finnish MyJemma jewellery keeps them almost just as close, just in 2D.

Team Action Zone boosts teamwork with tech

Tampere-based Team Action Zone developed a digital team game – and then realised it could help everyone else create their own, too.

VTT’s robot car Martti unfazed by snowy road

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has successfully proven the competency of its automated car on a snow-covered road, making it the first such vehicle to do so.

Heltti’s digital healthcare solution takes flight

Finnish health services provider Heltti believes the future of healthcare is digital, personalised and preventative. The online doctor is ready to see you.

Five for Friday: 2017’s biggest investment rounds

As the year winds down to its inevitable close, let’s take a look back at some of the more significant capital boosts that have made the headlines over the past 12 months.

Finn-Jiit acquired by Swedish Addtech

Finnish industry supplier Finn-Jiit will be joining Addtech Components, a business area of Addtech Group, after the former bought all outstanding shares in the Finnish company.

Finnish edtech spreads in the Commonwealth

Finnish edtech companies Claned Group and Graphogame have gained access to the Commonwealth markets through their holding company Learning Intelligence Group (LIG), after it signed a co-operation agreement with the Royal Commonwealth Society (RCS).

Lehto creates space for children in Sweden

Finnish construction company Lehto is set to start construction on three day care centres in Botkyrka, Sweden in the spring 2018.

Screenful delves into data to deliver meaning

The less transparent a project is, the more likely it is to fail. Helping to unmuddy the water is Finnish startup Screenful, whose visual dashboard keeps every team member in the loop.

KONE steps up in Asia

Finnish lift and escalator giant KONE has acquired Hong Kong-based Shan On Engineering Company Limited to boost its position in Asia.

Sailer films the way to better businesses

Sailer’s videographic research turns customer insights into a documentary film, compelling companies to listen and act.

Picosun finds sales partner in Japan

Picosun, a Finnish supplier of advanced Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) thin film coating solutions, is collaborating with Japanese company Ushio to boost its sales in Japan.

Five for Friday: What we learned at Slush 2017

This year’s Slush was characterised by lasers, politicians, royalty, entrepreneurs and a healthy dose of optimism.

Turku pushes boat out for maritime innovation

Finland’s former capital city Turku boasts hundreds of years of maritime industry expertise. But this is not a city stuck in the past: it is a leading centre for shipbuilding innovation and the autonomous future of marine traffic.

Europe’s forestry capital Joensuu branches out

Finland’s ‘green gold’ forests cover three quarters of its land mass. They are ingrained in the country’s national identity and are central to its globally-renowned forest industry expertise. Nowhere is this more evident than the eastern city of Joensuu.

Enersize continues to thrive in China

Finnish software company Enersize’s latest deal will bring its solution to one of China’s largest polyester fibre manufacturers, Xingfengmin Group.

Nocart shines again in Africa

Finnish cleantech company Nocart continues to grow in the African market, this time with a purchase agreement in Kenya.

Oulu’s future is in good health

This thriving northern hub has a global reputation for ICT and wireless technologies. We pop by to learn more about how this is driving innovation in health and wellness.

Varjo forms teams with big names

The technology company’s first development partners include 20th Century Fox, Airbus, Audi, BMW, Technicolor and Volkswagen.

Slush Day 2 makes it rain

The buzz showed no sign of abating during the second helping of Slush, as funding, Formula 1 and the elements made an impression.

Kotka’s games industry has wings

Today, we pay a visit to the south-east of the country, to discover a vibrant hub of game play and development in a city renowned for its shipping, logistics and paper expertise.

Three Finnish startups rise to EU Top 50

TalentAdore, and Universe have been selected among Europe’s Top 50 companies by Knowledge4Innovation.

Slush Day 1 takes off

The biggest startup gathering in the Nordics hit another home run, with princes, government officials and bountiful buzz abound.

Rovaniemi is all about light

What’s with the rapidly increasing popularity of Lapland? One reason might be Finland’s big birthday; but there are plenty of other convincing explanations, too. Good News from Finland popped by to find out what the buzz is about in Rovaniemi.

Brace yourself – Slush 2017 is here!

Now is the perfect time to ditch those woollen socks and that cosy sofa corner – Slush is back to bring some light to the November rain.

Symbio and DENSO get innovative in Espoo

Software company Symbio and Japanese DENSO will establish a joint innovation centre in Symbio’s premises in Espoo, Finland.

Vaasa – The energy capital of the Nordics

Today we pay a visit to the coastal city of Vaasa. Along the way, we learn why a third of Finland’s total energy technology exports come from the vibrant energy cluster here.

Kuopio lays the table with natural goodies

In Kuopio, nature is never far away, making this capital of Lakeland an oasis of local produce, wild flavours and the good life. Let’s dive in to see what the soon-to-be European Region of Gastronomy has to offer!

Designers shape Tampere – and vice versa

Today, we’re visiting the Manchester of Finland, better known as Tampere. We take a peek into what’s happening in design and, quite literally, see what’s behind the scenes.

Ecosystems boost digital services business

To build meaningful wholeness for the customer in a highly specialised world, calls for ecosystems. As Dr. W. Edwards Deming says, leaders need to manage systems thinking in order...

Cup is always half full for Lunette

The Finnish version of the menstrual cup has made its way around the world, spreading affordable sustainability and the notion that body parts aren’t swearwords.

Glaston closes deal in Belgium

Finnish glass processing technology and service company Glaston has sold two of its flat tempering lines to HG-glas located in Herentals, Belgium.

Finnish research finds future in digital spare parts

A two-year project led by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and Aalto University investigated how digital spare parts can boost industry.

Finnair makes first move in China

Finnair is launching ticket sales directly on its official WeChat account in China and enabling payments with WeChat Pay as the first airline in Europe.

Aiven helps lift your business to the cloud

This Finnish company aims to take care of its clients’ online database needs, taking the hassle out of software infrastructure management.

Solved goes smart with United Smart Cities

Finnish cleantech advisory service and collaboration platform Solved has teamed up with United Smart Cities (USC), a programme increasing cooperation between the public and private sectors to generate smart and sustainable city projects.

Varjo brings clarity to the VR revolution

What if we could see virtual reality (VR) worlds as clearly as we see everything around us? This could soon be more than science fiction, thanks to a unique display technology from Finnish startup Varjo.

Ginolis finds new partner in Darwin Microfluidics

Finnish automation and dispensing solutions provider Ginolis has signed a distribution agreement with Darwin Microfluidics.

Five for Friday: Legal and strategic design

The word design springs to mind messy sketchbooks, not neatly organised forms and lawful contracts – or does it? Let Finns lead the way.

Wellmo’s wellness platform lands in Germany

Finnish Wellmo has announced a new collaboration with German telehealth company Sanvartis to develop data-driven health services for the German insurance market.

Dispelix opens our eyes to augmented reality

The stylish augmented reality glasses of sci-fi movies are still far removed from the bulky eyewear of today, but Finnish startup Dispelix might just have the technology to bring the future a little closer.

Piceasoft helps extend lifecycle for mobile devices

Changing or reselling a smartphone can sometimes feel like an obstacle course of data transfers and cleanups. But tools to make the process easier already exist.

Tosibox takes its tech to Iceland

Tosibox has begun a partnership with Icelandic Stýring, a distributor to integrator companies handling the automation of most Icelandic fish factories.

Finnish film Euthanizer continues global success

Finnish writer-director Teemu Nikki has won the Best Screenplay Award at the Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF) for his latest movie.

Balmuir’s Finnish fashion has global appeal

Finnish company Balmuir counts the likes of George Clooney, Tina Turner and the Swedish royals among its customers. Now the family-run company has set its sights on building a global lifestyle brand.

Ginolis wins deal from Sekisui Diagnostics

Finnish automation solutions provider Ginolis will automate the packaging and labelling of Sekisui Diagnostics’ rapid test strips.

Nordic Council acknowledges Finnish successes

The Nordic Council, the official body for Nordic inter-parliamentary co-operation, awarded several of this year’s prizes to renowned Finns.

PayiQ finds yet another friend in Russia

Finnish mobile payment solutions provider PayiQ has inked a partnership agreement with Russian manufacturer of automation technology Social Systems, to provide combined ticked validation solutions for the European and Russian transport markets.

Kyyti takes a ride with Vietnamese partner

Finnish Kyyti has partnered up with Mai Linh, the biggest transport operator in Vietnam, to improve the country’s mobility situation.

Layette eases the worries of new parents

Finland’s maternity clinics are praised worldwide. One former Finnish midwife wanted all families everywhere to be able to enjoy the same care and knowhow.

Technopolis shares space in Stockholm

Finnish Technopolis has announced it will open UMA Kungsbron, its first office space in the Swedish capital, in April next year.

Spectral Engines’ drug screener finds EU-funding

Finnish technology company Spectral Engines has secured 2.4 million euros in EU-funding for the mass production of its latest innovation, a pocket-sized drug screening device mainly intended for police use.

Paroc deal reached at EUR 900 million

Finland-based Paroc Group is set to be acquired by Fortune 500 company Owens Corning, from its current owner CVC Capital Partners, for an enterprise value of approximately 900 million euros.

Mumin Kaffe opens doors for everyone

Mumin Kaffe café chain wants to create a space where everyone feels welcome – and confusing Moomins with hippos is cool, too.

Enersize closes deal at Scanias’ plant in Sweden

Finnish Enersize has agreed to install a system for compressed air measurement and analysis in Scanias’ manufacturing plant in the Swedish city of Södertälje.

Arcusys digitalises Swedish teacher education

Finnish IT company Arcusys has won a substantial bid from the Swedish National Agency for Education, Skolverket. The company’s digital learning platform Valamis will act as the base for teacher and principal education in Sweden.

Flashnode integrates business applications

This Finnish company specialises in making a company’s different systems work in harmony.

Nitor opens door in Sweden

Finnish digital engineering company Nitor continues to expand in the Nordics with its first Swedish business unit and an office in Stockholm.

Shaman Spirits shoots for the stars

This factory-size boutique distillery owns some of the most exciting brands breaking through on the luxury alcohol scene.

Five for Friday: Finnish dining goes global

Finland is exporting global delight with its culinary endeavours.

OGOship sets sail to international waters

OGOship, the Finnish warehousing and logistics service for online retail, is aiming to establish itself in the European market.

Virta charging app is on top of the world

Finnish Virta Home has been announced as the world’s best charging service for electric cars at the biggest international event for smart and electric traffic.

Inventshift: the story of a young social enterprise

After completing Aaltoes’ Kiuas accelerator programme and winning the Crowd Favourite Award, the future is looking crowded for this startup duo.

Valoa Design makes sure the lights aren’t out

City lights aren’t there just for convenience and functionality; like architecture, they provide beauty and wellbeing, too. Finnish Valoa Design minds the gap between sunset and sunrise.

HumanCharger’s breakthrough on the world stage

These patented white-light-emitting earbuds are bound to pique the interest of anyone looking for a portable solution to winter blues or jet lag.

HappyOrNot spreads smiles with new funding

Tampere-based HappyOrNot has closed a Series A funding round, during which it collected 14.5 million US dollars from international investors.

Nanocomp finds a base in China

Finnish Nanocomp has founded a subsidiary in the city of Dongguan in southern China, continuing its strategy of global expansion.

Glöet seeks to add an extra spark

Special occasions deserve special toasts, don’t you think? Finnish Glöet wants to boost traditional festivities with innovatively flavoured bubbles.

Kyyti Group about to launch Transit App in the US

Finnish Kyyti Group has partnered up with US-based DemandTrans to make transport even more convenient with their joint Switch Transit App soon to be launched in the US.

Transport of natural gas is green for LNGTainer

This Finnish container technology takes natural gas transportation into a new phase with cost and energy efficiency.

Glaston receives order from the US

Finnish glass processing expert Glaston has received an order for an FC Series tempering furnace and ProL lamination line from US-based Manko Windows Systems.

Ukko seals moments of celebration in steel

This company has turned the concept of a hipflask into a simplistic design piece that is already starting to spread Ukko moments around the world.

Fortum and NBCC go electric in India

Finnish energy company Fortum and Indian NBCC have signed an MoU for developing electric vehicle charging infrastructure across India.

Five for Friday: Beauty and health from nature

Beauty may be only skin deep, but the Finnish connection with nature has even deeper roots.

SPOT-A-SHOP jumps into new shoes

Finnish online fashion sales platform SPOT-A-SHOP has entered Sweden and Poland with a fresh million-euro funding.

Startup studios and parallel entrepreneurship are emerging

Building a business is no easy feat. While some may think dedication is enough to come out on top, a plethora of other assets are also necessary. Funds and...

VTT equips itself for future of product development

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has installed plasma equipment in Tampere to develop and pilot 3D printing powders with.

Finnair extends service in Norway

Finnair is opening new routes between Helsinki and the Norwegian cities of Bergen and Tromsø in co-operation with Wideroe.

NewIcon’s smart solution in use at Danish hospital

Finnish automation specialist for the healthcare industry NewIcon has entered the Danish market by supplying a smart medicine cabinet to Odense University Hospital.

Time is of the essence for Rönkkö

This esteemed Finnish watch brand is silently making an impact around the world.

Intermarketing finds a new owner in Sweden

Swedish Loomis has acquired Finnish Intermarketing, a company providing cash recycling solutions to customers in the bank and retail sector.

Finns and Chinese train teachers together

Finland University and Beijing Institute of Education (BIE) have teamed up to develop professional training of teachers in China.

Five for Friday: Location tracking innovations

This quintet is putting Finnish location technologies on the map.

Tespack takes over MENA

Finnish Tespack has closed a two million-euro investment round, which will help the company take its product offering to the Middle East and North Africa.

Finnish online flea market goes Europe-wide

Finland-based peer-to-peer online flea market has expanded in Europe by launching its website in three new language versions: Polish, Dutch and German.

Buying something abroad? Thank XMLdation

This Finnish company acts as a bridge between startup fintechs and established banks, making sure our modern payment system works as advertised.

Yogaia stretches all the way to America

Finnish online yoga studio has started a collaboration with US-based Manduka, which will lead to major changes in the brand as well as the opening of a studio in LA.

Direction: Helsinki for Chinese airline

Chinese Lucky Air will start flying to Helsinki as of winter 2018, strengthening the capital’s role as a hub between Europe and Asia.

Kokoa sets new standard for global digital learning

Digital learning tools are taking over homes and schools, but there are no guarantees of their quality. This is about to change.

Lyyti puts event management in order

Behind closed doors event management is often a jungle of emails, spreadsheets and last-minute changes. Finnish company Lyyti has made its mission to bring order to this chaos.

A wooden case that won’t bend to the market’s will

Finnish company Lastu started out by taking an artisan approach to protecting smartphones, which has since seen demand for its products outweigh supply.

Bitbar goes for coin in Silicon Valley

Finnish Bitbar has signed a deal worth 3.9 million US dollars in California, reports Finnish business paper Kauppalehti.

Five for Friday: Helsinki Challenge

From malaria reduction to creating a kidney, this science competition is spurring the curious minds of Finland to find solutions for inequality worldwide.

Finnish Deveo snapped up by US company Perforce

Finnish repository management platform Deveo has been bought up by US-based Perforce, and will be added to Perforce’s product portfolio under the new name Helix TeamHub.

How to prepare for robotics in the office

We are accustomed to read that robots will change the way we work in the future. Well, the future is now, already. The robots that do mechanical, rule-based tasks...

Finnish beer finds fans in China

Mallaskoski brewery now has two of its beers available on, one of the largest online stores in China.

Konecranes signs big numbers in Belgium

Konecranes’ Antwerp-based service organisation will take care of all of the maintenance and repair work on more than 150 Konecranes Noell Straddle Carriers.

Claned gives Finnish learning a global audience

What do you get when you combine machine learning algorithms with Finnish educational skills? A learning platform automatically tailored to every user’s individual needs.

Five for Friday: Finnish entrepreneurship

The Finnish entrepreneur scene is characterised by strong personas with clear dreams and a great passion for their ideas.

Finnish Q navigation takes boating world by storm

The Q Experience navigation system developed by Finnish company Nextfour Solutions continues to make waves internationally with another major boat manufacturer adopting it into use.

Finceptum places focus on Norway

Finnish IT company Finceptum is expanding operations of its Norwegian subsidiary to build a business market for Micro Focus software in Norway.

Nosto gets personal about e-commerce

Ever wondered how an online store chooses the products it recommends to you? Nosto has the answer. In four years, the Finnish company has grown into a veritable e-commerce giant with customers in 167 countries.

Used car dealer Kamux shifts gear in Sweden

Finnish used car dealer Kamux will continue expanding its operations in Sweden by opening a tenth showroom in Karlstad in early December.

Valtavalo to illuminate Swedish lighting market

Finnish LED tube manufacturer Valtavalo is expanding its operations in Sweden by establishing a branch in Gothenburg.

OptoFidelity acquired by Chinese CYG

Finnish supplier for the smart device testing industry OptoFidelity has been purchased in full by Chinese high-tech enterprise Changyuan Group (CYG). Operations are set to continue as usual for the Finnish company.

Have your cake and eat it with Food to Home

Food ordering apps combine speed and convenience to fill an increasing number of stomachs worldwide. Now they can also earn users money at the same time.

GoodLife Technology rehabilitates gaming

What can Finnish game developers do besides develop games? Quite a lot, actually.

Finnish education heads to Nepal, Ethiopia and Kazakhstan

JAMK University of Applied Sciences has received a grant for two three-year projects in Nepal and Ethiopia, and is commencing master’s education in nursing in Kazakhstan.

VTT and Fläkt Woods control the airflow

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and Fläkt Woods have developed an intelligent flow sensor that automatically controls ventilation according to demand.

HappySignals makes good mood a currency

Saving a euro here can add costs elsewhere. Finnish HappySignals has calculated a price for employee happiness and wants to make it a global trend.

Five for Friday: Internationalisation

Finnish innovations take many forms and sizes – imagine everything from dried grasshopper snacks to roof-building robots and energy created from used tires. Now it’s time to go global!

Finnish and Canadian smart IT combine forces

M-Files has strengthened its position as a pioneer of smart data management, by acquiring Canadian technology company Apprento.

StealthCase signals a change for phone reception

If you have ever balanced next to an open window just to get mobile signal, Finnish startup StealthCase has some good news for you: time to wave goodbye to poor reception indoors.

Sanako squeezes language labs into pocket devices

Teaching a language by the book is good for reading and writing, but on the streets it’s all about spoken words. Finnish Sanako wants to help language learners listen and speak.

Wärtsilä powers world first for fish farming industry

Finnish technology group Wärtsilä has been contracted to deliver the ship design for a new processing and transportation vessel to be built at the Balenciaga shipyard in Spain.

Five for Friday: Sports tech

Finnish devotion to sport and intuition for tech manifests itself in successful sports tech endeavours.

Play yourself to safety with Rescuebusters

Many of the world’s most popular games are about shooting, chasing and killing. Finnish SyraWise wanted to create a game that, instead, can save real lives.

Humana acquires Finnish Nordic Senior Services

Nordic Senior Services is now part of Humana’s Finnish subsidiary, in a move that strengthens the Swedish company’s position in Finland and enables it to expand to new care segments.

Sleepless baby bear awakens global interest

A Finnish children’s book about a little bear called Mur is charming both kids and grown-ups in an increasing number of countries.

Finnish innovation gains momentum in China

Tampere-based Hermia Business Development and Jiangsu Association for Science and Technology, have teamed up to bring Finnish innovation and tech know-how to China. The strategic partnership will also see the latter open its third global Overseas Station in Tampere, Finland.

Five for Friday: Jewellery

Finland’s jewellers today are artists in design as well as technology, often adopting new components in both materials and manufacturing.

Davis-Standard snaps up Maillefer

Finnish wire, cable, pipe and tube production technology company Maillefer International has been acquired by US-based plastic and rubber extrusion and converting systems producer Davis-Standard.

Jakamo’s social network is all business

Manufacturing companies may not want to share their holiday pictures, but they do need to exchange information with others in their supply chain. A social network designed for this exact purpose has attracted customers from all over the world.

Doerz gathers over 100K from crowds

Finnish service for sharing experiences Doerz has closed an equity crowdfunding round successfully, passing its 100 000-euro goal.

Arcteq powers up electricity networks

Smart grids are facing considerable change worldwide. Finnish protection relay and smart grid expert Arcteq has what it takes to benefit from the transformation.

Host My Pet gives pet owners a break

Animals are lovely companions in everyday life, but jumping on a holiday plane with them isn’t necessarily a viable option. Host My Pet offers a helping hand to people and their best friends.

The comfortable silence

I recently wrote a column about Finnish ways of greeting and seating arrangements in business meetings. After reading my piece, my former colleague from the Netherlands pointed out a...

Emergence is in a winning position

Finnish location-tracking service Emergence has developed a maintenance-free IoT solution for asset management – powered solely by solar energy.

Finns create protein out of air and energy

Researchers in Finland have produced a batch of single-cell protein using electricity and carbon dioxide, a method that can be used for food and animal feed.

Forenom becomes Norway’s biggest

Finnish business accommodation service Forenom has acquired Norwegian Oslo Apartments, which makes it the market leader in Norway.

KONE grows stronger in Germany

KONE, a global lift and escalator giant from Finland, has acquired German Alois Kasper, which specialises in lift installation, maintenance and modernisation.

EGG rethinks fast food from farming to furniture

Finnish ’reggstaurant’ EGG doesn’t cut corners when it creates its seasonal, egg-based menus. Soon it’ll be testing its concept abroad, together with Finnish accommodation service Forenom.

Jungle Juice Bar has a taste for growth

Finnish private equity company Vaaka Partners is investing in the Jungle Juice Bar chain, with the intention of supporting its international expansion.

Ficonic Solutions is focused on the road

Despite rules and regulations, people continue to use smartphones while driving. Finnish software developer Ficonic Solutions has the solution: in-vehicle application Carrio, which drastically reduces driver distraction.

Two Finnish firms boosted by crowds

Plantui and BrightCharger have both successfully completed their crowdfunding rounds, Plantui on Invesdor and BrightCharger on Indiegogo.

Frosmo streamlines online shopping experiences

Finnish company Frosmo is at the forefront of two global trends: the digitalisation of retail and simplification of software development.

Huhtamäki grows stronger in China

Finnish food and drink packaging specialist Huhtamäki has agreed to acquire International Paper’s foodservice packaging operations in China.

Five for Friday: Wood in construction

The increased awareness of environmental issues worldwide is enhancing new solutions and accelerating wood-construction markets in Finland.

10 Questions: Ville Laine

What do you do first when you wake up? I drink a cup of coffee and flick through the news and the weather on my phone. What was your...

Flashnode seed funding reaches EUR 2 million

Flashnode has now reached a total of two million euros in funding, as the Finnish software company prepares to scale up operations in Finland and expand internationally.

Oviku has an unbreakable offer for home security

One easy addition and your door lock becomes pickproof. This is the sales pitch of Finnish startup Oviku and it has proved to be convincing.

Enersize lands another contract in China

Finnish company Enersize has signed an agreement with Shijiazhuang No.4 to install a system for the optimisation of energy usage in industrial compressed air systems.

California dreaming a reality for Nuuka Solutions

Nuuka Solutions, a Finnish building management solution provider and Cleantech Invest portfolio company, has opened a subsidiary in Los Angeles.

Billebeino is passion in fabric

A mysterious hashtag, a simple-but-oh-so-cool logo and a few hundred stickers have played a crucial role in the creation of Finnish fashion brand Billebeino.

Tillander’s diamonds are forever

Ateliér Torbjörn Tillander serves its customers bespoke beauty, ‘calorie-free sweets’: gemstones, pearls and gold in the form of jewellery that will last generations.

Invesdor debuts in Sweden

Finland born digital crowdfunding platform has launched its first campaign in Sweden with TidyApp after successful operations in Finland, Norway and the UK.

L&T means business in Sweden

Finnish Lassila & Tikanoja has signed an agreement to acquire Veolia’s facility management business in Sweden through the acquisition of all of its shares.

Finnair once again ‘Best Airline in Northern Europe’

Finnair has been awarded, for the eighth consecutive year, the title of ‘Northern Europe’s Best Airline’ at the World Airline Awards at the Paris Air Show. 

VTT steers ship of the future to safety

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland is developing safe steering technology for navigation systems that will automatically steer the remote monitored and controlled ships of the future.

Global success in the pipeline for LVIturva

Finnish company LVIturva, specialised in pipe renovation of detached houses, has developed a trailblazing technique for plumbing that revolutionises the whole business.

Fresh deals make Basware the market leader

Finnish Basware is the leading actor in the purchase-to-pay software world. Forrester Research announced the position in their Q2 2017 eProcurement report.

Merivaara lights way to cleaner operating theatres

Finnish hospital equipment maker Merivaara has gone through many changes in its 110-year history. But the company’s current focus on using design and digital tools to improve operating theatres could be its most transformative yet.

Finnish author finds his 20th language

Finnish author Tommi Kinnunen will soon see his book translated into Chinese, as the translation rights to one of his novels have been sold to China.

International brands go along with IVALO

As of this month, Finnish fashion app IVALO has started to launch international brands in its offering, which will kick-start the company’s global conquest.

Kieku makes some noise for thought

This independent media startup has launched a new kind of audio listening service: a YouTube for podcasts.

Nokia extends ultra-broadband access in China

Nokia is collaborating with China Mobile to deploy millions of home gateways across 29 provinces in China, in order to provide residential customers access to ultra-broadband and intelligent home services.

Arch Red goes inside the box

A few years ago, Finnish Arch Red swallowed an Australian partner much bigger than itself – and didn’t choke. Now it’s taking on the world with full force.

Dottir is not your ordinary law firm

What used to be a shipyard in Helsinki is now a hotspot for all things hip – and potentially one of the coolest and most startup-minded law firms in town.

Seasam teams up with ZetaDisplay

Swedish ZetaDisplay has announced it will acquire Seasam, one of Finland’s largest suppliers of digital signage.

Enersize keeps going in China

Enersize isn’t slowing down in the Chinese market: it has announced yet another agreement with a Chinese company, this time a chemical fibre plant.

Five for Friday: Innovative packaging

It’s often said that big things come in small packages, but in Finland, big things can also be found in packaging.

Delipap’s eco-friendly approach wins EU approval

Finnish Delipap’s pantyliners and sanitary napkins are the first, and thus far only, feminine hygiene products to be awarded the EU Ecolabel in Europe.

Kurikka Timber and DOVISTA deepen collaboration

Danish DOVISTA A/S is to acquire 50 per cent of its partner, Finnish Kurikka Timber, with effect from 15 June.

Siili gets with the programmes at home and abroad

Siili has been chosen for the UCLA Global Access Program (GAP) and Tekes’ Liideri programme, both of which aim to spur international growth for companies.

Three cheers for Uplause

Uplause, a state-of-the-art global actor and forerunner in interactive fan engagement and event advertising, is promoting unforgettable live event experiences all around.

Telesilta finds owner from Estonia

Estonian Harju Elekter has signed a contract for the purchase of Finnish Telesilta, an electrical engineering company that specialises in electrical contracting for the shipbuilding industry.

The world learns the Finnish way with EduCluster

Fuelled by widespread praise for the Finnish educational model, this company is helping to improve learning on a global scale.

Finnish games education is a collaboration of clans

Much has been written about the impact of the Finnish games scene worldwide. Now, education is in the mix, with developers, gamers and entrepreneurs getting schooled in all aspects of the industry.

Nab Labs gets nabbed by Eurofins

Eurofins, headquartered in Luxembourg, has acquired Finnish Nab Labs to reinforce its market leadership in environment testing.

Please, have a seat!

Doing business in Finland is very straightforward. Whenever travelling to other cultures for business meetings, like most international executives, I spend some time familiarising myself with local business etiquette...

10 Questions: Katja Tukiainen

How do you start your days? I love this question, because morning routines are so important to me. For 17 years already, I have been starting my mornings with...

Monki and Lunette tackle period stigma together

Finnish menstrual cup company Lunette and Swedish clothing brand Monki have partnered up to bring a limited edition cup to Monki customers.

Good vibrations help Conexbird prevent cargo loss

Cargo damage represents a 50-billion-dollar annual problem for the logistics industry. But Finnish startup Conexbird believes it has the answer.

Uponor eyes Asian building markets from China

Uponor Corporation has inaugurated a factory and sales office in China, as the Finnish building solutions provider looks to strengthen its foothold in the Asian building markets.

High expectations for Lyyti in Paris

Finnish event management company Lyyti has opened an office in the French capital, as the company looks to take on international markets.

Finnish digital price tags win for innovativeness

EllaFashion price labels by Finnish MariElla Labels won the RBTE Innovation Award at the Retail Business Expo in London earlier this month.

Härkis spices up the fava on your plate

These days, vegans and vegetarians are in for a treat every time they enter a supermarket, with the selection of plant-based goodies having grown wildly in the past few years. One of the shelf- and stomach-filling options is Finnish ‘härkis’ by Verso Food.

Time machines with timeless design

An abundance of great ideas has been born in the heat and humidity of Finnish saunas. One of them is Aarni, Finnish company turning wood into beautiful and sustainable accessories.

VTT’s autonomous cars hit the roads

The automated cars ‘Marilyn’ and ‘Martti’, developed by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, have been road tested and are exchanging information with each other.

UROS’ mobile hotspot rental lands in Russia

UROS, provider of Goodspeed mobile Wi-Fi, has announced its subsidiary Goodspeed Rent will commence mobile hotspot renting at Sheremetyevo International Airport in Moscow.

FT: Finnish institutions among world’s best

Hanken and Aalto University have featured in Financial Times’ annual ranking of executive education programmes.

Freska mops EUR 2 million off the table

Finnish home cleaning startup Freska has raised two million euros in new funding, reports technology news site TechCrunch.

TripleWin manages to change with digital solution

Finnish company TripleWin is using digital collaboration and gamification to shift change management from consultancy jargon to an engaging tool for organisational transformation.

Reaktor sets foot on continental Europe

Strategy, design and engineering company Reaktor has opened a new office in Amsterdam to strengthen its reach to global consumer brands.

Coruu’s jewellery is light as a feather

Finnish jewellery company Coruu isn’t heavy on the shoulders – or ears or neck, for that matter. Now it’s setting sail to global markets with characters familiar to many: the Moomins and their friends.

Three Finnish firms smarten up Nashville

Bookit, Strafica and Tuup are used by DemandTrans, a company that’s been chosen to renew the public transportation system in the city of Nashville, US.

Transfluent to translate Asian potential into sales

Rapidly growing translation startup Transfluent is about to open an office in Tokyo, which will be the company’s first base in Asia.

Nokian Tyres hits the road in the US

Nokian Tyres has made a principal decision on the investment in its third factory and authorised a letter of intent with the respective authorities in the US.

Nokia’s international network grows

Nokia is to play a key role in T-Mobile’s plans to launch 5G nationwide in the US, with the Finnish telecommunications company also looking to enhance pilgrimage experiences in Saudi Arabia, develop a digital city in China and expand network coverage in Greece.

10 Questions: Enni Rukajärvi

What’s your unmissable breakfast item and why? Probably eggs, because they keep my stomach full for longer than just bread or porridge. How (and when) was your first time...

Big Bang Legends takes over East Asia

Finnish game studio Lightneer has launched its debut game Big Bang Legends on Android in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines.

Brummies land directly in Lapland

UK airline Monarch will add Lapland holidays direct from Birmingham to its winter programme from 1 December.

VTT creates bottles out of plants

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has developed a method for the production of furan dicarboxylic acid (FDCA) from plant sugars.

Finnish companies get together with neighbours

Finnish roofing company LA-Kattohuolto has been acquired by Nordic Waterproofing, while Rauheat, a Finnish supplier of HVAC products for the construction industry, has been bought up by Swedish technology trading group OEM International.

Sensible 4 weathers the storm for self-driving cars

Self-driving cars may happily cruise along when the weather is fair, but add leaves or snow to the mix and someone better take hold of the steering wheel! Now a new Finnish startup aims to be the global pioneer in weatherproof technology for autonomous vehicles.

Claned learning platform drives education in India

The Claned Cloud Service was chosen by Indian education company Globarena, together with consulting partner LyncBiz, to help target the e-learning market in India.

Five for Friday: Smart city innovations

Smart living requires a smart approach, and Finland is at the forefront of this movement with its myriad solutions.

Tecnotree lands two big deals

IT solutions provider Tecnotree has signed two deals, one valued at over 14 million euros and the other more than 8 million euros.

Utopia Analytics reduces volume of online abuse

Hate speech, trolling and misconduct are a constant, and growing, problem online. Until now. A new Finnish artificial intelligence-powered moderation tool gets rid of abusive messages in seconds.

Doerz is less conversation, more action

Three young men in Poland, a new Audi and a one-euro coin led Tomi Virtanen to found Doerz, a global platform and service for sharing experiences.

Five for Friday: Doing business in India

They don’t call India incredible for nothing: 1.2 billion inhabitants means a vast number of opportunities for Finnish companies.

Wellmo aims for growth in key markets

Finnish health tech company Wellmo landed 1.3 million euros in a recent funding round, which will boost its global expansion efforts.

Naava and Delos spread health together

Wellness real estate and technology company Delos has announced a strategic investment and partnership with Naava, a Finnish health technology firm.

Valmet says ‘¡Hola México!’

Valmet has opened a new regional office in Mexico City to be near its customers and growth markets.

Combi Works’ factory concept is in demand

Finnish company Combi Works is remodelling manufacturing by combining digital tools and the surplus production power of factories around the globe.

NewIcon sets its sights on international markets

Finnish automation specialist for the medical industry, NewIcon, has raised 4.4 million euros in crowdfunding, a record amount in Finland according to the company.

FootBalance wants to make your step lighter

A unique concept has allowed Finnish company FootBalance to swiftly take the global insoles market by storm.

Magisso lands coin from South Korea

Award-winning Finnish design house Magisso has closed a funding round led by NXC, the holding company of South Korea’s largest game company.

Responsible kids’ clothes with street cred

Finnish Mainio Clothing wants to create contemporary and ambitious fashion for children – and never neglect where it came from.

Mobidiag’s brand hits shelves in Italy

The molecular diagnostics company has teamed up with AB ANALITICA for the distribution of the Amplidiag Diagnostic Tests and Instrument in Italy.

Best working life in Europe is a joint effort

In Finland, there’s a strong tradition of reaching agreements, and this goes also for the labour market and pension system. The country has set itself a goal: to make...

Atol Avion lands in the US

Finland’s Atol Avion and a US-based investor group have created a joint venture for the production, distribution and support of amphibious aircraft in the North American market.

FitWood flexes its muscles in home exercise

There is little room for excuses to skip a workout if your training equipment is a stylish part of your home decor.

New Aalto development projects in East Africa

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland has granted funding for Aalto University projects that aim to develop energy efficient and problem-based learning.

Mifuko makes a case for fair trade baskets

Finnish Mifuko’s beautiful design baskets do exactly what it says on the, well, basket. In Swahili, ‘mifuko’ means ‘pocket’, and Mifuko ensures no one is left with empty pockets in the end.

PKC Group family grows in the US

PKC Group has closed a contract to buy the rolling stock electrical distribution system company Fortitude Industries in the United States.

Villada takes you to the doorsteps of luxury

Finnish Villada combines the services of a simple booking platform and a door-to-door travel agency for those searching for an opulent holiday home abroad.

Valmet and Wärtsilä in demand far and wide

Finnish industrial companies Valmet and Wärtsilä, have received orders to supply various plants on both sides of the Atlantic, a gold mine in Canada and a paper line in the UAE.

Positive diagnosis for Mobidiag in the UK

Finnish molecular diagnostics company Mobidiag has opened a new office in the United Kingdom, meeting increased interest for the company’s IVD products in the region.

DoCover gives phone protection a second glance

The world is full of smartphone screen covers, but none quite like the ones from Finnish startup DoCover. The company has found its niche in bringing together protection, branding and fan products in one holographic package.

Kide Systems sets sights on international growth

Finnish healthtech company Kide Systems is focusing on developing its international operations, after landing one million euros in funding.

UROS makes global connection for travellers and IoT

The fastest growing company in Finland has made a name for itself with smartphones and mobile hotspots. Now UROS is targeting the Internet of Things.

Finnair wins again in China

Finland’s national carrier Finnair has been selected as the Best European Airline at the TTG China Travel Awards for the second year in a row.

Comptel bags a triple million deal in South America

Finnish software company Comptel has landed a multi-million deal from a new customer, which includes FlowOne Fulfillment licenses and related services.

Gugguu wants the perfect fit

If the shops don’t sell what you’d want to buy, it might be a good idea to try and do it yourself. Case in point: the two sisters behind the kids clothing brand Gugguu managed to create a whole community based on their distinctive design and sustainable production.

Elisa strengthens position in nearby region

Finnish telecommunications company Elisa and the Santa Monica Networks (SMN) Group have agreed on the former’s acquisition of SMN companies in Finland and Estonia in order to strengthen its position in the two countries.

FocalSpec makes it to millions

Finnish FocalSpec, which specialises in roughness measurement, has raised 3.5 million euros in funding for business development.

Five for Friday: Healthtech devices & diagnostics

People are living longer and healthier lives than ever before thanks to major medical innovations in recent decades. These have spawned the healthtech breakthroughs of tomorrow that were introduced in Helsinki this week.

Wärtsilä to deliver power plant to Saudi Arabia

Finnish technology group Wärtsilä has received an order for a 38 MW power plant from a Saudi Arabian customer.

We Tech Solutions to supply chemical tankers

We Tech Solutions has received an order for the delivery of its cleantech solutions to two chemical tankers being built for Swedish shipowner Ektanks, with an option to supply another two.

Metsä Board wins two at iF Design Awards

Metsä Group was awarded twice at this year’s iF Design Awards, where its T2 Mini Fruit Tea packaging was recognised in the Beverages category, while its Elevated drink box was awarded an iF Design certificate for Independent Packaging.

Visedo aims to end pollution through electrification

Fossil fuels powered machines for most of the 20th century, but now an electric revolution is well and truly underway. Finnish company Visedo is at the forefront of this new age of vehicular innovation.

Technopolis receives new LEED certifications

Technopolis has obtained Gold-level Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certificates for its new buildings in Finland and Lithuania.

Five for Friday: Mobile World Congress 2017

The dust has settled after another successful Mobile World Congress, and we have finally caught our breath after an event packed to the rafters with innovations of all shapes and sizes.

Funzi and create bright future in Dubai

Finnish tech companies Funzi and are participating in the second round of the Dubai Future Accelerators programme, which aims to find solutions to the most pressing global problems and implement them in Dubai.

QuietOn is flying with Lufthansa

QuietOn is joining a new type of flight created by airline Lufthansa whereby passengers will be introduced to new innovative devices and presentations.

Rolls-Royce ship intelligence R&D centre to Turku

Rolls-Royce is taking a significant step towards making remote and autonomous shipping a reality.

One poncho to unwind us all

Finnish Jouten towel ponchos are practicality, sustainability and comfort sewn into the one outfit. The most important ingredient is a laid-back, feel-good mood.

Friends & Brgrs at the top of the food chain

This growing family of Finnish burger restaurants is taking its fresh approach to fast casual dining to the global market.

Rivender brings the shop to the shopless

An unmanned grocery store consisting of modules used to sound like science fiction. Now, Finnish Rivender wants to make it the standard of staffless shopkeeping.

Lindström strengthens its presence in the UK

Lindström has acquired United Services, in a move which doubles the Finnish textile service company’s customer base in the UK.

UROS and iBasis connect the hotspots

Finnish roaming solutions provider UROS and telecommunications company iBasis have teamed up to be the first to remotely offer a user subscription for connected mobile devices.

Silence is QuietOn

Finnish company QuietOn has created a genuine innovation that revolutionises the meaning of deafening silence with active noise cancellation and acoustic noise attenuation.

Jolla goes full steam ahead in China

Jolla, the Finnish mobile company and developer of open mobile operating system Sailfish OS, has announced the birth of a new Sailfish China consortium.

Everywhere’s a fleamarket for Netflea

Circular economy is The Thing in today’s world, with people wanting to save both money and natural resources by sharing and recycling. Finnish Netflea gets unused items off shelves and storage rooms back into business.

Comptel bags a big deal for its FWD

Comptel Corporation won a new customer, referred to as “a major prepaid operator in APAC”, for its digital sales channel solution FWD.

10 Questions: Tero Isokauppila

What is your morning routine? Hydration, stretching and mushrooms. Why are mushrooms so important for Finns? Because we’re true funguys ;) What is the thing you miss most about...

Combinostics uses AI to improve early diagnosis

New Finnish technology is tapping into machine learning and artificial intelligence to support healthcare professionals in early diagnosis of neurological disorders.

Varaani Works puts India in the VCloud

Finnish Varaani Works and Indian conglomerate Videocon have joined forces to launch VCloud, a solution to meet the growing need for personal cloud storage in India.

TactoTek’s funding tops USD 20 million

TactoTek has now raised over 20 million US dollars altogether in funding, after the investment division of automotive interiors giant Faurecia bought an equity position in the Finnish provider of 3D smart design technology.

Global market warms to OptiWatti

Finnish company Opti Automation offers a welcome solution for the colder months of the year: significant energy savings via its innovative, automated approach.

We Started This: Second-hand, first choice

Not everyone believed in Sara Nyyssölä’s business pitch when she announced her idea of buying and selling pre-worn clothes. Now, she and her team have proven the doubters wrong.

Five for Friday: Oulu, the Northern tech capital

To find the true north of tech innovations, one should head to Oulu. It is not only the home of (literally) the coolest startup event in the world — this week’s Polar Bear Pitching – but is also one of the fastest-growing cities in Finland, where new, innovative companies are springing up in abundance and entering the global market.

Finnish technology cleans up wood products

A new method from VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, known as ‘CatLignin,’ produces reactive lignin material that can replace toxic components found in adhesives widely used in engineered wood products, while also making the pulp industry more bio-friendly.

A daily dose from Roberts Berrie

These Nordic berries are produced in a preservable way so that their taste and salubriousness can be luxuriated anywhere in the world, all year round.

TwoDads’ two-for-one: More content, less sugar

Parents across the world all want the same thing – to enable their kids to grow happy, healthy and smart. Finnish company TwoDads is here to help them out, by making it easier to find healthy and nutritious everyday foods.

Konecranes helps expand Port of Virginia

Konecranes and the Virginia Port Authority in the US have signed a contract for the delivery of four Cantilever Rail Mounted Gantry (CRMG) cranes.

Enevo gets smart with Contenur in the UK

Finnish company Enevo has partnered with the UK’s leading waste container manufacturer and supplier Contenur to introduce smart waste analytics to its waste container systems.

Auntie smoothens the curves of life

We all go through a crisis every now and then, be it big or small. Finnish healthtech service Auntie wants to help tackle life’s issues before they grow too big.

Five for Friday: Travel with a twist

The world is your oyster, and, thanks to this range of Finnish innovations, these days it is also conveniently found at your fingertips.

Finnair boosts connecting flights to Russia

Finnair has announced an increase in flights to Moscow and St. Petersburg to build on its global network connectivity between Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Finnish contribution enlightens future LED market

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland is developing novel LED light sources based on large, flexible and transparent substrates, in collaboration with a Finnish consortium.

Affecto joins forces with BIGDATAPUMP

Affecto, a provider of data-driven solutions, has acquired BIGDATAPUMP to accelerate its growth in cloud analytics across Finland and Scandinavia.

Chabla connects the deaf and interpreters for global communication

Calling a friend or a doctor’s office can be a challenge when you rely on the availability of sign language interpreters. New mobile app Chabla has set out to change this.

An old player with a startup spirit

Lignell & Piispanen, officially Oy Gust. Ranin, is one of the oldest family companies still up and running in Finland. Now it’s taking over Asia with an enthusiasm familiar from the startup scene.

Finnish innovations awarded in Prague

The City of Espoo’s “School as a service” and home care software robot have won in their respective categories at the Quality Innovation Award competition.

Five for Friday: Fintech

As the world shifts its approach to handling financials at work and at home, these Finnish companies are making a pretty penny in the ballooning fintech market.

Don’t start a new company – instead, pivot

Finding a successful business isn’t easy. I should know: I’ve got my seventh company going. But is founding a new company always necessary? What if the company shifts its...

Salofa to commercialise blue-green algae test

Salofa, a company spun out of Finnish research, intends to bring the first easy-to-use blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) quick test to the Nordic consumer market this year.

Mapvision revs up ambitions for global expansion

A Finnish technology company is transforming quality control in the automotive industry by making it digital, cost-effective and fast.

CloudBounce masters anyone’s music

Have a band but no extra money in pocket for getting your tracks mastered? Fear not: Finnish CloudBounce can help you get your group’s good tunes sound great and ready for distribution for only a fraction of the cost of traditional mastering services.

Five for Friday: Solar solutions

Given that the sun barely shines for six months of the year in Finland, local innovations have found numerous ways to ensure they are basking in the sunlight on a global scale.

Digital Workforce to expand and accelerate

Finnish robotic process automation (RPA) growth company Digital Workforce has received a two million-euro investment boost.

Finnair the first to launch in-flight Alipay

Finnish national carrier Finnair will be the first airline in the world to introduce the globe’s largest online payment platform Alipay onboard.

Pemamek lines up a deal in Romania

Finnish welding and production automation company Pemamek has signed an agreement to deliver a thin plate panel line to Vard Shipyard in Tulcea, Romania.

Metso up there in Brazilian mining

For the second consecutive year, Metso has been ranked as a leading brand in the Brazilian mining sector by a local mining magazine.

TEIJA is all about detail

The London-based Finnish designer Teija Eilola has been away from her birthland for almost two decades, yet still carries and spreads the Nordic spirit in her fashion.

Nocart to turn sun into power in Zambia

Nocart has signed a supply contract for the delivery of a 30–40 MW solar hybrid power plant. The value of the signed contract for Nocart is 200 million US dollars.

Valmet finds partners in Russia and India

Valmet is to supply an evaporation plant to Arkhangelsk Pulp and Paper mill in Russia, and is also partnering up with Consulta Enterprises in India.

Finnish mobile apps help prevent strokes and heart attacks

Nowadays you can find a mobile app for almost anything and some of them can even save your life. Now Finnish researchers have made it possible to use your phone to detect a heart attack or early signs of a stroke.

Robit crosses pond to the Americas

Finnish Robit has signed an agreement to purchase the manufacturing assets and IPRs from Halco International and Halco America.

Asmo Charger electrifies global interest

Asmo Solutions has developed a charger which is safer and more efficient than practically anything on the market.

Wärtsilä builds engines hand in hand with Chinese

CSSC Wärtsilä Engine Co. (CWEC), the joint venture formed between Wärtsilä and China State Shipbuilding Corporation has launched a new factory in Shanghai.

AliPay takes off at Helsinki Airport

Helsinki Airport will be one of the first in Europe to accept Chinese AliPay, in order to better serve its fastest growing customer group of Chinese passengers.

Flexound helps you feel music like never before

Music can lift our spirits and help us relax. Now Finnish startup Flexound Systems takes this experience a step further by transforming sound into touch.

New Nokia phone to see daylight in China

HMD Global is launching its first smartphone, Nokia 6, exclusively in China through The phone will be available early this year.

Ginolis sets foot in Asia Pacific

The company’s first Asia Pacific office is located in Suzhou, China, and it will provide sales and technical support to Ginolis’ customers in the region.

TalentAdore goes global with new funding

Finnish TalentAdore, which is going to revolutionarise recruitment communications, completed a major funding round worth almost a million euros.

VTT creates readiness for cyber threats

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and its partners have developed solutions that improve cyber security and bring disruption-free operations to manufacturers.

Lightneer is game for future learning

Finnish Lightneer doesn’t want to develop the best learning games in the world; it wants to compete with all games, and help players learn on the side.

Enersize lands deal with Chinese glass producer

The Finnish provider of energy efficient solutions, Enersize, has been offered a contract by yet another Chinese glass manufacturer.

Chinese company purchases Finnish Rightware

A Finnish automotive user interface software provider, Rightware, has been acquired by Thundersoft, a Chinese company, which is a big scale provider of operating systems and smart device platform technology.

WellO2 breathes fresh air into respiratory training

Everybody should train their respiratory muscles, believes Hapella, a Finnish startup which promises benefits for asthmatics, athletes and couch potatoes alike, or even someone suffering from a cold.

Underhood gets to grips with your online reputation

Using an innovative, automated system, Underhood helps companies and brands to get a handle on their social media efforts.

Nocart set to grow further in Africa

Fast-growing Finnish cleantech company Nocart has received five million euros in funding, which will help further its growth especially in the African renewable energy market.

Elisa buys Estonian pay TV and broadband service

The acquisition of Starman, valued at 151 million euros, is in line with Elisa’s strategy to strengthen its market position in home markets.

Industryhack disrupts businesses from within

Startups have the ideas and agility corporations need to keep up with tomorrow’s world. Through Finnish Industryhack, industry leaders open their doors and data to tech companies and startups, who then do their best to show what could be done more and better.

Happy Independence Day!

Today, Finland celebrates its 99th year of independence. This is traditionally a day for reflection, being with friends and family and watching the annual Presidential Ball.

SPOT-A-SHOP takes the sweat out of sales shopping

Even online, sales shopping can be a chore, as you never know which site has reduced the price of your desired coat the most. Finnish SPOT-A-SHOP has solved the problem by doing exactly what is says on the tin: spotting the shop on behalf of the shopper.

Deutche Telekom to redistribute Yepzon One GPS

The German telecommunication giant, Deutche Telekom, will start to sell the Yepzon One GPS tracking device in its stores starting from Northern Germany.

Slush through the lens

Slush is hard to explain in words; it’s best seen through your own eyes. If your eyes weren’t there, these photos will give you an idea of what you missed.

Slush 2016: Day one turns up the heat

Wondering what went on during the first day of Helsinki’s Slushiest happening? Take a look at what we came across.

Our innovative approach at Slush

Finland is globally renowned as a technology innovator and we have made sure we keep it that way with our vibrant digital start-up scene. Today Slush is pulling investors...

Wolt delivers the goods with robots

Finnish food delivery startup Wolt has teamed up with robotics company Starship Technologies to pilot the home delivery of food using robots.

Cajo Technologies partners with Prima Power

Finnish laser marking expert Cajo Technologies starts collaboration with sheet metal industry heavyweight Prima Power.

HundrED reaches out to the world

Education programme HundrED has opened an office in London, new countries are joining in and 10 international events are to be held.

Vincit: From bankruptcy to Europe’s best workplace

Finnish software company Vincit is not your typical IT specialist. Over the last nine years, it has risen from near bankruptcy to a stock-listed company and was recently chosen as the best workplace in Europe. How did the company engineer such a turnaround?

Intopalo wants to make digitalisation and VR everyone’s business

Digitalisation is shaking up industries from media and entertainment to banking and manufacturing. This is where Finnish software house Intopalo has found its niche helping industrial companies embrace an increasingly digital future.

Sport tech and music jump on the Slush wagon

This year, the conference will be accompanied by two newborn family members: Smash, the first sports and health focused startup event in the world, and Slush Music.

Five for Friday: Working wonders with waste

With what to do with waste being such a hot topic globally, this week we take a look at innovative solutions from Finland for what’s left behind.

The power of good service

The iconic television show Game of Thrones knows it: “winter is coming”. For us Finns, it’s often a synonym for short, dark and cold days. For many tourists, again,...

Honda renews Ixonos deal for over EUR 1 million

The continuation agreement revolves around the Honda App Center, which is a cloud-based in-car digital content store that Ixonos develops and runs for Honda.

Back-to-back wins for Pöyry in Brazil

Finnish consulting and engineering company Pöyry has won the award for the Top Engineering and Consulting Service Provider at the 2016 ABTCP event in Brazil.

Supermetrics brings efficiency to business analytics

Not many startups can say they have thousands of global customers globally and day one profitability, but Finnish analytics software specialist Supermetrics ticks both boxes.

Administer starts global expansion in Sweden

Fast growing electronic financial management firm Administer has branched out to Stockholm, Sweden, as it looks to expand operations beyond Finland.

Finnish Sympa secures EUR 4.4 million funding

Cloud-based HR solutions provider Sympa is targeting growth in the Nordic and wider European markets after landing a capital boost from Nordic growth investor Alfvén & Didrikson.

Kotkamills shows that best things come in recyclable packages

This Finnish company wants to tackle the growing piles of disposable dishes that are increasingly littering the horizon.

Partnership to pay off for Alipay and ePassi

Finnish ePassi and Alipay, partially owned by Chinese retail giant Alibaba Group, have commenced co-operation to serve Chinese tourists in Finland.

Arex collects EUR 3 million seed funding

Finnish firm Arex has secured significant capital to further the growth of its invoice-financing platform, which enables SMEs to sell their unpaid invoices to enhance their cash flow.

Five for Friday: Design in the home

If home is where the heart is, then a pinch of Finnish design ensures this space is also pleasant on the eye, comfortable, functional and safe.

10 Questions: Eric Lipchis

How do you start your days? I wake up at 6 am every day, run for an hour, take some breakfast and read the newspaper, I check social media...

Villada nabs almost EUR 500K for its Nordic conquest

The Finland-based luxury villa rental company will soon start serving in Sweden, followed by the rest of the Nordic countries in the coming years.

CyberLightning shows its muscle in IoT

This Finnish company is an expert in gathering and analysing massive amounts of data from connected devices.

Finnish MetGen wins award for innovation

The Finnish enzyme producer MetGen has won the John Sime Award at the European Forum for Industrial Biotechnology and the Bioeconomy (EFIB).

A taste of the Arctic

For superfood startups Love Arctic and Arctic Warriors, the clean Arctic nature is an overflowing source of inspiration – and pure ingredients.

Finnish MeetingPackage takes its business to UK

Finnish startup MeetingPackage, which offers services to business meeting and conference organisers, is soon going to start operating in London.

Finnish startup shapes new kind of job marketplace

Digitalisation and the rise of ‘gig economy’ are transforming the way we work. Now Finnish startup Treamer is tapping into this market with a mobile app that anyone can use to find a job or become an employer.

A.S.Helsingö makes quality and design affordable

A Finnish company thrives with a unique blend of old world craftsmanship and an innovative digital business model that harnesses the reach of Ikea.

10 Questions: Pauli Hakala

What’s your unmissable breakfast item? Coffee! What is your typical working day like? When you play with ideas and meet customers all the time, a typical working day is...

Five for Friday: Health and wellbeing

In this new series, we take a look at specific areas where Finnish startups are doing great things. This week it’s time to discover what’s going on with keeping fit and staying healthy.

Big Finnish names sign global deals

KONE, Valmet and Comptel continue to sign agreements with international partners, this time in North America and China.

Finnish researcher receives international award

Academy research fellow Kaisa Matomäki from the University of Turku has been recognised for her work on the average values of multiplicative functions in short intervals.

Make marketing your focus

We Finns are well-known for our high standards of education and outstanding innovations. Yet, we are still not reaping the full commercial benefits of these. We don’t invest enough...

Hostaway makes life easier for Airbnb hosts

A small Finnish startup has developed technology for the holiday rental industry that prevents booking clashes when utilising multiple booking platforms.

Named Clothing lets anyone be a fashion designer

Two sisters decided to turn their passion for fashion into career, and in doing so, they created a sustainable brand that encourages creativity.

Sauna brings success for PromoRepublic

Creating social media posts in bulk is easier than ever before thanks to the Calendar of Content Ideas.

Finnish startup Usetrace joins prestigious US accelerator

Usetrace has developed its cloud-based test automation tool for web developers since 2012 and is now on the verge of a big breakthrough. In July it became only the second Finnish startup to join renowned US accelerator programme ‘500 Startups’.

It’s game-on for MyGamez in China

A growing number of international games developers are lining up to access the lucrative Chinese market. Now they can boot up faster than the competition.

Finnair spreads its wings to San Francisco

Finland’s national airline Finnair is to launch a new seasonal route from Helsinki to San Francisco in June 2017.

Huone aims to meet the international market

This Helsinki-based company is looking to provide global customers with innovative spaces where they can hold memorable meetings and events.

Beat2Phone doesn’t miss a heartbeat

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has developed a thumb-sized device for preventing cerebral infarctions at an early stage.

RuuviTag a beacon of light in open-source

A year ago this Finnish company set out to create a superior open-source sensor beacon platform that fulfils the needs of developers, creators, hobbyists, students, IoT companies and also regular, everyday people. They have succeeded.

GameLayer seeks to be a game changer

Gamification is a buzzword that attracts many but is seemingly understood by few. This Helsinki-based startup aims to change that.

Slush spinoff builds buzz around sports tech

In November, Helsinki will be the birthplace of Smash, the first sports and health focused startup event in the world.

Finnish Huhtamäki chasing growth in China

Finland-based food packaging company Huhtamaki is supporting the growth of its foodservice by expanding in China.

Claned expands its circle of learning to India

Finnish education technology startup Claned Group has entered the Indian education and corporate training market, after commencing commercial collaboration with training and consultancy specialists Vinsys.

Cleantech challenges are Solved

As the rapidly developing world is met with a growing number of environmental red flags, this Finnish solution is bringing relevant experts closer together.

Enevo to collect trash with Glasdon in UK

Finland-based smart waste management company Enevo’s sensors are set to be installed in British Glasdon’s street litter bins.

Jongla makes instant messaging more social

Social networks and instant messaging used to be very different services. One Finnish company is helping those two phenomena join into something new.

Finnish Wirepas and Telit create an IoT connection

Finnish software company Wirepas has teamed up with UK-based wireless technology provider Telit to deliver a solution for large scale Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

Bttn and Telia collaborate at the push of a button

Finnish Internet of Everything startup the Button Corporation (Bttn) has joined forces with Swedish telecom giant Telia.

Sunit cleans up with in-vehicle computing

The mobile innovations of this Kajaani-based company have been making waves worldwide for the past two decades.

Canatu lands EUR 22 million funding

Finnish transparent conductive films and touch sensors manufacturer Canatu has received a 22 million-euro late stage investment.

TalentAdore humanises the job hunt

In contrast to the radio silence that so often permeates the recruitment process, this space can now be filled with communication and personal feedback.

Raute nails orders worth EUR 32 million

Finnish company Raute has received orders worth almost 32 million euros for the expansion of Vyatskiy Fanernyi Kombinat’s mill in Russia’s Kirov region.

Tecnotree deal powers over 10 million subscribers in Afghanistan

Finnish telecom IT solutions provider Tecnotree has deployed its strategic Convergent Billing Solution (CBS) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform for a leading telecommunications operator in Afghanistan.

Wirepas and u-blox seek industrial IoT solutions

Finnish software company Wirepas has partnered with Swiss wireless and positioning modules and chips specialists u-blox.

Anders Innovations forges online business success stories

Anders Innovations, a Finnish e-commerce company, has been chosen among the ten fastest growing companies in Finland and the top 100 most promising companies in Europe. Now it is deepening its international presence with a spin-off company in the US.

Fibion takes a stand against sitting

These days there are a multitude of gadgets on hand that measure everything from the steps you take to the time spent exercising. But, how about seemingly insignificant daily activities such as sitting or standing?

Finnish startup develops smart mobility concept in Ireland

​Vinka, a smart mobility startup from Finland and Ireland-based taxi company Xpert Taxis are to develop new transportation concepts based on automatic ride sharing.

Finnish sports brand starts using 100% Fairtrade certified cotton

Finnish sportswear company Luhta’s brand Torstai is the world’s first sports brand to acquire all of its cotton from Fairtrade farmers.

Valkee’s Humancharger launches in North America

Finland-based Valkee trusts in the potential of the North American market.

Who’s afraid of a Finnish mobile marketer?

Finland, the country that gave the world Nokia and Linux, is often seen as something of an engineers’ paradise: A place where laconic, no-nonsense individuals can focus on just...

Big deals for Finnish duo

Finnish companies Outotec and Pöyry have both landed significant contracts, in Russia and Switzerland respectively.

Futurefly visualises a new approach to messaging

By enabling the use of personalised avatars, Rawr Messenger unlocks a treasure trove of emotions to help enrich communication.

Finnish startups turn food waste into great taste

Restaurants and supermarkets in Finland alone throw away 150-200 million kilos of food every year. But if this trio of Finnish startups succeeds, that won’t be the case for long.

Siili Solutions expands to the USA

Finnish software integrator Siili Solutions has established a subsidiary, Siili Solutions Inc., in the United States.

Arilyn adds new dimensions to everyday experiences

Arilyn, an augmented reality service by Finland-based Robust North, is not about creating new worlds; rather, it is about bringing new elements to the world we know.

Finnish PKC Group inks EUR 200 million contract

Finland-based contract manufacturer PKC Group has landed a major rolling stock contract with a value up to 200 million euros.

Sparta secures a successful future

After initially focusing solely on information management, this Finnish company now gets to the source for cyber security.

Small business success: A tale of two Finnish stores

As Finland’s economy emerges from several years of recession, it is small businesses that have traditionally lead such recoveries, and which could change the way the economy functions in future.

Umbra makes Hothead Games more visual

Canadian independent game studio Hothead Games has improved the graphics performance in Kill Shot Bravo thanks to Helsinki-based rendering specialists Umbra.

PromoRepublic nabs EUR 500K funding and heads to the USA

Finnish-Ukrainian startup PromoRepublic has closed a 500 000-euro round and has launched in the USA.

Stylewhile makes online shopping as fun as gaming

Shopping for clothes online is convenient, but it suffers from one severe flaw. You might be able to see what the clothes look like, but you can’t see what they would look like on your type of body.

Savo-Solar breaks record in Denmark

Thermal collectors from Finnish solar thermal systems provider Savo-Solar have shown record-breaking efficiency for Jelling Varmeværk.

Risu gets to the root of beard grooming

Finland’s first premium beard oil specialists seek to change the global manscape for the better.

Biohit’s test for Chinese market

Finnish biotechnology company Biohit has signed an agreement with Beijing Huayihuilang Medical Instrument.

Helsinki Airport’s wine bar voted world’s best

Wine & View has won the award for Airport Wine Bar of the Year at the international Airport Food and Beverage (FAB) Awards. positions itself well

Creating opportunities with indoor navigation is about consolidating what’s on offer for this Helsinki-based company.

Yepzon gathers over EUR 1 million in financing

Finnish technology company Yepzon has accumulated financing for growth and product development in the amount of over one million euros.

Meater brings timely innovation to barbequing

A wireless smart meat thermometer is no longer on the backburner for this Finnish engineer.

Finnish Comptel inks two major deals

Finland-based IT and software company Comptel has gained two major orders from Bangladesh and the Nordics.

​Norsepower’s innovation is a winner

Finnish clean technology and engineering company Norsepower has been awarded the Innovation of the Year accolade at the 2016 Electric & Hybrid Marine Awards ceremony in Amsterdam.

Finnish Wärtsilä acquires Weir American Hydro

Finnish manufacturing company Wärtsilä acquires US and Canada based company Weir American Hydro from the Weir Group.

Life in Helsinki has global appeal

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has named Finland’s capital as one of the most liveable cities in the world.

Finnish startup Smarp heads to US and UK markets

Finnish employee advocacy startup Smarp closes three million-euro funding round with intentions of further internationalisation.

Nokia’s Ozo makes Cannes Lions a VR experience

Finland’s Nokia Technologies has partnered with creative marketing agency Brandwidth to create virtual reality content for brands at Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

Polkka Jam prints Finnish everyday life on recycled materials

Polkka Jam, a Finnish design agency, prints images inspired by Nordic nature and the everyday life of Finns on recycled materials, to the delight of people in both Finland and abroad.

Finnish Vincit Europe’s best workplace

Great Place to Work institute has awarded Finnish information technology company Vincit as the Best Workplace in Europe.

Walkbase partners with IBM to take on US markets

The Finnish in-store customer flow analytics company Walkbase is growing fast in the United Kingdom. Now it has signed a co-operation agreement with the US electronics giant IMB.

Finnish laser technology company wins order from Japan

Cajo Technologies, a manufacturer of laser marking equipment based in Kempele, will soon start selling its product in Japan.

Tapp Commerce secures USD 9 million in capital

Finnish company Tapp Commerce has acquired a further nine million US dollars in Series A funding. Adding to an earlier seed round of 3.9 million US dollars, the funding was coordinated by Australia’s Amma Private Equity.

Finnish IoT button faces fast growth as it shrinks in size

Finnish startup the Button Corporation brings an updated mini version of its IoT button to the market.

UPM Raflatac’s social responsibility wins in China

Finland’s UPM Raflatac has received the Golden Bee Customer Focus Award in recognition of its commitment to sustainability.

Playmore Games brings mobile technology to board games

The best thing about board games is playing them – not learning how to play them. Finnish Playmore Games solves the problem by bringing to the table a mobile application that functions as the friend who already knows the game and can teach others.

Arcusys offers digital tools to help inhabit Mars

The transformation of digital learning seems to be the next success story for Finnish education and technology company Arcusys is already making it happen.

Basware cuts a deal with a major industrial corporation

Finnish purchase-to-pay solutions, e-invoicing and innovative financing services provider Basware has signed a deal with a major industrial corporation in France.

Finnish chocolate startup makes ethical business taste good

Finnish raw chocolate company Goodio knows how to satisfy even the most demanding sweet tooth and has plans to change the food industry for the better.

Verto Analytics lands USD 16.1 million funding

Finnish company Verto Analytics has announced a significant Series B funding round led by EQT Ventures.

Artist Exchange wants to transform live music markets

The Finnish startup Artist Exchange describes itself as the ‘Airbnb for live music’. Its digital platform brings ease and efficiency to buying and selling live gigs.

Good News team moves houses

Launched in spring 2009, Good News from Finland (GNF) is a success story in terms of content. Back then, we were a couple of people who were sick and...

Finnish female founders break startup stereotypes

How many European startups are founded by women? According to the European Startup Monitor less than 15 per cent. Women founders and leaders might be seriously underrepresented in the world of startups but they are certainly not standing in the shadows.

Resq Club expands the fight against food waste to Sweden

Finnish startup Resq Club has launched its service in Sweden and now enables customers and restaurants to rescue leftover meals in Stockholm, Göteborg and Malmö.

Eliademy makes free learning their business

Using technology to democratise education, this online platform allows instructors to create, share and teach courses without charge.

Yepzon lands important distribution deal in India

Finnish GPS location service and equipment provider Yepzon is to open a new production line in New Delhi.

How to grow from local to global business

Due to the expanding digital arena, it’s now become possible for any brand to be truly global business – new markets are just one click away. However, growing a...

Moni revolutionises mobile consumer finance

Finnish startup Moni has created an innovative service so people can manage their finances on mobile devices.

Nixu makes the Internet a secure proposition

The growing variety of threats to IT security represents an expansive future for this Finnish company.

Finns to develop Australia’s smart mobility systems

Mobility as a Service Australia and MaaS Finland have signed a partnership agreement to explore opportunities to bring Finnish innovation to Australia.

Jungle Juice Bar slays dragons as it eyes global success

‘Freshness, wellbeing and social responsibility’ are the three pillars of Finnish smoothie bar firm Jungle Juice Bar. Now the company has made the first steps to take its refreshing approach abroad.

Funding boost takes care of NurseBuddy’s growth

Finland-based NurseBuddy, a mobile software solution for home care organisations, has attracted 650 000 euros in funding.

10 Questions: Markus Kokko

How early do you wake up on weekdays and what is the first thing you do? I wake up at about seven and start off with a shave, which...

Nokia upgrades Qatar’s mobile broadband network

Finland-based Nokia and Qatar’s telecommunications provider Ooredoo have signed a three-year agreement regarding upgrading and expanding Ooredoo’s mobile broadband network.

Finnish research gives a taste of the future

Finnish researchers are developing advanced food manufacturing technologies by combining expertise in food, material science and 3D printing technology.

The art of the start: A survival guide for setting up a startup

Miika Perä has seen the first steps and battles of three different startups. For him entrepreneurship is a natural way of working with things he deems important.

Lifa Air’s technology freshens up air in Chinese homes

Finnish company Lifa Air is helping the Chinese people breathe amidst the country’s massive problem with pollution. Co-operation with China’s leading sound system manufacturer Edifier takes Lifa Air’s air purifiers into the biggest market in the world.

Microsoft’s new startup hub fosters dialogue in Helsinki

Finland’s dynamic startup scene was further boosted in April when Microsoft opened up its Flux space for startups and other aspiring entrepreneurs in the heart of Helsinki.

Zervant most promising fintech startup in the Nordics

Finland-based fintech startup Zervant has been chosen as the most promising fintech startup in the Nordic countries.

Finnish children among the fairest of them all

A UNICEF report has ranked the inequality among Finland’s children as being the second-lowest of 41 high-income countries.

Wanted: bold recruiters

It is hard to help noticing how few women are on the boards and executive groups of Finnish companies. In this respect we are, unfortunately, not any further along...

Eximap drives growth in the car aftermarket

Why waste time trying to find a good repair workshop or spare parts dealer, when the information is already at hand?

Icare measures further success in USA

The United States Food and Drug Administration FDA has granted Icare Finland a permit to sell its next-generation Icare ic100 tonometer on the US market.

Blooming’s mindfulness app aims to prevent burnout

Finnish startup Blooming is only a few months old, but it is aiming high. The company wants mindfulness meditation to become as popular as doing physical exercise.

Explosive growth of Biolan’s sales in China

Finnish ecological farming and green area management company Biolan has gained a strong foothold in China’s markets. Sales of the company’s composters are expected to grow up to 400 per cent annually.

Gamerefinery develops a successful formula

Ascertaining a game’s potential is now easier than ever thanks to the use of Finnish mobile game analytics.

Hellon aims for the top in service design

In the future, robotisation and artificial intelligence will replace a large proportion of service sector jobs, making service design all the more relevant. For this reason, more focus should be placed on well-functioning and solution-driven service design. This is what the international award-winning Finnish service design company Hellon believes.

Finnish Idean expands from Silicon Valley to Berlin

Finnish UXD (user experience design) company Idean opens a new office in Berlin in the autumn 2016.

Finternet digitalises the media industry through startups

Finternet-Group is Finland’s answer to Rocket Internet in Germany. The company thrives on establishing already successful business models and importing them around Eastern and Northern Europe.

Finnish ‘Cyber War Room’ beats hackers at their own game

As the world becomes increasingly digital, so do the threats it faces. A Finnish research laboratory has harnessed the powers of attack testing and public-private co-operation to stay one step ahead of cybercrime.

Walkbase takes stock of physical retail

Making offline sales as smart as online is merely a matter of harnessing these innovative analytics.

Finnish researchers develop more efficient microbatteries

Researchers of Aalto University in Finland have developed manufacturing method for microbatteries with organic electrode materials.

Basware strengthens market position in the US by acquiring Verian

Finnish company Basware has acquired Verian, a leading cloud-based solution provider in the purchase-to-pay market.

The future is all about change for Reaktor

Revenue of 42 million euros last year saw this innovative company turning a tidy profit. Now it is settling in for the long haul.

Umbra rendering the next generation of games

Finnish technology company Umbra has been leading the way in rendering 3D landscapes for some of the most popular games of recent years, including Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and Destiny.

Veo concludes largest hydropower agreement in its history

Veo, a Finnish energy technology company, has concluded a significant framework agreement with the Norwegian company Eidsiva Vannkraft on electrification and automation systems for the Eidsiva hydropower plant.

Leading and feeding employment

With many people coming from abroad to work in Finland, companies have to adapt to suit this new international workforce. One of these companies is Leadfeeder, whose employees come from Finland and other parts of Europe.

EIB grants Finnish NewIcon EUR 8 million loan

Finnish health technology company NewIcon has received an eight million euro loan from the European Investment Bank (EIB) for its development and innovation activities in the field of medicine logistics.

Binderholz spruces up production with Finnish expansion

A major Finnish acquisition boosts the global plans of wood processing specialist Binderholz.

M-Files’ growth boosted with massive EUR 33 million investment

The Tampere-based enterprise information management company M-Files has secured a capital investment of 33 million euros.

Posti joins DHL partner network

Finland’s Posti Group has joined the DHL network, a move which will harmonise international parcel deliveries in 16 European countries.

Finnish technology gets smart about clothing

Clothing can now automatically adjust itself according to the wearer’s needs, thanks to VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland.

HealthSPA boosts innovation for Finnish health startups

Getting to know the right people in the health tech ecosystem can be tricky, but Finnish association Healthspa is working towards putting the pieces together.

Apped transforms working culture with fun business apps

Finnish startup Apped bypasses IT integrations to make business applications enjoyable and effective.

NewIcon takes first steps into Iran’s pharmacy market

Finnish health technology company NewIcon has signed an agreement with a clinic operating near Urmia, one of Iran’s major cities, concerning a fully automated pharmacy storage system. According to the company, the Iranian market holds potential.

Spotlight on Arctic growth companies

Oulu, the self-titled ‘capital of Northern Scandinavia’, is a hotbed for high-technology success stories.

Finnish bank fuels mobile innovation

A new mobile fuelling feature for paying for petrol is being introduced by Finland’s S-Bank.

Ignoring the African startup spirit would be bad business

Laptops are humming away in an air-conditioned space reserved for innovation in Tanzania’s capital Dar es Salaam as dozens of young startup entrepreneurs work on their business ideas. The...

Finnish research opens up new possibilities for Li-ion batteries

Scientists at the University of Eastern Finland have found a solution to a problem concerning the low electric conductivity of new materials used in Li-ion batteries.

Finnish concept takes new innovation culture to Namibia

The Demola concept based on cross-sectoral networking, which was developed in Tampere, Finland, is expanding to Africa.

Posti Group strengthens its role in international e-commerce

Finnish Posti Group has established a pickup point network in the Baltic countries, which serves consumers and companies at shops and kiosks in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. 

Startups face the freeze at Polar Bear Pitching

Polar Bear Pitching competition puts early stage startups, and their sales skills, to the test in icy water.

Valossa takes video search to the next level with AI

Looking for that movie where Sean Connery wears red trousers? Or romantic comedies set in Hawaii? Finnish startup Valossa offers a new way to find video content with a combination of voice control and deep content analysis.

Persistence pays off for Seepia Games

After its first three games clocked up millions of downloads, this games studio aims to duplicate its success.

Finnish startup Zyptonite brings privacy to video calls

Born out of frustration with unreliable, insecure video calling services, Zyptonite believes it has found a better way.

Gold&Green Foods makes vegetarianism easily digestible

Finnish oats and beans combine to create an innovative and nutritious alternative to meat.

Finnish electric bus manufacturer heads for billion-euro markets

The Finnish startup company Linkker, which designs and manufactures electric buses, is heading full speed onto the global electric bus markets.

Finnish startup creating IT boom in Nepal

IT Oxygen, a Finnish software company established in 2015, is helping to rebuild earthquake-torn Nepal by developing the local IT sector and creating jobs.

Inventure looks for growth in Sweden

Finnish venture capital company Inventure has joined startup hub SUP46 in Stockholm.

French VC firm Ventech targets Nordics with Finnish expansion

In recent years the Nordic region has gained a veritable reputation as a hotbed for innovative startups. This reputation has now attracted also the first international venture capital (VC) company to set up office in Finland.

HappyOrNot provides feedback, one smiley at a time

Gathering the opinions of customers and employees is now as easy as the push of a button.

Konecranes nets duo of additional orders

Finnish crane manufacturer Konecranes has received further orders from two of its long-term customers.

Tapp Commerce develops an emerging marketplace

Whilst many people in developing countries are in possession of both cash and smartphones, an overwhelming number of them aren’t able to pay for goods or services online. Solving this problem with its peer-to-peer commerce network, this Finnish company is set to make bank.

Finlayson’s bulbless innovation shines a light

Finlayson is bringing a new bulbless lamp to the markets. The People’s Light prototype was presented at the Maison & Objet fair in Paris over the weekend.

Jevelo leverages smartphones and 3D to make jewellery

Ever dreamt about being a jewellery designer or turning a special photo into a physical memento? Finnish startup Primesmith makes both possible.

BrandBastion keeps watch over social media

It’s time to bid farewell to disruptions to your carefully tailored advertising campaign.

Teraloop’s innovation captures the sun and wind

The world is packed with renewable energy. Making use of it efficiently, however, requires ways of storing it, because the sun only shines in the day and the wind does not always blow. Finnish Teraloop believes it can rearrange the global energy landscape.

Finnish students create solar-powered electric bicycle

A quartet of students from Aalto University’s Advanced Project Design course has developed a solar-powered electric bicycle.

Soil Scout digs deep for water efficiency

The Internet of Things is heading underground, thanks to this three-pronged innovation.

New Finnish districts develop a green perspective

While much of the buzz surrounding smart innovations focuses on emerging startups, Finnish cities are also rolling up their sleeves, creating a number of new districts that draw on ecologically sound approaches.

Open source innovator Vaadin raises USD 6 million in funding 

Finland-based open source company Vaadin has raised six million dollars in investment from Eequity and Finnish Industry Investment. Vaadin’s user-interface tools are used in 40 per cent of Fortune-100 companies and by over 150 000 developers worldwide.

HKScan heads for Asia with fresh meat products

HKScan has now officially inaugurated its Asian office in Hong Kong with the launch of its Omega-3 pork products in China.

Kasperi rethinks urban mobility through design

A defining feature of these leather bags is influencing the fashion of business: they are 100 per cent made in Finland.

10 Questions: Pirkko Karhunen

How early do you wake up on weekdays and what is the first thing you do? I live in Seattle but consult with an apparel company in Philadelphia, so...

Wärtsilä enhances Mexican power plant for decade

Finnish company Wärtsilä has signed a full scope, 10-year operations and maintenance agreement with Central Generadora Electrica Huinala in Mexico.

VTT’s innovation enhances interaction between human and robot

The quick-control system developed by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland shortens substantially the programming time for industrial robots, enabling the use of automation also in short production runs.

Finnish Teleste brings Next-Gen TV services to Poland

Teleste has signed an agreement with Multimedia Polska on development of next generation TV content delivery system. The platform will support delivery of innovative new TV services to subscribers of Multimedia Polska.

Tosibox is the real deal in IoT connectivity

Tosibox offers a secure remote connection for industrial engineering machinery, swiftly connecting it with a global customer base in the process.

Stora Enso combats housing shortage with modular construction

Finland’s and central Europe’s increasing housing shortage has caused Stora Enso to develop new construction concepts.

Viking Malt purchases malting company from Carlsberg

Carlsberg sells its subsidiary Danish Malting Group A/S (DMG) to Finnish malting company Viking Malt.

Finnish gluten-free pasta Glutø overcomes culinary barriers

The gluten-free fresh pasta produced by the Finnish company Glutzero continues to spark interest abroad. Its secret lies in healthy ingredients and a precise manufacturing process.

Curious AI turns machines into autonomous learners

The opportunities artificial intelligence (AI) brings us are still partially wild visions of the future. One of the companies knocking on the doors of this new kind of world is Finland’s The Curious AI Company, which aims at turning machines into human-like autonomous learners.

Varaani revolutionises digital data storage

The volume of digital content is rapidly increasing both at home and in the office environment. The Finnish company Varaani tackles the challenges of saving that content. Next year, the company will launch a consumer product that is the first of its kind in the world.

Lillagunga swings into business globally

The humble swing has been giving children a lift for centuries, yet quality products have been hard to find in recent times. This Finnish company seeks to change all that, by taking their wooden products to the world.

Servicepoint to collaborate with US-based Systech

Finnish automation supplier Servicepoint has signed a strategic partnership agreement with US-based Systech International, which specialises in brand protection.

Finnish startup creates one feedback service to rule them all

Services like TripAdvisor have made it possible to publicly review everything from corner shops to holiday resorts, but what if we just want to give direct feedback? Finnish startup Gizlo believes the best channel for this can be found in our pockets.

Proxy Ventures builds startups into world-class brands

Take two Finns, a brand specialist and an academic, mix with London and you get the origin story of Proxy Ventures. The brand-focused venture capital firm is far from your typical investor and has some valuable tips to share.

Nokia’s descendants

Nokia has left behind many traces of itself in Finland. Frequently these traces lead to new startup companies. Good News from Finland presents four companies whose founders are former Nokia employees.

In-game advertiser Madberry sets up headquarters in Helsinki

Advertising technology company Madberry has taken a step closer to its gaming industry customers by opening headquarters in Helsinki.

Kiosked raises USD 30 million in funding to drive global growth

Finnish advertising automation platform company Kiosked has gathered 30 million US dollars in Series B funding. The financing round is led by several major institutional investors, including the European Investment Bank.

Tecnotree wins USD 3.5 million deal in West Africa

Finnish IT solutions provider Tecnotree has received a 3.5 million US dollar order from a leading telecommunications operator in West Africa.

Swedish investors acquire Finnish discount retailer

Swedish investor Adelis Equity has announced its acquisition of a majority stake in Finnish retail company Puuilo.

Runteq gives sports apps a run for their money

It’s no stretch to say that the market has been saturated with similar devices that track and monitor your sporting progress. Breaking away from the pack, Zoi brings your coach along with you.

Striimin takes global film industry online

The film and TV industry is increasingly headed online and Finnish streaming technology company is helping to take them there.

Study Advisory makes choosing universities student-friendly

Every year a handful of esteemed academic indexes rank universities on a global scale. But do these really give prospective students the information they require when deciding where to study?

Richie makes modern-day mobile media profitable

Newspapers and magazines are competing for their readers’ time – and money – with countless other things. The mobile solutions created by Finnish Richie make readers stay on the pages of a digital paper, and advertising is added subtly yet efficiently.

Wellmo wellness app launched in the Netherlands

Finnish health tech startup Wellmo has launched its wellness platform in the Netherlands.

Zalando launches its first startup coaching program in Helsinki

German online fashion giant Zalando opens the doors of its Helsinki tech hub to innovative startups.

Over EUR 600K in funding for Flashnode

Flashnode, a Finnish company that focuses on automated data flows, has raised over 600 000 euros in funding from investors.

Finnish documentary wins in Copenhagen

Finnish filmmakers Mika Taanila and Jussi Eerola have been awarded the Best Nordic Film prize for Return of the Atom at the CPH: DOX festival.

Fourdeg gives heating costs the cold shoulder

Given the prevalence of cooler months here up north, it’s unsurprising that an innovative approach to heating has emerged from Finland.

Finnish startups motivating work communities

Good management and wellbeing at work are growing topics. They were also apparent at the recently ended Slush event for startups. We met with three Finnish companies that share the same basic philosophy: When a company’s employees are fulfilled and motivated, they work better.

Finnish fintech trio make your everyday life easier

Startup event Slush brings together some of Finland’s most exciting startups in fintech.

Restaurant app Wolt raises EUR 2 million

The Finnish restaurant app Wolt has raised two million euros in funding. The main investor was Supercell’s CEO Ilkka Paananen.

American tech company opens R&D headquarters in Helsinki

Custom footwear manufacturer Zero G has selected Finland as its European base. The company is expanding to Europe and will open its international R&D headquarters in Helsinki.

On the trail of sustainable business at Slush

Technology and startup conference Slush might still be perceived by many as a meeting place for game companies. In reality, the event draws all kinds of enterprises: for example, those seeking financing for businesses that promote sustainable development.

Genano purifies air in Poland and Saudi Arabia

Finnish company Genano’s air decontamination units have been sold to multiple hospitals in Poland and Saudi Arabia.

Noona brings cancer clinics to patients’ fingertips

There is no hiding from the growing number of cancer cases. While the quality of cancer treatment is ever improving, the recovery process can make patients feel isolated. It is here Finnish mobile service Noona hopes to bring greatly improved support and care to their fingertips.

Wirepas wins international innovation award

Finnish technology company Wirepas has won the IoT Product Innovation Award at the European Utility Week.

Knomi makes shopping more about people, less about products

Click! It’s not uncommon these days to hear the sound of a mobile phone camera from behind the curtain of a fitting room: customers want to share their potential purchases with friends before the final decision. Knomi, a fashion application developed in Finland, brings social into shopping both on your mobile and in real-life fashion boutiques.

Sweden’s Office Management acquires Bitify

The Finnish IT service company Bitify is transferring to the Swedish company Office Management and will use the new resources gained as a result of the transaction to grow its business.

CosmEthics brings transparency to cosmetics in China

Cosmethics has released an app that reveals the secrets of cosmetic ingredients to consumers in China. By scanning the product’s barcode or doing a product search in the app’s database, the app helps consumers find out information about what is really in the cosmetic product.

Helsinki startup village designing the future of health technology

The headquarters of health technology giant GE Healthcare in Vallila, Helsinki hide within their walls a bustling village society. Both small and large companies in the Health Innovation Village feed off each other’s energy and networks.

Sooma helps to elevate the mood

Treatment of neurological and psychiatric disorders is poised to come into the home, without the aid of medication.

Tuuti Piippo presents future female tech leaders

Think about the most influential leaders in technology. The founders of world-known companies like Google, Apple, and Samsung. How many women leaders cross your mind? Not many. This is something that Finnish author and journalist Tuuti Piippo wants to change.

UK-based Telecity opens another data centre in Helsinki

British data centre specialist Telecity Group has opened its sixth data centre facility in the capital of Finland. The new facility in Helsinki has been opened as part of Telecity’s ongoing expansion programme across Europe.

Solu sets out to change the system

After 30 years of Apple and Windows duking it out over who has the best operating system, a new player has boldly entered the race.

Fimmic secures funding for digitalising cancer diagnostics

The Finnish company raises 1.5 million euros in funding to the development of digital microscopy.

Helsinki Airport voted one of world’s best

Helsinki Airport is one of the best airports in the world, according to travel website The Guide to Sleeping in Airports.

Ductor fuels change for the biogas industry

After a groundbreaking discovery, this Finnish company is tapping into three global megatrends.

Presefy changes the geography of presentations

The presentation tool Presefy, created by four university students, brings presentations to the audience members’ personal devices – no matter where they are in the world. The company’s technology is utilised in a new online service developed by the London Stock Exchange Group, and if all goes to plan, no lost memory stick will ever delay yet another lecture.

Finnish research helps elderly get around

Elderly people will be soon able to utilise a mobile phone-based navigation service that guides them for the entirety of their route on public transport.

Strong concept key to successful e-commerce

Finland’s global reputation is one of solid technology expertise. “Why haven’t we succeeded in creating globally successful e-commerce?” is however a question we hear often. E-commerce means selling online. In...

Lovia creates sustainable products with a story

Finnish design brand Lovia didn’t want to see valuable materials thrown into trash bins. Lovia produces sustainable and locally sourced luxury, and some believe it’ll be the next international success story of Finnish design.

Viking Malt aims at Europe’s expanding microbrewery sector

Finnish malting company Viking Malt has started co-operation with Colorado Malting Company to produce American malts for the European markets.

Wirepas builds innovative IoT networks

The Internet of Things is still in its infancy, but the Finnish company Wirepas has made an evolutionary leap forward with its solution.

Ex-Rovio employees launch Superplus Games

A unique combination of neon colours, mini golf and ’80s arcade pinball games. This is how new Finnish gaming startup Superplus Games plans to break into global markets.

Moppi disrupts the cleaning business

The cleaning business has not changed in decades. The Finnish startup Moppi has made it its mission to turn the conventional markets for home cleaning services upside down.

Black Eye comes into focus

This range of attachable lenses is rapidly expanding the perspective of smartphone cameras. brings a boost to recruitment business

A big pile of great applications is a challenge for any recruiter. Interviewing everyone would be costly and take time, but all interesting applicants deserve a shot. provides the market with a solution that benefits both job-seekers and recruiters.

Quuppa keeps track of the market

Much has been made about the declining fortunes of Nokia. Yet, the flip side sees former employees now bringing their innovative ideas directly to the market themselves, such as this intelligent locating system.

M Room hits the global hair business

Being the biggest in Finland doesn’t quite cut it for barbershop chain M Room: its aim is to be the biggest on the planet. Now it has shops in Europe and the US, and new doors are knocked on all the time.

&Bros gains global interest with playful everyday objects

Finland is home to growing number of young designers who refuse to bend to traditional molds or take ethical production for granted. With one foot strongly in international markets, Helsinki-based &Bros is one of them.

Backed by major funding, Relex heads to US market

Relex Solutions, a computer software company specialising in logistics, has secured funding for a US market launch.

Catchbox gives audiences a voice like never before

Catchbox puts an end to conference monologues: the microphone can be passed from one speaker to another simply by throwing it like a ball. The innovative yet simple invention has convinced not only customers, but also juries looking for award-winning design.

FRENN updates men’s wardrobe for the modern age

This pioneering Finnish fashion house is adapting to changes in daily working life.

Unmonday wants to shape the future of wireless audio

Competition in the audio market is fierce, but Finnish startup Unmonday believes success lies in taking the unconventional route in design and functionality. The company is behind the world’s first wireless multi-channel speaker with a unique control system.

Valmet receives order from Resolute Forest Products

The Finnish company Valmet, a developer and supplier of technology, automation and services for the pulp, paper and energy industries, has received an order by the Canadian company Resolute Forest Products.

E-commerce giant hires passionate programmers in Helsinki

Online fashion retailer Zalando launched its new tech unit in Helsinki at the end of August, as announced earlier this year. The Helsinki unit starts with a dozen people but may employ as many as 200 in a couple of years.

Finnish sea tech plans big splash in the world’s oceans

Finland may be known for Nokia, Angry Birds and forests, but where the country wants to tap next leaves the land behind altogether: the smart maritime industry.

Finnish Posti tests robotic helicopters in e-commerce deliveries

Finnish logistics and mail delivery company Posti Group is experimenting with robotic helicopters in e-commerce deliveries. The four-day test started on September 2.

Booxmedia nets deal with Dutch company Delta

The Finnish company Booxmedia has signed a deal with the Dutch utilities and digital service company Delta for a new end-to-end multiscreen cloud TV.

Smarp expands to US with office in New York

Finnish startup Smarp, the provider of digital employee advocacy services, will open an office in New York in September. The company saw its revenues triple in 2015.

Nokia Networks deploys small cells in Qatar

Nokia Networks has inked a contract with Qatar’s leading communications company, Ooredoo Qatar. The agreement sees the Finnish company installing its small cells in hotspots across the country.

4 Finnish healthtech startups to keep an eye on

Finland’s startup reputation may have been built on mobile games, but that is only one side of the story. Here is our pick of four innovative wellness startups with potential to become the next big Finnish success story — and be good for us.

Meontrust and Uno Telos to secure e-banking in West Africa

Finnish cyber security company Meontrust has signed a partnership agreement with Nigeria’s Uno Telos to roll out its e-banking service Mepin in West African markets. Uno Telos is one of the leading Multi System Integrator companies in West Africa.

Finnish running innovation emphasises natural movement

What do you get when you combine a sports shoe expert and a physiotherapist specialised in lower body problems? Our reporter met with the founders of a new Finnish running shoe company to find out.

Pure Waste recycles waste into shirts

Pure Waste makes 100 per cent recycled clothing from textile waste. In a year and a half, the company has saved 200 million litres of freshwater by making products out of recycled cotton. This innovative Finnish company is now building its own recycling plant in India.

Valmet lands another big Chinese order

Finnish company Valmet has signed its second significant contract in China in a week.

Motivade enhances co-operation between personal trainer and client

An app developed by Motivade compiles clients’ training data and helps personal trainers find clients and maintain contact with them. The company has set its sights on the UK and Australian personal trainer markets.

Yogaia brings yoga instructors into your living room

Despite good intentions, plenty of excuses can come between you and attending of a yoga or fitness class. Yogaia makes sure not having time to go the gym is no longer one of them.

WordDive created a clever way of learning languages

WordDive from Tampere, Finland, pushes language learners to make use of several senses during learning. Now CEO Timo-Pekka Leinonen speaks four foreign languages, whereas before he struggled to buy a train ticket in English.

Lowering the language hurdle

I admire many things about Finland. One is how Finns manage to be so modern and so attached to their rural roots at the same time. I cannot help...

Relex Solutions nets major deal in Switzerland

The logistics experts of Relex Solutions have been chosen by Swiss pharmaceutical wholesale giant Galexis to optimise its supply chain. The Finland-based company specialises in simplifying logistic chains from end to end.

Fimmic widens its scope

This Finnish company is putting the Digital Age under the microscope.

Finn joint winner of award for innovative transport design

The Water Strider, created by Oliver Lehtonen from Finland and Philippe Hohlfeld from Luxembourg, has won an international electric transport design competition.

Rightware drives changes in how you interact with your car

The Finnish company Rightware has created a solution for user interfaces in automobiles. They expect their technology will be in tens of millions of vehicles.

Ditch your plastic, Intellipocket brings loyalty cards to your phone

It is time to say goodbye to plastic cards. Finnish software developer Intellipocket helps companies of all sizes to create mobile loyalty programmes.

Star-tap accelerates corporations and startups

Everybody likes to talk about startups, but what about the companies supporting them. The latest Finnish accelerator programme taps into collaboration between industry giants and agile startups.

AiScreen transforms sports spectator experience

AiScreen, a startup company from Tampere, has taken on a current topic: sports data. Established two years ago, the company offers digital tracking services for team sports, which benefit sports teams, leagues, the media and betting companies.

Lumine helps cities see the light

Automated street lighting activated by presence detection promises significant reductions in energy wastage costs.

Slurp brings artisan roasteries to Finns’ doorsteps

In recent years, many small companies roasting coffee beans with expertise and dedication have popped up in Finland. Local company Slurp wishes to spread the word on these micro-roasteries – also outside Finland’s borders.

MediGoo spreads health through information, support, and testing

Medigoo wants to help consumers take care of their own health. Information is shared for free, and its business lies in selling home tests. In April the company was included in the Top 100 list of the most promising European startups by US media company Red Herring.

Super Analytics’ digital dashboard goes global

Finland-based Super Analytics has launched its new digital service called SuperBrain Dashboard globally. The service stems from Super Analytics’ global research which identified a clear need for a new, smarter dashboard service.

Finnish Etteplan acquires Dutch company Thesus Talking Image

Etteplan, a Finnish company specialising in technical documentation and designing industrial machinery, has acquired the Dutch company Thesus Talking Image. All of its employees will be transferred to Etteplan.

Solarch brings digitalisation to self and homecare

Do you worry about family members living in different places? Finnish health tech startup Solarch may have the answer.

Formal Friday brings fitting rooms online

A piece of clothing from an online shop doesn’t always quite fit its new owner, but the returns and refunds annoy both shoppers and entrepreneurs. Formal Friday Clothing made its website a fitting room and its clothes so high-quality and durable, that their customers stand a good chance of getting it right the first time around.

Oikian Solutions makes the market personal

Pioneering mobile targeting technologies and solutions flow forth from the northern city of Oulu.

Valmet delivers energy efficiency solutions around Europe

Valmet, the leading global developer and supplier of technologies, automation and services for the pulp, paper and energy industries, delivers orders to Italy, Poland and the UK.

Keypro found market niche in emerging countries

Keypro, which offers solutions and expertise in the field of geographical information, has developed a unique application that has already managed to convince nearly 200 customers in Finland. The Finnish company now intends to play an even stronger role in building infrastructure networks in emerging countries.

Relex Solutions keeps it fresh

Finland’s Relex are specialists in supply chain logistics. Their job is to help their clients stock more products while simultaneously reducing inventory and spoilage.

Finnish innovation takes the treatment of strokes to a new level

Nexstim is a medical technology company whose Navigated Brain Stimulation (NBS) technology is unique in the world. NBS can help revolutionise rehabilitation for stroke patients.

720 Degrees improves workspaces through measurements

Finnish startup 720 Degrees has set out to tackle problems in indoor environmental quality at workplaces, which have a direct impact on the wellbeing of employees and thus their performance. The objective is to collect and analyse data based on which companies can carry out investments to improve the workspace.

The future looks crowded for Invesdor

Finnish crowdfunding platform has the EU – and the world – in its sights.

EUR 1.8 million financing kick starts Asqella’s imaging technology

Internal theft is one the major causes for loss in retail. But not for long, if you ask Finnish technology company Asqella.

Finnchat brings human interaction to online shopping

Who said Finns don’t talk? Online live-chat provider Finnchat has grown from three people to dozens, and now it’s trying to – literally – spread the word in the international market, too.

Finnish robots test devices for global mobile giants

Do you own a touchscreen device? Chances are it has been tested by Finnish human simulator robots.

Mepin to protect Philippine banks against fraudsters

Mepin, the global online user authentication and transaction authorisation provider, has signed a partnership with Trends & Technologies, a solutions provider and systems integrator for information and communications technology in the Philippines.

Ixonos created a Generation Y news service for Al-Jazeera

Ixonos rose and shone together with Nokia. Now the company creates digital services: the news service AJ+ created for Al Jazeera America by Ixonos was ranked as one of the world’s best designed digital news products.

LeadDesk takes new technology to an old industry

Finland’s Lead Desk has expanded across Europe by offering cutting-edge solutions to the telemarketing industry.

Social media travels with you, wherever you go

Social media is omnipresent – it is mass media that is everywhere, all the time. Our company is implementing its social media strategy in Finland, Sweden, other parts of...

Dream Broker uses video to revolutionise corporate communications

Finland’s Dream Broker has developed a cloud-based system for companies to communicate using videos. They say the core of their philosophy is to help people communicate, collaborate and learn.

Pelago Bicycles biking its way to the world

What do a trip around the world, cyclocross and a work commute have in common? Answer: They can all be done on a Finnish-made Pelago bicycle.

Bitbar to solidify its presence in the US market

Bitbar Technologies, the Finnish company behind Testdroid – cloud-based mobile development and testing, has closed a new funding round.

Finnair wins international design award

Finnair has won an International Yacht & Aviation Award for the design of its new Airbus A350 XWB cabin interiors in Economy and Business Class.

Wolt cuts down time at the counter

Not enough time to wait around for your coffee or lunch to be prepared at your favourite establishment? The solution is in your pocket.

VividWorks knows where your new couch goes

It is a struggle to buy furniture because you don’t know how it will look once you get it home. Now a Finnish company lets you visualise different furnishings in your home before you even leave the store.

Finnish research senses food spoilage

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has developed a sensor that detects ethanol inside food packages. The chemical is formed when food spoils.

Cabforce attracts major acquirer with Car Trawler

Finland’s Cabforce will join with Ireland’s Car Trawler in a deal which will help Finnish operations grow.

Finnish eateries serve it up globally

The last five years have seen a phenomenal shift in the Finnish culinary scene, with Michelin-starred establishments and a burgeoning street food scene satiating a variety of palates. Now these tastes are heading abroad, from the top shelf to the street.

Power Engineers boosts renewable energy drive with Finnish expansion

Engineering consulting services firm Power Engineers has been managing projects worldwide since it began in a small town in 1976. Now the US company is strengthening its European presence by investing in a growing subsidiary in Finland.

Palodex committed to the path of continuous improvement

Finnish health technology and its success are gaining more and more coverage. However, recent innovations are not all there is to our expertise in this field: Finland has a track record of pioneering health and medical technology spanning decades. One of these success stories is Palodex Group.

3 Step IT finds inspiration in circular economy

The Finnish company 3 Step IT has rapidly expanded internationally and now they see new opportunities in innovative business models.

Forget fitness apps, new Finnish virtual coach improves life skills

No fitness tracking or instant results here, Helsinki-based Newolo has taken a different approach to wellbeing. Its virtual coaching service improves mental fitness through cognitive behavioural methods.

Nautor’s Swan sails gracefully towards its half-century

Over 2 000 yachts have been launched from the small Finnish coastal town of Pietasaari, to be enjoyed by sailors from all over the world.

HK Scan heads to Far East

Finnish food company HK Scan is investing in its export business by establishing a sales office in Hong Kong this year.

Finnish startup offers a diabetes diary with a twist

387 million people are estimated to live with diabetes globally and the number keeps rising. Finnish startup Sensotrend plans to make their lives a little easier.

Engineering consultancy Citec eyes emerging markets for rapid growth

For the Finnish engineering consultancy Citec, emerging markets are becoming increasingly important as the group seeks to expand its footprint across Asia and Middle East.

GeoTech sets up Indian-Finnish joint venture in Helsinki

Indian software development company GeoTech has been working with Scandinavian customers since 2008. Now with business booming the company has taken the next step: opening its first European operations in Helsinki, Finland.

Volundeer puts its hand up for humanitarianism

A new online service seeks to revolutionise volunteering by bringing global information, stories and opportunities together for the same cause.

Software company Heeros expands in Sweden and Netherlands

Heeros, a Finnish provider of software services, will be launching its business in Sweden and expanding its existing services in Amsterdam and Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

Papu weaves stories into its eco-friendly children’s clothes

Children’s clothing brand Papu wants to produce clothes good enough to make them collectables. Eco-friendliness and responsibility are the guidelines for not only Papu’s products, but also their production: their European collaborators have been checked out in person.

AppGyver makes anyone an app developer

AppGyver, one of the top 100 promising European startups, is a platform for developing apps to any specific need. With 2.5 million dollars already invested into this startup, the primary focus is designing the best platform for developing mobile apps in a rapid and cost efficient way.

Robots dispense global success for NewIcon

Robots can fly planes and drive cars. Thanks to the innovations of one Finnish startup they can also help you get the right medicine.

Faralong is a business idea that will travel

Finnish entrepreneurs offer a different route for booking your next holiday.

Startup Sauna’s reputation is heating up

Startup Sauna, a community that was started by a group of entrepreneurial minded students from Aalto University, was established in 2010 and continues to draw startups from over 20 countries and interested investors to the 1500 square meter industry hall that CEO Jaakko Hynynen calls his office.

Not much small-talk but plenty of big ideas!

As a student of journalism who hasn’t graduated yet, coming to Finland in order to fulfill a work placement was slightly daunting. It didn’t help when we were advised...

Green Stream signs 2nd contract in China this year

Finland’s Green Stream Network has inked its second energy efficiency project contract in China this year. This most recent project was signed with the Chinese paper mill, Shangdong Guanjun Paper Co., located in Shangdong province. Finnish company Runtech Systems will be the key technology provider.

Finns use the most mobile data in world

Finland uses the most mobile data per person in the world according to a study by research firm tEfficient. The average Finnish SIM utilised 2.4 GB per month last year.

Shark Punch creates a matchmaker for gamers

Finnish startup Shark Punch wants to disrupt the game industry by creating the “Netflix for games”. Investors agree that such service is in demand: the company raised over a million euros in a funding round led by London Venture Partners. Due to the investment, the number of Shark Punch staff will nearly double. 

Finnish Holvi takes up Germany

Finland based Fintech startup Holvi, is conquering the European banking landscape and reshaping financial technology services focusing next on Germany.

Finnish research pioneers new lager beer flavours

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has published a groundbreaking scientific study on the successful generation of hybrid lager yeasts.

Finnish wind park minimises harm to birdlife

An 11-turbine maritime wind farm opening in 2016 on Tahkoluoto island, located offshore from the city of Pori in western Finland, is set to include an innovative new bird radar.

Firstbeat, the Finnish secret behind teams like Manchester City

Firstbeat represents Finnish modesty at its best. The little known company provides technology used by millions around the world – including the English national football team.

Me & MyCity to host Swedish royal couple

The Swedish royal couple are on a state visit to Finland from 3 to 5 March. One of their destinations will be Me & MyCity, a multi-award-winning education innovation developed by the Economic Information office TAT.

AK-Service heads west from Helsinki

AK-Service Ltd, Russia’s market leader of onboard service products, wants to make its products travel further. This year the company will open an office in Helsinki, which will serve as a stepping stone into the European market.

Fitting success for Icepeak on a global scale

The annual Lahti Ski Games sees the city’s iconic trio of ski jumps towering over a hub of activity that lasts for three days every year. Drawing competitors and visitors from all corners of the world, increasingly many of them are arriving clad in apparel from a local Lahti company Luhta.

New worldwide drinking trend from Finnish forests

Last year British media predicted birch sap, or birch water, to be the coconut water of 2015: a worldwide drinking trend. Finnish company Nordic Koivu was onto it before others; they’ve been exporting birch sap for over a decade.

Osteoarthritis patients benefit from jumping

Researchers in Finland say that high-impact training could be beneficial to postmenopausal women at risk of osteoporosis (bone loss). The study was carried out in the Department of Health Sciences at the University of Jyväskylä.

XMLdation offers fix to Europe’s leading banks

Finland’s XMLdation has partnered with Irish technology vendor Nomos Software to improve bank customer implementation experience.

Storm of interest brewing for Kumu Drums overseas

Kumu Drums is developing its custom-made drums for an international audience.

Digital Illustrated speeds up growth under Norwegian ownership

Visma, a Norwegian cloud company that supplies business-enhancing services, has acquired the Finnish consulting company Digital Illustrated.

Picosun doubles production capacity

Finland’s Picosun, the leading manufacturer of high quality Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) equipment, says it has doubled its production capacity to meet growing demand.

Finnish car maker touts powerful electric supercar

A new Finnish startup, Toroidion, has announced plans to unveil the world’s most powerful electric supercar at Top Marques Monaco, the luxury car show, in April.

Finnish health bracelet may revolutionise hospital patient care

Finnish biomedical startup Medieta has an ambitious goal: to reduce healthcare costs while optimising patient care and increasing efficiency. The key to this is the company’s unique medical health measurement bracelet ‘ErrS’.

Finnish PKC Group buys Groclin subsidiaries

Finland’s PKC Group has signed a deal to buy the wiring and controls business of Poland’s automotive seating manufacturer Groclin.

Finnish oats – a gentle super-grain from the North

Finnish oats are a real super-grain – packed with good energy, fibres and lipids. Growing in pristine, barren conditions, Finnish oats are a versatile health bomb. This traditional super-grain...

Radio advertiser Exaget set for expansion

Finnish Exaget, a radio advertising technology company, has received a 700 000 euro equity investment from Finnish, Asian and UK investors. The company’s growth is a reflection of the movement in the radio industry where last year adspend was the highest it has been since 2000, up 8.9 per cent.

Dreams & Doors creates ecological sports fashion

Two years ago, Alisha Hasan decided to realise her dream, which many thought was a tad grandiose. She established a fashion company named Dreams & Doors that manufactures ecological sportswear in the UK – and has decided to make it big.

Merus Power lands Ecuador steel mill contract

Finland’s Merus Power, which offers clean technology to improve power quality, energy efficiency and environmental performance, says it has landed its biggest contract ever.

Making kanteles is music to luthier’s ears

Situated in a small town in Central Finland, a British luthier is creating the Finnish national instrument for a local and international clientele.

The new age of Finnish food

The food import ban imposed by Russia last autumn was a hard blow for Finnish food companies and their globalisation efforts. No one can be happy about the situation,...

Stora Enso to create 150 jobs

Finnish paper, packaging and forest products company Stora Enso is investing 43 million euros in a new production line for wooden building elements, located in Varkaus, Finland. The investment is expected to create 150 jobs in the region.

Tuxera strives for complete compatibility

Every second, three new products are launched with Tuxera’s software inside. The Finnish company, which was founded in 2008, is now the leading provider of file systems that allow content like music, pictures or videos to be shared hassle-free on a Mac, PC or any electronic device.

Elcoline seeks out large and complex industrial projects

The Finnish company Elcoline has found a niche maintaining projects in some of the world’s most demanding industries.

Plækä dresses men with Nordic style

The two Finnish men who, in 2011, named their company Plækä, had no idea what they had just created. Now, three years later, this small nightmare of a name has grown into a retail concept that sells Scandinavian men’s clothing all over the world.

Flockler makes content marketing more social

Today’s digital world challenges companies trying to reach and engage their users across a wide variety of social media channels. This is where the Finnish startup Flockler steps in.

FEATHR is heavily into wallpaper

More Art, Less Decoration – that’s the cri de guerre of the founders of as they embark on their digital wallpaper revolution.

RAIsoft’s software facilitates care work

Finnish company RAIsoft was born 15 years ago out of the desire to improve the quality and planning of care for the elderly. The care work software developed by RAIsoft is now in extensive use in Finland and enjoying growing global demand.

Marketing without money

They say marketing starts with a marketing strategy. In a way, that is true. But a couple of items scribbled on a piece of paper will do just as...

VXI Global Solutions acquires Finnish Symbio

U.S. -based company VXI Global Solutions, a global leader in Business Process Outsourcing and IT Outsourcing services acquires Symbio, a Finnish provider of Outsourced Product Development services. 

Sharetribe brings your ideas to market

Finnish startup Sharetribe began life as a hyperlocal research project for a university in Finland allowing students to buy from each other and share rides.

Viima makes feedback easy

The Finnish software startup Viima has made its first advances into international markets, promising to provide businesses with a transparent and collaborative feedback system.

Canatu’s touch paves the way for new devices

Finnish nanotech company Canatu is gearing up for a critical year. The company is hoping to commercialise its Carbon NanoBud technology, which can make just about any surface into a touch sensor.

Volvo invests in Vantaa

Volvo Finland will establish new premises in Viinikkala, Vantaa. The new premises will house Volvo Group Truck Center’s and Bus Center’s sales and maintenance facilities and maintenance school. 

Artwave wants everyone on waves

Finland’s reputation as a surf country skyrocketed last autumn – all because of one wave. The first artificial Artwave was surfed on in October, and now Artwave wants to spread the joys of surfing all over the world.

Entrepreneurship in transition

In recent years, Finland has been awash with talk of neo-entrepreneurship. Slush has grown from a happening for a small circle of people to a well-known startup event, and...

Woodi puts varying needs on – and in – the table

Kuopion Woodi combines practicality and fun in its furniture for public spaces. In playschools and retirement homes goods have users with varying needs, all of which need to be considered and combined.

Finnish bakery takes cinnamon rolls to Kenya

Helenan Kotileipomo, a Lahti-based bakery, established a sister company in Kenya this autumn. Helena’s Goodies is a bakery and café that offers Nairobians Finnish delicacies. The company’s objective is to be part of the first wave of Kenya’s emerging café culture.

For a decorations manufacturer Christmas comes every day

When ordinary people calm down for the holiday season on Christmas Eve, Weiste is already looking into the future. The first international expo for Christmas decorations takes place in January, so companies already know what’s coming in 2015.

Blueprint Genetics disrupts genetic diagnostics testing and targets US

Almost five per cent of the world population is affected by a hereditary disease, says Finnish biotechnology company Blueprint Genetics. The company has developed a high-quality and cost-efficient professional genetic test to ensure that these diseases are diagnosed correctly.

Hile Water puts Finnish water on everybody’s lips

What does Finland have that studies prove is the cleanest in the world and which is in high demand in as far-away places as South-East Asia and Australia? Finnish water brand Hile Water bottles spring water in Lapland on a production line located next to the spring, prints the labels, packs the bottles in boxes and ships them all over the world. But why?

A Finnish wooden toy leaves room for imagination

A wooden toy can’t play on its own; it requires imagination. Toys designed by Juho Jussila almost a hundred years ago still find their way into Santa’s sack alongside blinking and singing plastic toys due to their endurance, simplicity and Finnish design.

Merus Power brings harmony to electrical systems

What do an airport in Hungary, an hospital in Northern Ireland and a waste water treatment centre in Malaysia have in common?

Finnish design saves lives

Saintex is a small, Finnish family-owned company that manufactures a variety of products. Its most well-known items, however, are its soft safety reflectors. They are the creations of Finnish designers.

Finnish startup gamifies employee advocacy

What started as a passion project of three university friends has grown to an international business with 15 employees which works with brands like LinkedIn and Ernst & Young. It all stems from employee advocacy.

The woman who wanted to break etiquette

Eight years ago, HIM rock band soloist Ville Valo walked past Jenni Ahtiainen in the street. Inspired by the artist’s look, Ahtiainen designed an accessory for Valo and sent it to him. The next time Ahtiainen saw her accessory was when Valo made his entrance to Finland’s annual presidential Independence Day Ball, sporting a lace tiescarf around his neck.

Irofit ready to transform mobile card payments in developing countries

Finnish mobile payment startup Irofit has developed a platform for processing card payments in real-time even without an Internet connection. With a recent 600 000 euro funding round the startup aims to improve the operations of small businesses in the emerging markets.

Finns show industrial Internet expertise at Slush

The Internet of Things was one of the hottest sectors at the 2014 Slush conference. Three Finnish companies went to Slush to show off their know-how in the growing sector.

Slush injects Finnish cleantech innovations with energy

Just moments after the doors of the Expo & Convention Centre opened on Tuesday morning it was already filled with a steady humming of activity: Slush 2014 is on! On the first day of the event, Good News met with three Finnish cleantech and energy sector companies, all of which have their sights set on the global markets.

Plantui grows gardens in urban homes

Designer Janne Loiske loves cooking and used to dream about growing herbs in his home. When travelling abroad, he encountered various indoor gardens but they were neither easy to use nor pleasant to look at. He needed to invent a better one.

Finnish innovation creates trash-free deliveries

Unboxing and disposing of piles of packaging material is deemed a necessary evil of online shopping. But not anymore, a Finnish startup thinks it has the solution.

Sweet loving of commas

”What you guys should understand is that your countries are the exception, not the rule.” I was in Lima, Peru, telling a Peruvian how I felt strange having to...

Be&liv exports design in an envelope

The Finnish design company be&liv’s journey has taken place off the beaten path. The brand was born as a side project of a Finnish company Sulattamo, when ideas started to pile up on the designers’ desks. Be&liv has only operated for just over a year but practically all of its products are already being exported. The Finnish company is just about to launch its brand in Finland.

Moodmetric’s high-tech fashion is not your parents’ mood ring

This autumn Finland’s Vigofere is launching Moodmetric, a wearable technology which measures emotional wellbeing.

Finnish company TWID sets its sights on US

The Finnish software company TWID has raised funding to launch a project aimed at promoting exports in the United States.

Palko Interactive leads the way

Just a few years ago Mathias Eriksson ran his own advertising agency. Then along came an innovation that prompted him to sell his company and start charting new waters.

Health startup CosmEthics decodes toxic cosmetics

The ingredients list of a shampoo or toothpaste can be a jungle of unpronounceable words. The newly launched Finnish Cosmethics app aims to change this by analysing what cosmetic products really contain.

Magisso solves kitchen problems through crowdsourcing

Fancy design is not enough for Magisso, a manufacturer of kitchen lifestyle products: the product also needs to be practical and overcome the challenges we all face in the kitchen. Placing the bar high has been a successful strategy – today, the company’s multiple-award-winning products are sold all around the world.

Finnish smart Meta Watch praised internationally

Meta Watch’s new smart watch, the Meta M1, developed in Finland especially for the US markets, has arrived in Europe.

The Finnish startup looking to get into your bed

Finnish sleep monitor maker Beddit is on a mission: to put a Beddit monitor to every bed. With eight million US dollars of funding raised to date and a major distribution deal in the US, it is off to a strong start.

Finnish natural dog food Mush spreads internationally

There is a reason dogs are called man’s best friend. We want to do the best for our closest animal companions, and recent research suggests raw food is healthier than dry or cooked alternatives. The Finnish company Mush have been making raw food since the 1980s and now find their products in high demand.

Capture Design combines interior design and 3D visualisation

Russian-Finnish duo Marina Smirnova and Ida Broms started innovative design company Capture Design out of a shared love for 3D modelling.

Finnish Yoogaia gains momentum worldwide

Yoogaia, an online yoga studio that offers interactive live lessons, has signed a co-operation agreement with the leading Nordic venture capital company Inventure.

Students have the ideas, Think Company the tools

About two years ago, the University of Helsinki decided once and for all to shed its reputation as a stodgy institute. The university, which turns 375 next year, rolled up its sleeves in an effort to make academic information more accessible to society at large. This marked the start of the Helsinki Think Company.

Finns develop luxury product for sun worshippers

Finnish company Remmus has developed a revolutionary new luxury sun lounger. The product was launched to hotel representatives at Dubai’s The Hotel Show. 

Finnish cargo company gears up for eco-friendly shipping

When tough new sulphur emission rules come into force next year, Finnish cargo company Containerships will hit the ground running.

Finnish dads take the baby box global

For over 75 years, expectant parents in Finland have been given a maternity box stocked with all the essentials a newborn needs. Recently the baby box has become an international phenomenon after a BBC story about it became one of the most widely read on the site. Now, thanks to the entrepreneurialism of three Finnish dads, you won’t have to be a Finn to get one.

Pinguino Surfboards adds DIY to the Finnish surf scene

Pinguino Surfboards is constantly on the hunt for ways of creating better surfboards in terms of quality, style and environment. The two-man project has grown into a stock company and its boards surf the waves of several seas around the world.

Ecological, reusable wedding dresses drive Finnish fashion success in London

Finnish fashion designer Minna Hepburn has been creating vintage inspired clothing in England for almost a decade. Her third bridal collection highlights the philosophy that clothes should not be designed for one time wear.

Julia Lundsten gives rubber boots a city look

Last year, shoe designer Julia Lundsten, who has run her company Finsk for 10 years, did away with the “outdoorsy look” of Nokian Footwear’s rubber boots. The result was a popular city boot collection that was continued this autumn. 

Global leader in audio equipment proud of its Finnish roots

A company of 130 staff in a town in the middle of Finland is a world leader in the manufacture of high quality active monitors and loudspeakers used in film production and TV and radio broadcasting.

TrademarkNow creates new jobs through less work

How much is 10 000 working hours in euros? The customers of Trademark Now have reported daily savings of thousands of euros due to the product of the Finnish startup.

Pint Please from Oulu takes on the world

The developer of the Pint Please mobile application, Juha Karppinen, is a difficult man to get hold of. The beer app, developed in Oulu, has just been launched in the UK, and London is keeping him busy. In honour of the launch more than 100 British pubs are serving a special Pint Please beer brewed by Oakham Ales.

Russian startup Taist expands to Helsinki

The reputation of Helsinki as the startup capital of Northern Europe hasn’t gone unnoticed in Russia. Moscow-based startup Taist is opening an office in Helsinki to access the Finnish cloud software market and to prepare for international expansion.

Finnish fashion stands out in Berlin in a good way

Berlin’s Brunnenstrasse street is hot and happening. Berlin Fashion Week is in full swing, and the showroom and pop-up shop #INLAND set up by eight Finnish designers is drawing a lot of attention from passers-by. The shop is run by a world-class team of Finnish designers who are now reaching for international markets.

Google acquires Drawelements

Google, the world renowned search engine has acquired the Helsinki-based 3D mobile technology company drawElements.

Naturvention combats bad indoor air

A few years ago, students Aki Soudunsaari and Niko Järvinen met each other at an innovation course at the University of Jyväskylä. They came up with the idea of purifying indoor air using plants.

Helmee’s machine vision is not blurred by reflections

The Tampere-based company Helmee Imaging has developed a machine vision system that makes it possible to ensure the quality of products with a glossy, highly reflective surface. A patent is being sought for the technology in Finland, the European Union, the United States as well as Japan and China.

Caktus to start up in the United States

The service developed by startup company Caktus aims at improving the wellbeing of its users by observing whether they drink enough water during the day. All the user needs to do is to slip an electronic sensor band around their water bottle and monitor their smartphone to see when it is time to take a sip.

Singster wants to be a karaoke star

The Finnish mobile app Singster is the Spotify of karaoke. It makes it possible to sing karaoke anywhere where there is a mobile device and network connection.

Japanese capsule hotel revisited by Finns

Helsinki will get its own capsule hotel at the end of the year. The fruit of a joint effort with Aalto University, the affordable capsule hotel concept was designed to meet Nordic needs.

Qatar to follow example of Finnish primary school

A Finnish primary school, Qatar-Finland International School, will be established in Doha, the capital city of Qatar. Education export company EduCluster Finland and the Supreme Education Council of Qatar signed a five-year trade agreement on Monday, 9 June.

Improving your city starts in Helsinki

MyCity, the company which started life in Russia, offering a platform for sharing ideas on how to improve your city and how to implement them, is opening an office in Helsinki.

Reagena launches rapid test for tick-borne encephalitis

The Finnish company Reagena has brought to the market a record-fast rapid test for the diagnosis of tick-borne encephalitis (TBE).The test gives, within approximately 20 minutes, an almost 100 per cent accurate result. Intended for professional use, the test addresses a growing demand.

Holvi starts banking expansion from Austria

Holvi, the Finnish digital bank service, is starting its European expansion from Austria. The company has received an EU-wide concession from the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority to expand its services across Europe. According to Holvi, it has tested its digital banking services in Finland with good results.

At the height of fashion

Just over ten years ago many still harboured doubts about whether Finland could ever be home to international fashion. Long before the noughties, the Finnish fashion industry had shrunk...

Gaming company Playforia into Indian ownership

The Finnish gaming company Playforia has been sold to a foreign owner. The value of the transaction for Playforia is approximately EUR 5.2 million and the buyer is United Game Studios, a company owned by an investor with an Indian background.

Lumene transforms Finnish berries into cosmetics

What do chemistry, stem cell technology and cosmetics have in common? Lumene has drawn on unique expertise to combine wild Arctic nature and Finnish berries with scientific innovations.

Nordic Cleantech Open rates Tamturbo

A Finnish company, which develops and markets oil-free air turbo compressors, has been named among the top ten most promising cleantech companies in the Nordic Cleantech Open competition.

Finnish innovation combines coffee and social media

Finnish coffee roastery company Paulig Ltd has developed The Paulig Muki, a smart coffee cup with TBWA\Helsinki’s new innovation unit: \Pilot. Paulig Muki is a re-usable coffee cup that makes drinking coffee a social media experience: it converts heat to electricity that’s used to power an e-paper display, controlled via a mobile application. 

Growth prospects for Finnish startups in the United States

“We have enrolled the first Made in Designland startups! We are still continuing the search for Finland’s cutting edge.” The idea of an extensive tour bringing together a number...

Growing need for wellbeing services targeted at seniors

Finnish companies and Finland are seeking new growth from the global markets. Productising and exporting wellbeing services is a big opportunity. The Chinese care market is only just taking...

New lease of life for scrap cars

Once a car has reached the end of the road, so to speak, its life continues beyond the scrapyard through recycling. In Finland, up to 95 per cent of its materials can be reused. Steel parts are made into pots and pans while tyres end up as crumb rubber at sports stadiums.

Raahe-based Miilux expands to Poland

The Finnish steel company Miilux, based in Raahe, and the Polish company Tagor S.A. have established a joint venture in Poland. Miilux holds a 67-per-cent share in the new company, named Miilux Poland sp. z o.o.

Insulation in high demand in Russia

CEO Kari Lehtinen is of the opinion that Finland needs good news “these days”. The insulation factory recently opened by Paroc in Russia is definitely good news, and a response to the growing demand for energy-efficient construction.

Sayduck raises EUR 350 000 in seed investments

Sayduck, a Helsinki-based company specialising in online shopping enhanced by augmented reality, has raised 350 000 euros of seed funding, mainly from international investors. The company intends to use the funding to boost its growth and product development and to expand to the US market.

Life-saving innovations

Many forms of assistance are required when saving lives in crisis situations. Spektikor has brought to the markets the world’s lightest single-use ECG indicator and can count NATO among its clients. Another company, Telespro Finland, is specialised in the prevention of heat loss in patients.

Umbra — a force behind many games

Finnish game companies have been taking the world by storm. Behind the games, too, is top know-how and technology that cannot be seen, but which solves the “visibility problems” of the games. Umbra Software’s programs are used in many popular games.

Smart use of electricity creates savings

Finland is one of the first countries in the world to have taken into use hourly measurements of electricity consumption. By the end of 2013, nearly all households and...

Smart floors make life safer for the elderly

Finnish safety technology has already gained a strong foothold in the global markets. Safety solutions directed at senior citizens are experiencing growing demand as the population ages. The sector, which remains unswayed by economic cycles, has a bright future ahead of it.

In 2040, surplus energy will be sold to neighbours?

In the future, Finns will adopt an even greener way of living. Energy will be derived from the sun, algal cultures will provide additional bio-energy and any surplus will be sold to neighbours. As wild as these visions may sound, ecological living is already here.

Rapid DNA test reveals infection

Abacus Diagnostica, specialists in DNA testing and rapid diagnostics of infectious diseases, seeks brisk growth in international markets. The key to this global conquest lies in a product family that saves the healthcare sector both time and money.

A medical goldmine

Imagine if we Finns could play a key role in finding better treatments for diseases like cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer’s? And what if we could find ways to drastically...

Diagnostics generates growth

Finland’s comprehensive, competitive and outstanding expertise in the field of diagnostics dates back decades. The future of the industry born in the global markets remains, for the most part, unaffected by economic turmoil.

Building mobile momentum in the healthcare sector

Oulu-based iSTOC has rolled mobile technology, machine vision, rapid diagnostics and cloud services all into one. The result is a package that brings significant savings to the healthcare sector and also has the potential to revolutionise healthcare in developing countries.

Oulu – a miracle in the making

Oulu, dubbed the Capital of Northern Scandinavia, has set its sights on becoming globally competitive, diversely entrepreneurial and an urban business centre that creates jobs and exports. The city is well on its way to achieving that vision.

Job opportunities abound for data security experts

Data security offers a myriad of opportunities. A company does not need to be a giant to be an industry leader. Good technology and solid experts in the field are always in demand. The Finnish companies Codenomicon and Silverskin are leading the way.

Mikko Hyppönen knows cyber-threats

Following the bombshell news in the US about systematic surveillance on popular websites by US intelligence agencies, Mikko Hyppönen, chief research officer for F-Secure, became an even busier man. As usual, demand for the expert’s statements on the matter was high.

Reconsider your impression of Russia – it matters

Finns have always kept their distance from Russia – at least emotionally. We have approached Russians as opposers and adversaries, despite actively trading with them both now and in...

Intelligence personalises public transport

Personalised public transport makes it possible to travel almost door-to-door using shared transport. In Finland, Helsinki is leading the way on this development journey, but the trend is national. It’s all about optimisation, which will only continue to gain momentum in the future.

Mika Anttonen: “We have the world’s cleanest biofuel”

Mika Anttonen is holding a world-class product. Bioethanol, a fuel produced from waste, also fits the bill of meaningful work.

Tablets in the classroom

Six upper secondary schools in Finland introduced iPads in the learning environment two years ago. The exercise is part of the Mobiluck project, which aims to bring learning and teaching into a new era. The project also serves as practice for the electronic matriculation examination which will be introduced in 2016.

Nano and materials meet

Nano materials offer companies a myriad of commercial opportunities. One of Finland’s spearheads is the Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) technology, which is used in the production of solar cells, for example. Nano can also make materials more environmentally friendly.

Just five steps to health technology success

I was recently involved in the launch of the Living Lab environment at Vantaa’s Katriina hospital. It provides a real hospital environment for testing and implementing new technology-based innovations....

Startups are disrupting more than just the gaming industry

Finland has gotten a lot of positive attention in foreign media recently with the rise of gaming powerhouses like Rovio and Supercell. Happily, the startup buzz in Finland is...

Warning: log houses have positive health effects

Experience has shown that living in houses that consist largely of wood offer people health benefits. The reason for this is that solid wood log structures create good indoor...

How a round-log house gets smart

Within half a century, log house construction has experienced quite a revolution: traditional round-log cabins have evolved into today’s modern smart homes. Public construction and exports are two special growth areas. The material’s environmental friendliness also adds to the appeal.

Why not?

Over the past few months, I’ve been wondering how presentable Finns sometimes become once they cross over into another country. The social culture of the Finnish community in Berlin...

US-based growth

Even though the financial news headlines have focused on Asia lately, Finnish growth companies’ interest in 2013 lies with the US. An important element of growth for technology companies...

Sporty electric car on its way

The Finnish company Scarlet Motors was born out of two men’s passion for cars. They are now developing a sporty electric car. Although it will take a while before it will be launched on the market, expectations are already red hot.